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Hi, Here's your My Island Jamaica Digest #018!
October 31, 2008

Welcome to Publication #18!

Issue #18: October 2008

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Hi again,

Greetings again from Montego Bay, Jamaica!

I finally started my MBA studies this month- really excited! BUT (a big but),

I am equally conscious of the long hours I'll have to put in. In fact they told me I need up to 20 hours per week!

How will I manage that with a full day job, an active website to maintain, plus my active community involvement?

...Pray for me.

On the positive side though, thanks to this very website, I dashed the idea of taking a loan to pay for my tuition- my website is/will be taking care of my monthly installment!

By the way, I have some really exciting news to announce next month so please don't miss the next edition.

So, what's the latest on Jamaica? Lot's of stuff!

I'll waste your time no more,
...let's get rolling!


  1. Did you Know?

    Insightful and intriguing Jamaican facts and trivia.

  2. The Latest on Jamaica!

    1. JTB Voted the Most Favourite Tourist Board- again!
    2. Jamaican-Owned Companies Win Awards in Miami
    3. Jamaica Overtakes Cancoon
    4. Gambian Sprinters Coming to Jamaica

  3. The Latest on!

    1. Those Green Links!
    2. The HOT fiery Jamaica Q&A Forum

  4. Features!

    • How Richard Earned $100K in his spare time.

  5. Summary!


Did you Know?


  • ...that several smaller islands, called Cays, lie at various points off the coast of Jamaica?

    The most notable ones are the Pedro Cays and the Morant Cays- four in total.

  • ...that two-thirds of the western and central parts of Jamaica is covered by limestone?

    The remaining one-third is made up of alluvium.

  • ...that the parish of Manchester is Jamaica's youngest parish?

    It was created on December 13, 1814 from the surrounding parishes of St. Elizabeth, Clarendon and Vere, which were then separate parishes.

Now you know!

Get the entire collection of Intriguing facts about Jamaica here.


The Latest from Jamaica!


  1. JTB Voted the Most Favourite Tourist Board- again!

    "For the second consecutive year, the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB), has been voted the Favourite Tourist Board in Canada, by Canadian travel agents in the annual Agents' Choice Awards."

    Click Here for that news item.

  2. Jamaican-Owned Companies Win Awards in Miami

    Three Jamaican-owned companies were recognized by the United States (US) Department of Commerce's Minority Business Enterprise Centre in Florida on October 24.

    The full story here.

  3. Jamaica Overtakes Cancoon

    "Jamaica has overtaken Cancun as the third most popular destination for Canadians...."

    More on this story here.

  4. Gambian Sprinters Coming to Jamaica

    Two Gambian Athletes, Suwaibou Sanneh and Isaac Jones both sprinters, are coming to Jamaica to hone their talents.

    No surprises here right?

    Full commentary in this Gambian news article.

Bookmark this page and keep on top of the very latest news from Jamaica.


The Latest on

  1. Those Green Links!

    If you have been around the website recently, you would have seen some [beautiful :-)] green links on some of the pages.

    If you do, don't be alarmed, they are just another type of in-text ads called infolinks.

    They provide more information to my visitors, based on the highlighted text but equally important, they represent another stream of income for me! Whenever a visitor clicks, I get paid.

    Please don't start clicking now OK, let's do it fair.

  2. The HOT fiery Jamaica Q&A Forum

    Last month I introduced my subscribers to the new Question and Answer forum.

    Well, since then, I have gotten more questions than I would ever guess- it's burning up!

    That said, I'll need your help in answering and posting comments to the many questions. Will you help?

    Click Here to hop over and give me a hand partner. Thanks.

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