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Here's A Truly Meaningful Gift!
December 12, 2008

Me again,


Remember SBI?

They are the folks that helped me to create my [now top 2%] online business] -

Well, Ken and his team is offering another exciting Christmas Special- The amazing *"Buy 1 get 1" special!*

And it's truly "buy one and get another one completely free"!
[They are only doing this at Christmas]

Here is a part of the message they sent me.

We'll be extending to you an SBI! Special unlike any other all year - the Holiday Buy-One Get-One Free Special!

When your customers purchase their subscription to SBI!, they receive a second SBI! absolutely FREE. They can gift it to a friend or family member, or simply put in in their own stocking.

This is the BIGGEST of all our Specials.

How about getting it for you and and a family member - or friend?

In today's turbulent economy, everyone is looking for a price break.

Splitting the price with a friend is as good as it gets... You save 50% and help a friend save 50%!

And if you've ever thought about trying SBI! for yourself, the Buy-One Get-One Free Special is YOUR golden opportunity.

If you ARE already making good income from the Web, then don't change what works. If you are NOT earning from your site or blog or PPC advertising or whatever it is you're doing...

Try SBI!.

Really, if you're serious at all about building a business, how can you lose?...

1) It's guaranteed.

2) Many Universities use it.

3) The documented proof of success is unmatched.

And being successful is all about modeling the success achieved by others and building on it.

Until midnight, December 25, 2008, you get a COMPLETELY free SBI subscription!

It's better to give than to receive. With this new special, do both!

Build an online business. Change lives. Get paid. Simple. :-)

But don't miss this special if you have been thinking about getting Site Build It! for yourself. Why wait when your success is guaranteed anyway?

Ken guarantees your success. He'll give you your money back if you decide you can't do it(actually for any reason). Nothing to lose.

I cringed when I pulled my credit card to buy SBI a year and half ago, but I am an excited camper now.
See my SBI Story!

They gave me everything I needed- and more. And now, my website results are startling!

If I did it, you certainly can! To see exactly how SBI works, check out this video...

Happy Holidays!

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