A Rich Jamaican Coffee Experience

by Wellesley

Sunset View From The Mountain

Sunset View From The Mountain

Sunset View From The Mountain
Jamaican Coffee flowers
 Rainbow in the Buff River valley.
Green Orchids

Last week, I received an interesting message via my 'contact me' link on my website.

It was from (yet) another ardent fan of My-Island-Jamaica.com. This time: Robin Plough.


He wanted me to freely share with you what he described as the full "Jamaican Coffee Experience".

Here is his initial email:

---------- Original Message ----------
First Name: Robin
Date: Fri Sep 05 03:07:00 2014

Love your comments and web site: have not really contributed as much I should have, over the years.

I am retired, got myself a small JBM coffee plantation, way up in the mountains of Jamaica:

I would like to offer a contribution to the enjoyment of visitors to Jamaica: by offering visitors the opportunity to get the "full" JBM coffee experience.

It's a 2 day visit to my coffee plantation, where ( during the season: January to Easter ) they can come and pick some coffee cherries, process them through their own hands, and then using a previous batch ( dried )sort, grade, and roast them.

The cherries they picked, after drying and finishing, sent on to them by mail.

Please come back to me, if you think this is a viable idea.


Obviously very curious as well, I responded and assured him that I'd be happy share it with my website visitors.

So he sent me this follow up (below), outlining the offering.

From what I read, it sounded like a rich and worthy Jamaican experience to consider on your next vacation; something very different from the regular sun, sand and sea stuff :-)

I added headings to make it a little more reader friendly for you.

This was his response, describing the 'experience'.


My Dear Sir;

Thanks for your quick reply to my message.

To put the whole idea in context:

I am retired, a pensioner, from England: and was lucky enough to find this place to retire to: I feel that the "Gods" who found this place for me, wanted me to share it with others: exactly what I am trying to do!! As long as I cover all my costs, with a small profit: we will be totally happy!!


The idea, which has been in my mind for some time: is to give visitors a much better appreciation of our Jamaica's Blue Mountain (JBM) coffee, much more than they can possibly get from a short visit to one of the bigger estates: who; for obvious commercial reasons, want their visitors to spend the maximum time in the "gift shop" and cafe.


Spread over 2 or 3 days ( very informal accommodation here, or at a nearby hotel ): during the coffee picking season ( January to April /May) guests would experience the whole process, literally from coffee bush to cup.

From a detailed explanation of planting, growing, and pruning the coffee bushes: a "hands on" appreciation of the whole of the processing process: and the details of making and "cupping" a "brew".

A guided tour of the coffee plantation, and the gardens; loads of my own-grown coffee, and all the information they can absorb, on the planting and growing, picking, processing, and "quality" considerations of our JBM coffee.


If everything transpires to get the "perfect" day: drinking the coffee, in the middle of the coffee bushes the coffee came from: when the coffee bushes are in full bloom and the air is suffused with the scent of the coffee flowers ( a scent not remotely akin to the coffee brew ).

And later; about half an hour after sunset, the house and surrounding area is filled with the overpowering magnificence of the scent of the Night Jasmine: For myself: exactly what living here is all about!!!

They can enjoy the other fresh ( pick-your-own ) produce from the plantation: Bananas, Citrus fruits, etc: as are seasonally available.

BUT: there is a heavy bias towards a relaxing experience in the fresh, clean mountain air of these Blue Mountains.

My plantation is situated at the very top of the Buff river valley, under the shadow of John Crow peak: the views are spectacular!!

A few steps ( 25 yards!! ) and you are looking down the Yallahs river valley. With almost no light pollution, the night skies are brilliant with stars.

Then they go out and pick some coffee cherries, from the bushes: process them through their own fingers ( and our hand operated pulper ) and going through the process of fermenting.

Using a previous batch, the washing and cleaning, before getting the beans out to drain, and dry.

It takes a few weeks for the coffee to dry; so using a previously dried batch, they hull, winnow, sort and grade the coffee, before roasting it in a dutch pot, on a "camp-fire" - the real traditional way.

The coffee they have roasted, they take home with them: and when the coffee they actually picked ( kept totally separate from all the other coffee ) has been finished off; it is mailed on to them, at home.


There are just too many variables to be able to give a price: but my thoughts would be for a couple, staying here for 2 days, and one night, inclusive of all coffee, food, and taking away ( including the mailed-on coffee ) some 4 or 5 pounds of coffee; between US$175, and US$200. With a second nights stay ( including food ) for about US$80.

Wine, beer, rum, etc would be provided on a "contribution" basis.

Each visit would be "tailor-made" to guests requirements: any special foods, transport from Kingston, etc.


I do not have a web site; and do not want one!!! Anyone interested should contact me directly robinplough@gmail.com for details and a customized visit plan.

Very Best Regards,
Robin Plough.

P.S. I've included a few pictures to give you an idea of the location.

So what do yo think of this?

Does it sound like something you'd explore?
Share your comments below

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Comments for A Rich Jamaican Coffee Experience

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Sep 18, 2014
Sounds like heaven!
by: Alicia

It sounds great. Would absolutely be interested in spending a day or two.

Sep 16, 2014
Sounds Great!
by: Anonymous

Sounds really good, but I agree you'd need a website with lots of photos. Most visitors have limited time, and would need a preview before traveling to or commuting to 2 days and 1 night. Prices seem fair! Good luck!

Sep 16, 2014
Best Coffee Break Ever!
by: John Blenkiron

Best invitation I have had in years to "Stop by for a cup of coffee". I would even get to pick my own and see how it is made while staying in the invigorating Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

The stay-over price is very attractive and I think this is a winning attraction for the island.
I will recommend this to all my friends visiting the jewel of the Caribbean,

Thank you, Wellesley, for posting another winner!

Sep 16, 2014
Coffee Experience
by: Anonymous

Hi! Sounds like fun but, I believe, he should have a website. I would like to see the place. Why pay $200 for an unseen place?

Sep 16, 2014
Sounds great.
by: Robin James

I'm retired from the UK,and married to a young Jamaican girl.She has mentioned many times that she would love to go to the mountains to visit a coffee plantation.We got married on Valentines day 2014,and l am going to look into this as an anniversary present for 2015.l think she will love it.
Thanks for the info.

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