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More Stories From Lovers of Jamaica
January 31, 2009

Welcome to Publication #21!

Issue #21: January 2009

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Greetings again from Montego Bay, Jamaica!

Thank God, I got rid of my first exams earlier in the month, whew!

But not much rest, I already receive new books to get cracking again.

Working and studying is certainly not for the weak- but I am thankful for the opportunity.

Anyways, as you guess, lots are happening in Jamaica and don't even ask about the website, IT IS RRRROCKING!!

January 2009 is now officially the most successful month (thus far) for the site, despite the recession - talk about a true recession proof business.

In fact, I created a special page to: 1) promote my business even more, and 2) "show off" the sucessess. The truth is, many still don't get it.

If you care, you can take a look here.

And speaking of the site, I have also received some excellent feedback from visitors to the island (and to the site) and will share them with you.

All that, plus MORE is in this issue, just make sure you read right to THE END.


OK partner.

...let's get rolling!


  1. Did you Know?

    Insightful and intriguing Jamaican facts and trivia.

  2. The Latest on!

    1. Photo Contest getting Hot!
    2. My New Interactive Guest Book
    3. More Stories from Lovers of Jamaica

  3. The Latest on Jamaica!

    1. Government Exploring Oil in Terrirorial Waters
    2. Extending Potato Life - Research Underway

  4. Feature!

    • I Need your Help!

  5. Summary!


Did you Know?


  • ...that the town of Black River in St. Elizabeth was the first in Jamaica to have electricity?

    This was supplied by the Leyden brothers in 1893. Power was generated from a plant which had a huge furnace and boiler.

  • ...that it was one of the said Leyden brothers, John Leyden (Scottish) that brought the first car to Jamaica?

Now you know!

Consider getting the entire collection of these Intriguing facts about Jamaica.

You can get the convenient ebook version, or the popular hard copy here.


The Latest on

  1. Photo Contest Getting Hot!

    If you were planning on entering the competition, now is the time, the deadline is fast approaching!

    I have already received some beautiful photo entries and is getting some excellent feedback on them too.

    If you were not thinking about it, well think again: It's fun and free, PLUS you can win a Gift Certificate too!

    Click Here to Join The Fun :-)

  2. My New Interactive Guest Book

    I've just recently launched it, and is very excited about it. Everyone seemed to love the idea.

    Not only will you sign the guest book and view entries by other visitors to the website, you may also comment and rate other entries, while others comment on YOURS!

    Please stop by and drop me a line.

  3. More Stories from Lovers of Jamaica

    Yes, even more exciting feedback from visitors to the island (and to the website).

    Here are just a few:

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The Latest from Jamaica!


  1. Government To Explore Oil in Territorial Waters!

    "The Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ), will partner with Norwegian firm, Wavefield Inseis, on a multiclient offshore seismic survey to explore for oil and gas resources in Jamaica's territorial waters..."

    Full Story Here.

  2. Extending Potato Life - Research Underway
    "The Food Storage and Prevention of Infestation Division (FSPID) is conducting research, aimed at extending the shelf life of five varieties of sweet potatoes, and to determine cyanide levels in cassava..."

    Full story in this JIS article.

AND, lot's more happening in Jamaica, please consider bookmarking this page and keep on top of the very latest news & events from Jamaica.



  • I need your Help!

    , If you were around back then, you would remember when I launched the unique Jamaica Question & Answer forum on the website, right?

    Well, the feedback has been overwhelming!

    I got all sort of questions, and I answered all of them- to the best of my ability, but still, there are some that I need a little help with and was thinking of asking you.

    I don't expect you to know all the answers, but please scroll through and see what you think you can help me out with. I would appreciate it, and my site visitors too.

    Don't think you know too little, you may be surprised!

    Here is the page with the questions, simply click on Click Here to Post Comments and help me out.

    Thanks in advance.



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