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The Best Hidden Attraction in Jamaica Challenge

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Our exciting Hidden Attraction in Jamaica contest ended on January 30th. Look at these amazing entries! Such love and passion!

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The eventual winners however were:

1st Place... 2nd Place... 3rd Place...
Reggae Falls in Jamaica by NateStrawberry Fields by EarleMagic at Nine Miles by Guinevere

I also feel obliged to share these, top ten with you! In no particular order, here now is the...


All lovely, aren't they?


Another special thanks again to our sponsors who helped in a great way to make this happen.

It was educating, exciting and fun! We'll definitely do it again!

Do join me in visiting some of these gems! :-)

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And just before you go, here again in the full list of entries, do take a peek and them and feel free to comment too :-)

So What Are The Very Best Attractions And Places To Visit In Jamaica?

I've narrowed it down to these - along with some excellent recommendations from visitors to Jamaica. Click Here to check them out.

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Originally posted: 12/12/2010 

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Entries Already Received

Below are all the other entries received thus far, Click each below to review and post a comment.

JaMANca's Best 
Contest Entry #40 - JaMANca's Best Having worked for the airline for many years I have been a lot of places and seen a lot of things. When …

The People of Jamaica 
Contest Entry #39 - The People of Jamaica I have always heard that the best place to hide something is right out in the open. think this …

Reggae Falls in Jamaica 
Contest Entry #37 - Reggae Falls in Jamaica This magical little falls is truly Beautiful in many ways! If you do not know someone to take you the …

Jungle Lobster House - Under the Old White River Bridge 
Contest Entry #33 - Jungle Lobster House On Highway A3, near Cutlass Bay in Ocho Rios, this amazing little indoor/outdoor wooden restaurant UNDER …

Laughing Waters is Paradise Found 
Contest Entry #32 - Laughing Waters is Paradise Found My special gem location is called Laughing Waters in Ocho Rios. As a teenager who at …

The Blue Lagoon, Portland 
Contest Entry #30 - The Blue Lagoon, Portland This is my all-time favorite. I was hesitant to share it because's mine. My beautiful Blue …

Jonkonnu Parade 
Contest Entry #29 - Jonkonnu Parade & Dance I'm not even sure what Jonkonnu is, but it's a heck of a lot of fun! Its roots are in African culture, …

Somerset Falls, Portland Jamaica 
Contest Entry #27 - Somerset Falls, Portland Jamaica These falls are largely overlooked because of the stunning Dunn's River. However, it's definitely …

Rafting the Rio Grande 
Contest Entry #24 - River Grande Rafting Rafting on the Rio Grande affords 2 1/2 hours of complete relaxation enjoying the stillness of the river, …

3 Dives Jerk Centre in Negril 
Contest Entry #21 - 3 Dives Jerk Centre in Negril The atmosphere is beautiful and right on the water. The service was amazing and the food was so …

The Blue Hole in Jamaica 
Contest Entry #18- The Blue Hole Nestled at the base of the mountains between Negril and Kingston, this is the place for "lovers" or the nature enthusiast. …

Magic at Nine Miles Village 
Contest Entry #17- Magic at Nine Miles Village There are many beautiful landmarks and towns in Jamaica. I've yet to see them all (though I yearn …

Sea Grape Bungalows in Negril! 
Contest Entry #14- Sea Grape Bungalows in Negril, Jamaica Sea Grape Bungalows are located on the West End of Negril(cliff side). I have been staying …

Strawberry Fields 
Contest Entry #10- Strawberry Fields Its secluded location and natural atmosphere is breath taking. The constant sound of the waves lapping against …

Silver and Gold 
Contest Entry #9- Silver and Gold Take the long slow drive from Papine, up into the Mountains, pausing along the way to breathe in the fresh mountain …

Ancient Flood Marking on the Bog Walk Gorge 
Contest Entry #8- The Hillsides Of The Bog Walk Gorge On the hillsides of the Bog Walk Gorge in St. Catherine, one may see some ancient tide marks. …

Sky Beach Bar and Seafood Grill 
Contest Entry #7- Sky Beach Bar and Seafood Grill I consider this place a gem because we weren't looking for it. It wasn't listed in our villa welcome …

Rooster's Bar on Spurr Tree Hill, Manchester, JA, WI 
Contest Entry#1: Rooster's Bar on Spurr Tree Hill. We stumbled across this gem of a rest spot while taking a road trip from Negril to Ochi - trying …

Xtabi at West End, Negril 
Contest Entry #28 - Xtabi at West End, Negril Everyone says Rick's Cafe, but that's just because they don't know. Xtabi is Arawak for "Meeting …

The Little Shops & Food Vendors 
Contest Entry #26 - The Little Shops & Food Vendors I never go to any of the tourist areas when I come. My fiance is there and we always stop …

Pirates find a party in Port Royal 
Contest Entry#5- Churches in Port Royal, Jamaica Hidden from most of the guide books of Jamaica is an interesting haunt for most of the former pirates …

Sea Keeper for a Day, Dolphin Cove, Ocho Rios 
Contest Entry #31 - Sea Keeper for a Day, Dolphin Cove, Ocho Rios There are many level of dolphin experiences you can have at Dolphin Cove, but …

Dunns River Falls 
Contest Entry #25 - Dunns River Falls It is not so much a "hidden" attraction, but the River Falls is such an amazing place to visit. I was …

YS Falls In Black River 
Contest Entry #23 - YS Falls The area is not commercial as compared to Dunn's River. There are quiet places along the water fall to relax and …

Rafting Down the Black River 
Contest Entry #19- Rafting Down the Black River The best part of being on vacation is relaxation and going rafting down the Black River is one way …

The Doctorbird - Jamaica's Hummingbird 
Contest Entry #11- The Doctor Bird This is a piece of Jamaica that you'll have to slow down to see. We have been traveling to Jamaica for many …

blue mountain jamaica 
Contest Entry #6- Blue Mountains, Jamaica Blue mountain is special because: it is the highest point in Jamaica from blue mountains you can see …

Charles Town Herbs Garden 
Contest Entry #2: Charles Town Herbs Garden The herb garden is a new attraction that gives you a tour and sample of Jamaica's popular herbs. After …

Lucea- (Lew SEE) - between Montego Bay and Negril 
Contest Entry #22 - Lucea - Between Mobay and Negril On route to Negril passed by a quaint fishing village called Lucea (lew see) Its just …

Bath Hot Springs 
Contest Entry #13 - Bath Hot Springs, St. Thomas, Jamaica What better way to relax and feel healthier than enjoying a private bath in this picturesque …

Ocho Rios, Jamaica 
Contest Entry #20 - Ocho Rios, Jamaica My favorite place in Jamaica is Ocho Rios! I will never forget the banana plantation with 29 different varieties …

dunns river falls 
Contest Entry #16- dunn's river falls dunns river falls was one of the most exciting places I have ever encountered....tucked away in the hills surrounded …

The Trident Hotel Portland 
Contest Entry #15- The Trident Hotel Portland I Liked the individual Chalet style accommodation, no television in the room just a radio (when we went), …

Dun's River Falls  
Contest Entry #12- Dun's River Falls It's the most wonderful beach and fall that's on this planet! The people there are very friendly and kind. …

Dunn's River Falls  
Contest Entry#3- Dunn's River Falls This 600ft waterfall is an extremely popular and an eye-catching sight. Cold and clear white froth cascades and …

Hemp Mountain 
Contest Entry#4: Hemp Mountain Hemp Mountain is a place they grow hemp to make cloths, clothing, hats, rope and a lot of other things. You want to …

The Bob Marley tour bus route Not rated yet
Contest Entry #38 - The Bob Marley tour bus route The best time to be had is on the Bob Marley tour bus route. You get to go on this long …

Snorkeling off the Beach in Negril Not rated yet
Contest Entry #36 - Snorkeling off the Beach in Negril You haven't seen beauty til you have snorkeled off the beach in Negril. The reefs are …

Zipline at YS Falls Not rated yet
Contest Entry #35 - Zipline at YS Falls Although the Y S Falls are so beautiful, to Zipline through the Forrest over the Falls is even more spectacular. …

Excursion at Chukka Caribbean Adventure near Ocho Rios Not rated yet
Contest Entry #34 - Excursion at Chukka Caribbean Adventure near Ocho Rios Located in the Hills of Ocho Rios stood a back to nature adventure like …

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