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Meet The Fans... The Hard Core Jamaica Enthusiasts

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The Real J'can Enthusiasts & Lovers Of
by Wellesley

jamaica fans
Updated April 15 2018: Listen to this! At the time of writing this article, we are boasting an impressive 5,576 10,667 facebook fans, over 1,100 11,000 direct email subscribers & scores of RSS subscribers and direct in-links!

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That's HUGE for a little website that started merely from my passion a few years ago!

Within this group though, is a smaller but a lot more passionate group of persons who have helped me to slowly transformed my passion into a community, and I do mean a community, because that's how we feel now. 

But perhaps the only unfortunate thing up to this point, is that we don't necessarily know each other. I never 'introduced' them to each other :-(

Yes, you probably know me but what about Theresa, Ann Marie, Darlene, Brenda, Kareen, Terri, Shell, Anderia, Margaret, Viviene, Dominica, Suzette, etc. etc. etc. etc.? (long list). Well guess what ...

Love Jamaica? Love This Site?

Don't be shy...
Click Here  and tell us a little bit about yourself!

You may also Click Here to meet others in our passionate J'can community

...I've created this forum specifically to allow my my best friends and fans to 'meet and greet' each other, and also for the wider visitor audience to get to know them.

These friends represents the most ardent, most dedicated, and most patriotic fans of our country and also this website - seriously

I also now have a close knit, respectful and cordial relationship with them too.

They are the people who direct, suggest, comment, advise and inspire me. These persons are - to quote Bette Midler, "the wind beneath my wings"; They are truly the life of the site and I am truly thankful for (and to) them.

BUT best of all, don't expect to see the age old, boring info about age, school etc., it's much nicer! You'll hear about their favorites of JA!

For example:

  • their favourite J'can dish, 
  • favourite hang-out spot, 
  • favourite attraction, 
  • how many trips they made to the island (if not living here),
  • their general J'can experiences, or even 
  • their wishes and dreams for the country!

Truly a wonderful learning experience for everyone!

Are YOU ready to join us?
...actually, we'd be glad to welcome you!

If you love Jamaica and appreciate what we do on this website, please click here now and let us get to know you .

If you are just a visitor to this site, or just curious to meet the others, click here to see our real fans!

We are still in the embryonic stages but I am already overwhelmed with the love, passion and sense of community!

See you on the inside!

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So YOU Are you a true fan of Jamaica and

Great! Not only have I been waiting to meet you but I'd like to share your passion for Jamaica with my other pals.

Basically, you'll just tell us about your 'Jamaican' side. That's all!!

These would include:

  • # of trips to Jamaica,
  • favourites of Jamaica, eg. food, attraction,
  • what you like most about Jamaica and/or the website
  • how you found the site,
  • tips about vacationing in JA, etc.,
  • ...anything you wish to share

Ready Now?

It's easy, simply...

True Fans Of Jamaica &

Here they are! Meet the ardent fans of

My Jamaican-ness by Chinnel Flowers 
Jamaica is my home town and throughout my 19 years that Iโ€™ve been living here. I travelled out of Jamaica once to St. Maarten at age 9 came back to …

Teddy A. Jones: Adopted Portland And Jamaica! 
I was born in the Eastern Caribbean but from a boy growing up in primary school Jamaica always fascinated me. I knew that somehow, someday my feet …

Sandi Brown - visited Jamaica 9 times! 
I love Jamaica! I've visited 9 times--twice alone! Never felt a threat there! Thinking about relocating there too! I really wish this site had a blog for …

Jamaica, My Heart's Desire (Cynthia) 
I LOVE JAMAICA! It has actually become something that people know me for now. I first came to Jamaica in 2003/2004 with three of my best girlfriends. …

Helen - the Germaican (German Jamaican) 
I have found your web page by chance - I am excited! You did a good job! I'm a passionate admirer of your beautiful island. No, I was never there. Don't …

Lady Roots - St. Elizabeth, Jamaica 
First trip to Jamaica was in 1980. Spent one week in Mo Bay, three weeks in St Elizabeth (South Coast). Repeated that scenario (with minor revisions …

Purple Silver -Jamaicanista 
My first visit was in 1973 & on & on until i migrated for good in 2004. I hated the all inclusive hotels with their lousy make believe food & scared …

MizFineThing - AKA Ja Diva (Government name Ecttel) 
Alright get out your patois dictionary because you just might need it. Boy oh boy where do i begin, i think I'll start at the beginning and work my …

Alice O - Love Reggae Music 
I have been to Jamaica ( Montego Bay ) twice. Last July '2010 for 9 wonderful days -I even met a most wonderful Jamaican Man! I returned to wake up …

Omar - Says Jamrock Forever 
Growning up, JAMAICA for me was just a place I was born. Leaving as a child to settle in New Haven, CT was a choice that was made for me without any explanation …

Cheryl Gentles - Cool sense of humour 
I am a Jamaican - grew and live in St Andrew. In gist, I am a down to earth, slightly crazy one with a cool sense of humour lol I love to eat, right …

Dorett - Jamaican Born 
Grew up in the United States...Go back to Jamaica every year for the past 40 years! I usually go local. I love the Jamaican culture but I don't particularly …

Zadi - Caribbean Queen 
I love the Caribbean and Brasil and never tire of traveling in either. I like Jamaica because it's close to the US, airfare is reasonable and the people …

Andrea Campbell - Jamaican Flag Bearer 
I am a Jamaican who has had the opportunity to travel extensively but always returning home. My love of country is reflected in the activities I undertake …

Terri - Honorary Jamaican on board 
I've been to Jamaica 5 times! My 6th trip is booked for October 2011. has all the information you will need to learn about …

Jess F. ~ Lover of Jamaica 
Seeking to learn more about the island prior to my first visit, I found, and, then became a My Island Jamaica facebook fan club. …

Sandrea Reid - original yardie 
Was born in JAMAICA in the parish of CLARENDON, grew up in SPANISH TOWN. I went to school there, and lived in ST.CATHERINE until I migrated to the …

Donna Brown - True Jamaican 
--> I love Jamaica....this is the land of my birth! Jamaica is beautiful. It may not be the land of milk and honey but to me it is the land of …

Wellesley Gayle - Native Jamaican! 
Yep, that's me (Wellesley). I am arguably the biggest fan of this website! Yes, I know, I am the publisher and all, but I have grown to realize …

Passionately Jamaican - Nicole 'Good Girl' Turner 
I am a strong black Jamaican Princess. The opportunity has not presented itself for me to go abroad mi nuh get none yet and boy mi nuh vex, mi love …

Diane - Jamaican And Loving It Not rated yet
Jamaica is my born land I love my country very much for it richness in culture, nature, and the beaches. Also lots of nice place to chill out.

Linda - Exiled Jamaican Not rated yet
I was born in Kingston, Jamaica , and lived there till the late 70's when things became dangerous for me, and had to go into exile in the United States. …

Living And Working In Jamaica - A Wonderful Experience Not rated yet
I once had the most wonderful experience of being able to live and work in Kingston, Jamaica when I taught art at Priory and also 5th form. Those …

Sunny - Love Jamaica Not rated yet
I have been to Jamaica 8 times, feels like home. I am not born Jamaican but Love this Country anyways. It the people , Music , Food and Beauty …

Click here to write your own.

I Found Myself In Jamaica (And Loved It), James Simister Not rated yet
I chose Jamaica for my assignment with the Peace Corp; I was a wood working instructor for handicapped young men at the School of Hope in Papine, Kingston. …

Kay says: Jamaica is Home Sweet Home Not rated yet
Jamaica is home sweet home. I really like it here; the greenry, the people , the food . I guess maybe it's because I haven't been anywhere else. …

Dawn - lover of all things Jamaican Not rated yet
I love my Jamaican patois. Sometimes I am in a crowd and suddenly I hear that distinct Jamaican accent and dang if i don't have to stretch my neck, push …

Jamaican Newfie -Tammy Stuckey  Not rated yet
I was first introduced to Jamaica in the late 90's...and of course I was hooked immediately.. I feel as though I should be living there. I love the …

Rob Herrin - American by Birth....Jamerican by Choice Not rated yet
We've been to Jamaica 5 times, going for 6 this December! The thing we most enjoy about Jamaica is the warm and friendly people. We've always been welcomed …

Anita C Lawrence - 28 trips to Jamaica! Not rated yet
I have made a about 28 trips to Jamaica starting from when I was 2yrs old. My parents would send me and my sister to our grandmothers in Jamaica for …

Miss Bevi - love everything about Jamaica Not rated yet
My mum is from JA, but I was born here in England, but going to JA for the 1st time in 2006. Yes I know, why it took me so long I dont know, but nothing …

Jerry H - Jamaica Is My Island Not rated yet
MAN!! My first trip to the island was in 2005' and I've been back every year since! I love the island, it's people, the culture... and the Jamaican …

Marcia - True Jamaican Brownin in NY Not rated yet
I am Jamaican born; raised in Kingston 11. I grew up with one sister and two brothers. I love my country very much. There are times I wonder why did …

Lorna Fraser - this is the land of my birth! Not rated yet
I love the rivers , the sea and the sand, the mountains and the blue, blue sky above them, the tiny doctor birds that hover over the bright hibiscus …

Denise Salmon Not rated yet
I am Jamaica's biggest fan. I visited many other places but I just miss Jamaica too much. Its the food and the vibes. What I have found out is Jamaica …

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