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here's a peek at the points standings
January 23, 2011

This ezine is lovingly delivered to you by Wellesley Gayle (that's me!) and

This will take no more than a minute of your precious time!

...just wanted to share the latest points standing in our exciting "Jamaica Attraction" contest with you -the FB segment.

Here they are (below), in order of the most facebook "likes" earlier today. (remember the entry with the most face book 'likes' will win).

Please review them each and then click the 'LIKE" button on the one(s) you like to make it YOUR favourite. They'll surely appreciate it, especially because of the lovely prizes?

  1. 31 likes - Reggae Falls in Jamaica

  2. 11 likes - The Blue Hole in Jamaica

  3. 8 likes - Somerset Falls, Portland Jamaica

  4. 7 likes - Magic at Nine Miles Village

  5. 6 likes - Xtabi at West End, Negril

  6. 6 likes - The Blue Lagoon, Portland

  7. 6 likes - Strawberry Fields

  8. 5 likes - Laughing Waters is Paradise Found

  9. 4 likes - Silver and Gold

  10. 3 likes - Sea Grape Bungalows in Negril!

Please vote for at least one entry, they are all very deserving! Thanks.

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