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Review of FDR Resort in Jamaica
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I heard a few good things about FDR Resort so when Arriel (a friend of mine) came back and told me how much she enjoyed it, I immediately figured that this should be the place for our first wedding anniversary.

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Well, we went, and believe me, it was a-w-e-s-o-m-e! Totally! My daughter didn't want to leave. It was as if I threatened to punish her when I told her we were ready to leave.

In my opinion FDR has everything a family or individual is looking for to make their vacation super special; top notched accommodation, loads of day and nightly games & entertainment, water sports, bicycling, and all the additional support amenities, including an onsite nurse, gift shop, craft shop, laundromat, kids and teen centers, and of course their hallmark offering; their vacation nannies - every family is assigned one nanny exclusively!

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I now understand why FDR Resort in Jamaica have been awarded the TripAdvisor's Travelers' Choice award again (this year) for best family hotel in the entire Caribbean!


Top notch! We enjoyed a spacious 2 storey, beachfront, 2 bedroom suite with the standard cable tv, stove, fridge, microwave, coffee maker, iron and ironing board, and an host of cutlery, plates, cups and bowls - but except for having a few light snacks and drinks they stocked us up with, we never needed most of those items, we just walked down to main area to get food - after all, it still all-inclusive! And yes, we got sleeping area for the baby too!

All of their (78) suites comes with a living area, master bedroom and kitchenette - nice!


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Food & Dining

Top notch! If my first daughter (Leah) eats it, it must be very good! And she did!

Clearly they have a wide cuisine but from all we had, all of them tasted great! They have three restaurants, the Verandah (International Cuisine), the Pier Restaurant (Italian Cuisine) and the Overproof Restaurant.

We had dinner at the Overproof - which serves Jamaican cuisine. It is traditionally slower in May, so not all the restaurants are open every night, they alternate.

They also have a grill, called the Sea Cotton Tree Grill, that opens from about 11:00am each day until midnight.

It serves burgers, fries, Jamaican patties, jerk chicken, etc; certainly enough to keep you filled, in case you get hungry between breakfast,lunch and dinner.

Did I tell you they have a special buffet for kids in the evening? Yup, they do.

Breakfast Picture from FDR Resort in Jamaica

breakfast at FDR

Lunch Pictures from FDR Resort in Jamaica

lunch at FDR resort
lunch time at fdr resort in jamaica
jerk fish at fdr resort jamaica
jerk chicken at fdr resort in jamaica
fdr nanny feedding baby

Dinner Pictures from FDR Resort in Jamaica

overproof restaurant at fdr resort jamaica
wellesley and wife omeil at fdr resort jamaica
karena gayle at fdr resort jamaica
fish lunch at fdr resort jamaica

Activities & Entertainment

Loads of them! But we left them for our daughter; our objective was to totally relax.

Day Activities

activities at fdr resort jamaica

Their day activities include:

  • Bicycling

Board & Computer Games (in the Games Room)

  • Pool Ping Pong Chess Ludo Xbox, play station etc. There is also a computer room to surf the internet.
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Water Slide
  • A fully equipped Gym (with Instructor) - if you'll consider it an activity :-)


  • Scuba Diving (at add. cost)
  • Glass bottom boat rides &
  • Snorkeling
bicycling at fdr resort jamaica
fdr resort jamaica gym facilities
tennis at fdr resort jamaica
karena gayle and kid in pool at fdr resort jamaica
karena (leah) swimming at fdr resort jamaica pool

The entertainment coordinators also have many beach side fun activities and games.

I felt bad that I did not get to play the cricket though. They did not have enough people to do it but I took some time the time to hang out in the beach side hammocks though.

I really needed some of that too.

fdr resort hammocks

I really wanted to do the bicycle tour as well but we woke up too late for the morning tour :-(

The night we spent there wasn't very busy, again because of the low season, but it was fun! The few of us who were there (at the main bar area) made it super special.

For the first time, I sang Karaoke! Yup, I did :-) Although I was pressured :-)

karena gayle (leah) singing karoake at fdr resort jamaica 2012

Leah sang Whitney Houston's "I look to you" first, then my wife sang, "Write Your Name" by Kenny Rodgers, and I did "I just come to say I love you" in the end.

The audience clapped me but I think they never wanted me to feel bad (lol) :-)

All good fun though!

By the way, they also have an on site 'Family Zoo' disco that is open to both kids and adults during the peak season. Kids slot is between 7:30- 9:00pm, Pre-Teens 9:00 to 10:30pm and Adults from 10:30pm

Kids Activities

They have a real nice Kids club that host a lot of fun activities! These include movies, art and craft, dance classes, swing at the playground, t-shirt painting and all sort of stuff, I can't remember then all.

kids club at fdr resort jamaica
kids play pen at fdr resort jamaica
kids computer room at fdr resort


They don't have the best beach around. In fact, they only have a very small beach area, but you'll be happy to know that FDR guests also use the beach next door, The Jewel (formerly Breezes). Here's a pic.

fdr resort beach

Still beautiful huh?

Vacation Nanny

For me, if there is one thing that differentiates from FDR Resort in Jamaica is this, and that's what they agreed as well!

I don't know if it happens anywhere else in the world, but for sure, its the only one in Jamaica & the Caribbean!

I understand that they are all CPR, Child Care and Housekeeping certified, so that came me lots of confidence. And based on my research, I learned that almost all of them have children as well.

The Nanny service really made a huge difference to us. We got to really enjoy the time, leaving the kids with Claudia for the evening and then the next day!

nanny at fdr resort jamaica
aliana gayle with nanny at fdr resort jamaica 2012

Other Amenities

I took note of the many other support and 'convenience' amenities as well, although we never needed them - except the computer center (for a short while)

  • Free wifi
  • Computer Center
  • Gift Shop
  • Spa
  • Craft Shop &
  • Laundromat

How About The General Service?

franklyn d resort overhead view 2012

I'd score them a 9.7 of 10! Maybe we were lucky (I doubt it though), but we were treated like royals, and more significant since we are locals.

It's a fact that locals are not always treated as well as the visitors, but not there.

Everyone one we came into contact with was supportive and ready to help from the minute we checked in, correction, from we made reservations (Trishawana), to checking in (Sophine) and to housekeeping, dining and activities.

I met a family from the UK, who has been returning to FDR since the 90s! They have Jamaican roots, but choose FDR evey time they came.

They spent only a few days in St. Elizabeth with grand parents and came right back to Franklyn D Resort (FDR). They absolutely love the service.

I must make special mention of Claudia, our assigned Nanny, she was very calm and patient with us, especially with Leah who couldn't keep quiet (wanted to do every activity), and then had to delay her time getting off work, because we took forever to leave.

Sorry about that and thanks again Claudia!

Home Away From Home

Everything about the resort was good but the free, relaxed, friendly atmosphere will be memorable. We felt freedom and comfort from you the minute you reach the front desk - love the design by the way, almost totally open.

We are already looking forward to our next visit! Next time without the kids though.

property at fdr resort jamaica
wellesley_omeil_karena_aliana_family_photo_at_fdr resort jamaica

(Click Here to contact FDRResort now)

All in all, I believe they live up perfectly to their tag line, 'The ultimate family experience, your home away from home'.

Point of Note: FDR Resort in Jamaica actually has a sister property named N Resort. That one is further west of FDR

- in the Falmouth area. It was originally called FDR Pebbles but has been re-branded. The 'N' actually stands for Nude.

If you need to learn more, feel free to email FDRResort in Jamaica directly from here, or contact them via their website.

All their contact information and current specials are listed there.

Thank You For The Wonderful Memories FDR!


Posted: 06/10/2012

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