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final email here, I'm changing provider
August 27, 2014

This ezine is lovingly delivered to you by Wellesley Gayle (that's me - below!) and

Wellesley Gayle


I'm been away from my day job for two weeks, and in between doc. visits, I have taken the opportunity to make some sweet enhancements to the site... you'll love 'em!

The main one is that I am graduating to a reputable and trusted host for my subscriber list.

All things been equal, I'll send a broadcast email this Saturday (August 30th) to all my subscribers (including you) asking that they confirm their status in my refreshingly new friend's list!

However, if you want, you can get ahead of the game and do so now right now - before you get busy on Saturday and forget - as many of us tend to do :-)

Just click this link (below) and type in your email address and name. That's all!

You'll continue to get my ezines, but in an ever nicer, richer and informative format :-)

The new invitation is already live on the site via a popover form!

But that is for the new folks - not you :-)

We are just getting better and promise to be of even more valuable to you!

N.B. Technically, this is my last email from this old list, so if you don't confirm, you won't hear from me again, and I wouldn't like that.

Founder & CEO, www.My-Island-Jamaica. com

P.S. The new email host also has a neat feature that allows you to get a periodic 'summary' (if you will) of the latest tips and articles I post, via email - so you truly won't miss a thing!

P.P. S. Why am I making the upgrade now?

Well, in addition to the fact that this subscriber list is getting HUGE and hard to manage, I was getting a lot of junk emails signups as well :-(

This new one will work perfect for both you and I.

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