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FDR Resort was awesome
June 15, 2012

This ezine is lovingly delivered to you by Wellesley Gayle (that's me - below!) and

Wellesley Gayle

I'm not sure if you already read my review of FDR Resort in Jamaica on the site but if not, please head over to that page and do so right now.

I spent my wedding anniversary with my family there last week and, ("pause") it ("pause"), was ("pause") a-w-e-s-o-m-e!

I won't say another word, just head over to the page that I reviewed FDR Resort on and read it.

Go ahead...

It's another of our local (service) products that I highly recommend.
I have some have pictures from there that you'll love too! I am positive :-)

I am also taking the opportunity to remind you (if you have not yet gotten yours) that if you intend to claim your copy of the Jamaica Insider Guide at the 30% discounted rate, please do so now!, Why?...

..because that discount I have for you (and my other subscribers) will automatically expire at 11:59pm on 6/17/2012 (FATHER'S DAY).. Rememember to use the code FriendsLaunch30.

So have you ever been to FDR Resort?

And based on my review, what do you think about it? Would you go there? Please share your comments here

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