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Hi, Here's your My Island Jamaica Digest #012!
April 30, 2008

Welcome to publication #12!

Issue #12: April 2008


  1. Introduction

  2. Did you Know?

    Insightful and interesting Jamaican facts and trivia.

  3. The Latest from Jamaica!

    1. Farewell to Bob's Mom!
    2. Water Rates Increases!
    3. Jamaica & Columbia Search for Oil!

  4. The Latest on!

    1. Stories from our Visitors!
    2. The Quintessential Sign that "You're In Jamaica"!

  5. Features!

    1. A Simple Way to make money Online! - I do it!
    2. Submit An Article!

  6. Summary!




We are at a very interesting juncture in Jamaica's history- at least I personally think so. There is oh so much happening here right now- in politics, society, industry, and of course the economy!

Like the rest of the world, we are trampled by high prices and increased rates, but we are a resolute people so you know we'll conquer right? righhhht!

Lots of happenings on the website as well.

I'll attempt to bring you insight into both in this exciting edition. You'll get a great read! So again, without saying much more...

...lets get rolling!


Did you Know?


  • ..that Jamaica is credited for perfecting the lovely game of domino?

    Not only did we perfected it, we took to to the big stage.

  • ...that world-record holder, aviator Captain Barrington Irving Jr., who broke records flying solo around the world, is Jamaican-born?

    He is also the youngest man to achive this kind of feat, at the age of 23.

  • ...that Jamaica has the presigious honor of possessing the maximum success per capita of any country in the world of track and field?

    This honor started in the 1948 Olympics, when Dr. Arthur Wint won the 400 meters.

Well, now you know.

Don't miss the entire collection of Intriguing facts about Jamaica here.


The Latest from Jamaica!


  1. Farewell to Bob's Mom!

    Been the mother of Bob Marley, Cedella Booker was perhaps the most significant mom in Jamaica- well, certainly

    to the outside world. She passed away peacefully in her South Florida home on April 8. As expected, the tributes poured in.

    More in this Gleaner Article.

  2. Water Rates Increases!

    "Consumers will have to pay 28 per cent more on their water bills", the report stated. And by the way, this is just one of the slew of increases we'll be paying. The unprecedented increases in international gas and food prices are certainly taking it's toll!

    Full story here.

  3. Jamaica & Columbia Search for Oil!

    "Colombia's Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos (ANH) will join with Jamaica's state-owned oil company to search for oil off San Andres island in the Caribbean"- welcoming news to us!

    Read this online article for more.

Bookmark this link and keep on top of the very latest news from Jamaica.


The Latest on


  1. Stories from our Visitors!

    I have be getting an increasing number of submissions on the website from visitors from all over the world.

    They are always excited to tell their story of their last Jamaican visit.

    It's for this reason I felt I needed to dedicate a page to this.

    Click Here to visit the page.

  2. The Quintessential Sign that "You're In Jamaica"!

    This is fun! You know you are in Jamaica when...
    OK, no intro, hop over and take a look




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  2. Submit An Article!

    Is there something happening in, or affecting Jamaica that you would like to talk about?

    Something you'll like to share with the over 22,000 other Jamaican interest visiting this site every month?

    Share your views- right here, at no cost, and get feedback too- if you wish!

    What about the hike in food prices, Cash Plus (or minus) and the new government's performance?

    Click Here to add your voice

    Just no swearing please! Actually, it is fun too:-)



OK, again I am begging of you... If you have not actually started telling others about the site, please do so now.

Please use this link.

They will certainly thank you for the insightful information, and of course the site will also benefit from increase popularity as well. Thank you.

Catch you later!


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