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although already an SBI'er I am very excited
December 10, 2010


(**just saw an email reminder earlier so I am sharing with U**)
This only happens once a year, so THIS IS BIG!

We (SBIer's), get really excited at this time of the year. Why? Because, that's when SBI - the company that showed me how to use my passion (Jamaica)to start (and maintain) a profitable online business, have their BIG special!

In a nutshell, they give you 2 subscriptions for the price of 1! No bulls, no pie in the sky! :-)

So if you were impressed with my website ( and was thinking about something like this for yourself, this is the time to grab the opportunity -- they won't have it again until December 2011!

I understand they now have a 90 day guarantee, so if you decide it is not for you, rest assured you will get your money back!

Click here to learn more that opportunity, including exactly HOW IT WORKS!


P.S. Not everything is for everyone, so if this doesn't interest you my friend, please disregard and stay tuned for your next free Ezine subscription!


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