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Hi, More Jamaican Travel Stories!
April 01, 2009

Welcome to Publication #23!

Issue #23: March 2009

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Hi again!

March has been a relatively low-keyed month for me on the site- I've been very busy with assignments and studying. Actually I am in the process of preparing for another exam in just over a week.

That said, the site continues to grow phenomenally organically, and my contributors ensure that there is always something fresh!

And as you guessed, lots are happening in JA as well. Of course, I can't possibly capture everything, but I'll certainly share the major ones for you.

I am really excited to share in your time again, so...

...let's get rolling!


  1. Did you Know?

    Insightful and Intriguing Jamaican facts and trivia.

  2. The Latest on!

    1. More Jamaican Travel Stories!
    2. We're in the 500K club!

  3. The Latest on Jamaica!

    1. Ruling Party takes back the Portland seat
    2. Constituencies set to Increase

  4. Feature!

    • A Jamaican Dictionary

  5. Summary!


Did you Know?


  • ...that the first newspaper to be published in Jamaica was the 'Weekly Jamaica Courant'?

    It was published in 1718 by Robert Baldwin but focused on European issues. It however, paved the way for other newspapers including 'The Gleaner' which started in 1834 and is still in operation.

  • ...that small Jamaica has the seventh largest natural harbour in the world?

    That's the Kingston Harbour.

Well, now you know!

Consider getting the entire collection of these Intriguing facts about Jamaica. You can get the convenient ebook version, or the popular hard copy version here.


The Latest on

  1. More Jamaican Travel Stories!

    Yep, I continue to get them. In fact, just a few hours before I started to pen this edition, I got another pop-up, yes another email.

    This time it was Jean from England, a true Jamaican enthusiast, sharing her story. Here's her account. Please feel free to post a comment if you like.

  2. We're in the 500K club!

    Today I noticed that my little website, is ranked in the top 500k of the over 60 million websites online!

    That's right up there in the top 1% with the big guys! That's just another amazing feat I am truly grateful for.

    Don't believe me?
    Click on this link and see its Alexa rankings!

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The Latest from Jamaica!


  1. Ruling Party takes back the Portland seat

    The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) restored its majority in parliament following Daryl Vaz's landslide victory in Monday's West Portland by-election.

    Complete Story Here.

  2. Constituencies set to Increase

    "A Bill to amend the Constitution, to increase the maximum number of constituencies from 60 to 65, was passed in the Senate on Friday (March 27)..."

    Full story in this article.

AND, lot's more is happening in Jamaica (and about Jamaica), please consider bookmarking this page and keep on top of the very latest news & events from Jamaica.



  • A Good Jamaican Dictionary

    Sometime last year Heather sent me a free copy. To be honest, although I am a born Jamaican, I do find this little book very educational. It actually helped me to write some of the most challenging 'Jamaican' terms I could not have otherwise done - without seeking help, seriously.

    I am not affiliated with them in any way, I just think is a fairly worthwhile resource that you or someone you know might find useful.

    The website is



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Thanks for your time again. Take care and see you next issue!


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