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What's wrong with Jamaica's All Inclusives?
August 31, 2009

Welcome to Publication #28!

Issue #28: August 2009

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August was wild, And it had nothing to do with my birthday celebrations.

[My birthday was on Saturday, August 29 by the way]

There was an unusual amount of work at this time of the year for me - school work, community work, personal and house work, and 'dayjob' work.

I am thankful for everything though. At the least of it, I am occupied and thus, staying away from trouble :-)

I have some interesting stuff to share with you today though - some excellent feedback from my visitors as well as a couple significant items of news from Jamaica.

So without any hesitation ...let's get rolling!

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  1. Did you Know?

    Insightful and Intriguing Jamaican facts and trivia.

  2. The Latest on!

    1. What's wrong with Jamaica's All-inclusives?
    2. Jamaica Love Stories
    3. We are Socially Networking!

  3. The Latest on Jamaica!

    1. Jamaica Gets IMF Money
    2. Jamaica Rules the Sprint World!

  4. Features

  5. Conclusion


Did you Know?


  • ...that Jamaica was the first country in the Caribbean region to launch a web site,

    This was in 1994! The Jamaica Tourist Board has since changed the site to

  • ...that in Jamaica is found one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in the Western Hemisphere?

    It was founded by the Jews of Port Royal in the latter part of the seventeenth century when a Jewish community flourished there.

Well, now you know!

Consider getting the entire collection of these Intriguing facts about Jamaica. You can get the convenient ebook version, or the popular hard copy version here.

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The Latest on

  1. What's wrong with Jamaica's all-inclusives?

    Brian Tagg, one of my ardent site visitors started this very interesting thread? Click Here to follow the discussion.

  2. Jamaica Love Stories

    Every now and then, someone arbitrarily shares a passionate story about Jamaica or how much their appreciate this site. Terri is coming back and Cynthia share her deep appreciation for the site.

    Visit the Travel Stories lots more.

  3. We are Socially Networking!

    Over the last few weeks, I gleefully shared the fact that is now truly social.

    We now have an official Facebook Fan page as well as a twitter profile.

    If you missed those issues, click here for the twitter mailing and click here for the facebook mailing.

By the way, have you subscribed to The Blog? If not yet done, make sure you Subscribe Here and stay on top of the very latest additions or changes on the website.

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The Latest from Jamaica!


  1. Jamaica Gets IMF Money

    "The Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) has received an allocation of Special Drawing Rights from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), equivalent to US$303.4 million ..."

    Full story in this GoJamaica article.

  2. Jamaica Rules the Sprint World

    If you aren't aware of the Jamaica's successes at Berlin, they I'll be you've just arrived from the moon :-)

    Seriously though, everyone should know by now. The sports minister sums it up nicely in this JIS Article.

AND, lot's more are happening in (and about) Jamaica, please consider bookmarking this page and keep on top of the very latest news & events from and about Jamaica.

Also, I am inviting you to send your feedback to these news stories

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  • My Interview -by Carl Rodgers

    Impressed with Jamaica's performance in Berlin, Germany, Carl approached me - curious to learn more about 'Jamaica Land We Love'. Click Here to read the article.



,thanks for sharing your precious time with me again > - much appreciative.

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Take care of your good self. See you next issue partner!

N.B. A website with blog, newsletter, forums etc? ... I couldn't have done all this without the Power of SBI.


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