My father Paul Vincent Montique from St. James

by Ashanti Nicholas Montique

 that's a picture of me

that's a picture of me

My name is Ashanti Nicholas Montique I was born on Sepetember 18, 1994 I am 19 years old I was born in the district of Mount Salem in the Parish of St.James Jamaica, the name of the hospital that I was born in is Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay I am a male.

My father had me at age 30 and his occupation was an accountant a that time. My mother was a residence of Red Hills Leader Avenue she was living with my father at the time in the parish St.James her name is Nicole.

I had heard that I have 2 sisters by the name of Ieta Montique and Iesha Montique and I also have a brother that name Yanique Montique not sure if I spell them right and my two sisters Ieta and Iesha were currently living in the same house at the time when I was some months old and I heard that my brother Yanique Montique have recently living there as well in Montego Bay, my mother and father had break apart from I was some months old so my mom moved to Western Kingston Jamaica and I heard that my father Paul Vincent Montique would frequently come to visit me when I was a baby, but my mom later moved to a different area in Kingston so the connection have disappeared completely.

I would like to know my family because it have been riding my mind for the past years and makes me have a lot of sad feelings over the years, so please I am asking for help and anyone where about who know any of my family members please help me to locate them.

I also heard that my father has/have brother /brothers who is automatically my uncle, but he don't have any sister.

I also heard that I'm a uncle because my sisters got son/son and daughters, not sure how many nieces or nephews I got.

I am asking you kindly and strongly requesting for all supports. This would be like one of my dream come through. Thank you.

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