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re: as promised
December 21, 2009

Hey ,

Earlier this month, I sent this email -

I wanted to give you and my other 495 subscribers a heads up about the BIG Buy One, Get One special that SBI has.

Well, guess what?

Yep, it is finally out!!

But only until Christmas. This special ONLY HAPPENS AT CHRISTMAS.

I have a quite a few friends who have been waiting on this for months!

So again, if you are thinking about, or have delayed starting your own online business, this is the perfect time to grab the opportunity!

Better yet, partner with a friend and share the cost! Each of you will still have your own, independent web business guide though.

Remember you won't see this until next year December 2010 again!

Yours in success!

P.S. Again, not everything is for everyone, so if this doesn't interest you, please disregard and stay tuned for your next Free Ezine subscription!



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