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today is my birthday !!
August 29, 2010

Yes, today I celebrate another birthday, and I am not ashamed to say "Thank God"! I've had some great challenges since my last birthday, but he saw me through.

Thank YOU too and all my other subscribers for helping to make my site ( grow even more popular; you might not have known, but just visiting and looking around the website increases its credibility in the search engines. (Here's another newspaper clipping - We're in the news again)

I may not have one of the most celebrated this time because of school (studying for exams) but I know I have your best wishes.

Special Note: Thanks to all my friends & website fans on facebook who have also started to send me messages. Thanks also to the ones who don't have facebook, but just made the good 'ole' phone call. God bless you all!

Thanks again.



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