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pssst, in just 4 days...
May 19, 2012

This ezine is lovingly delivered to you by Wellesley Gayle (that's me - below!) and

Wellesley Gayle


Just 4 days to go my days to go my friend! I'm so elated!

Mark your calendars! Set your alarm :-) and watch your inbox early on May 23rd my buddy.

That's when I'll be making the official launch of the JAMAICA INSIDER GUIDE - and you'll be first to know.

I'm actually in an exciting "On your mark" "Get Set!" mode right now - just doing some final polishing while awaiting "Go" - the date to arrive!

Believe me you are going to looooove it!

I'll be including a special and generous friends discount for you and my other ardent subscribers (only), but it will be only good for a week, ok.

All of the material is great but some of my favorite sections includes:

  1. List of Free Events and Activities in Jamaica - Chapter 9 (I think you will be smiling at these)
  2. Best ways to get around in Jamaica, safely Chapter 9, Part A.
  3. How to save (and protect) money while vacationing in Jamaica (even while spending) -Chapter 4.
  4. The best attractions in Jamaica-Chapter 5
  5. Unique things to do in Jamaica - Chapter 6
  6. Safety and Security -Chapter 3, Part E
  7. 'Must Have' delectable foods to have in Jamaica -Chapter 8
  8. Best and most respectable Tour Guides-Chapter 9
  9. Best of each resort city (eg. Port Antonio -hotels, nightlife, restaurants, shopping etc)

    and, based on popular local demand two prized chapters are also included. These are...

  10. Best Fun Activities & Attractions in Jamaica for Kids -Chapter 7 &
  11. Best Educational Attractions & Sites In Jamaica -Chapter 11.

    These two are just perfect for those looking for somewhere to bring their kids or students for a fun educational trip or adventure!

I figure you are one of the many who are eagerly looking forward to this my friend, but hang in there, it's 4 more days to go from today (Saturday)

So why May 23?

That's the birthday of my belated mom! This book is special to me and she was very special to me too, so I am going to launch it on her birthday; in memory and dedication to her.

So the next time you see or hear from me (in this capacity) , that's the time!

Stay close now my friend, we'll be talking real soon.

Author & Publisher

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