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Here they are, the best hidden attractions in Jamaica
February 01, 2011

Welcome to Publication #45!

Issue #45: January 2011

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Greetings again!

It's been a rocky starts for me this year (many fans already know)!

But as I indicated in my new year's message, I will certainly learn the lessons and find the golden opportunities in every situation.

But even while I was coming to grips with my family loss, my friends and fans were busy commenting and voting on our Top 10 "Hidden Attractions in Jamaica" entries. And guess what?

The results are in!!!

I have that, as well as other exciting stuff to share with you in this edition my friend.


Good, let's go!

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  1. Did you Know?

    Insightful and Intriguing Jamaican facts and trivia.

  2. The Latest From Jamaica!

    1. Air Supply, Natalie Cole steal the show
    2. Homicide Rates drastically down

  3. The Latest on!

    1. The Best Hidden Attractions in Jamaica
    2. And more JAMAICA pictures

  4. Hot Upcoming Events In Jamaica!

    1. Jamaica Carnival
    2. Fi Wi Sinting
    3. Reggae Month Activites

  5. Features

  6. Conclusion


Did you Know?


  • ...that it was 1872 that Kingston formally became the capital of Jamaica?

    Prior to this, Sante Jago De La Vega, now known as Spanish Town in St. Catherine was the capital of Jamaica - which earlier acquired the capital status from Seville, in St. Ann.

Well, now you know!

Consider getting the entire collection of these Intriguing facts about Jamaica. You can get the convenient ebook version, or the popular hard copy version here.

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The Latest From Jamaica!


  1. Air Supply, Natalie Cole stole the show

    Veteran acts bring curtains down on the Jamaica jazz festival 2011. Full story in this article.

  2. Homicide Rates drastically down

    For me this is really GREAT news! Over 40% reduction! You and I know that it is virtually the single biggest impediment to our sweet Jamaica's development full story here.

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The Latest on


  1. The Best Hidden Attractions in Jamaica!

    Well, here they are! - directly from other visitors to the island!

    Here is the full list of entries, the top 10, and now, the the TOP 3!

    I hope this becomes useful for your next trip here :-)

  2. And More Jamaica Pictures!

    I've loaded up a few more interesting JAMAICA pictures. Check them out here my friend.

    AND, if YOU have one, I invite you to share it with us. Thanks in advance.

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    Hot Upcoming Events Jamaica!


    1. Jamaica Carnival

      "Reggae and soca music give Jamaica Carnival, known as Bacchanal, its true Caribbean flavour and electric atmosphere. Cheer on the Soca Monarch competition and don't miss the early morning Beach J'ouvert."... Read the preview

    2. Fi Wi Sinting

      "'Fi Wi Sinting' brings together various elements of Jamaica's artistic heritage and culture in one tranquil location and features traditional music, song, dance and a marketplace showcasing artistic folk forms such as Kumina, Nyabinghi Drumming, Mento and a medley of other rhythms". details here.

    3. Reggae Month Activities

      Get the full scoop in this Observer article.!

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      From there you can get the very latest news

      as well as information on the latest events and activities.

      Also, I am inviting you to send your feedback to these news stories, article or commentary.

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      • My Online Treasure

        Take a peek at this article, from there you'll see why I use the term "my online treasure".




      Thanks again for your company. Do have a blessed day my friend and catch you later.

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