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re: phone bills during ur vacation
December 02, 2013

This ezine is lovingly delivered to you by Wellesley Gayle (that's me - below!) and

Wellesley Gayle


Have you ever gone on a vacation,
ony to return to a huge phone bill - of hundreds
(or thousands) of dollars in international roaming charges?

..essentially wiping out any savings or deals you might have gotten via an award/cheap ticket?

If you have, then this article (I am about to share)
will be especially helpful to you,
And moreso, if you are coming to Jamaica.

If you have not, lucky you!
You will get some great eye-opening infomation & tips!

In it, I spoke of the benefits of renting a cellphone
while on vacation here in Jamaica.

Here is the info (link below),
which includes a recommendation for you.

And remember to share with friends you think might appreciate this info.

Founder & CEO

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