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It's here
May 23, 2012

This ezine is lovingly delivered to you by Wellesley Gayle (that's me - below!) and

Wellesley Gayle

Yes, this is it!

The JAMAICA INSIDER GUIDE is here my friend! To God be the glory!

After all those setbacks, delays, sleepless nights, headaches and loss of family time, I finally have the opportunity to share it with you and I choose my Mom's birthday (personal tribute)!

I'm extremely tired now, but I am overjoyed too! -If you know what I mean :-)

I promised that you're going to love it, and I am extremely confident about it!

In fact, I've made sure to put a 100% Refund Guarantee on the sales page - that's how much I am proud and confident in this publication.

By the way, I've gotten some awesome reviews already! Hop over to the sales page right now, and see some of them for yourself!

I am looking forward to your support of my efforts by your purchasing a copy, but you don't even need to buy because of me, It's a prized, rich, one-of-kind, highly organized, printable primer on Jamaica - regardless of whether you are planning to come here for the very first time - or after 30 visits!

I also threw in a few juicy bonuses as well!
(All of that are stated on the sales page)

After some deliberations, I settled the price at $15.95. That's way less than what I was told to sell it for (Rosie from for example, suggested I sell it for at least $50).

But knowing the realities, how difficult things are, I settled for much, less.

That said, I've setup a further 30% special discount (as promised) for you and my other ardent subscribers.

Just be sure to enter this code: FriendsLaunch30 in the discount box to get your 30% friends discount applied.

OK, I hear you, enough of the babbling, I'll just ask you to go over to the sales page right now and see it all for yourself my friend! Here is the link:

You -Are -Going - To -Love -It!!

Quick note: I use the world preferred PayPal for payment processing, but they have the option for credit or debit card as well, just look for that option further down on the payment page (after clicking the 'buy' button)

Thanks again for your continued inspiration and support.

I'll be waiting to hear what you think of the Jamaica Insider Guide OK? :-)

Author & Publisher

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