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last opportunity!
January 09, 2011

This ezine is lovingly delivered to you by Wellesley Gayle (that's me!) and

Hey, despite my family trials, all attention will be on the entries in our exciting Jamaican Attraction contest this week!

Why? Because this is the final week! There will be No extensions, No exceptions! I have to stick by the dates.

Myself, the contestants, fans and the wider audience are all getting anxious to see A) the final list of entries and B) the selected top 10!

We've received some really beautiful entries so far, but as you would guess, the flood gates are now open!

If you haven't submitted yours as yet my friend, grab this last opportunity to do so right now!

Click Here to submit your own entry (if not yet done).

I am also inviting you to rate a few of the early entries as well; just look for the "Add Comment" link and take it from there.

Good Luck!

Author & Publisher

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