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Hi, Are you following the Olympics?
August 20, 2008

Special Edition!

Olympic 2008 Edition: August 2008

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Hi again,

I couldn't hold myself any longer, I had to share it with you!

If you are not following the Olympics, you are missing out on a lot! I mean A LOT. BIG THINGS are happening in Beijing for Jamaica!

At the time of this email, we already bagged an 7 medals, an amazing 4 golds and 3 silvers!

This includes the two record-breaking runs by Usain bolt- he just broke the 200m men record less than 2 hours ago. Right after, Melanie Walker won the 400m hurdles final.

As I write, it is pandemonium in Jamaica!!!!

Celebrations are everywhere, and the olympics is not even over yet. From all indications, we are almost sure of a few more medals.

Our heroes thus far are:

Men's 100m  	   	BOLT Usain		Gold
Men's 200m 		BOLT Usain		Gold	
Women's 100m 	        FRASER Shelly-Ann	Gold
			SIMPSON Sherone		Silver
			STEWART Kerron		Silver
Women's 400m 		WILLIAMS Shericka	Silver
Women's 400m Hurdles 	WALKER Melaine		Gold
It is great for us Jamaicas and great for the Caribbean. I feel very good, actually stunned! With such limited resources, as a country and as a people, it reinforced my passion of this little rock.

And, bear in mind that much of these athletes representing us are from the lowest strata of society. Some from deep rural communites, and others from the proverbial 'ghetto'. Bway, Mi feel good fi dem!

Whereever you are, please join us in the celebration- right now!

Catch you later!


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