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Did you wake up thinking of yourself on a sandy beach staring out at water oh sooooo blue, while being stroked by the warm rays of the sun?

And were you snapping away at the menagerie of colorful tropical birds as they flew overhead or the rainbow of marine life through your glass bottom boat?, Was it a rippling river that tickled your ear or roaring waterfall, that took your breath away?

Were you drawn into the pulsating beat of drums, pan, and guitar? Did you dance? Were you’re your taste buds aroused by the exotic taste of coconut water, jerk chicken or shark and bake?

Well my guess is that you went to your bed with the Caribbean on your mind. 

The Caribbean islands are situated in the basin called the Caribbean Sea east of North America. The thousands of islands - some think it is as many as 7000, however only 26 (nearly all the letters of the alphabet) recognized as countries. These countries are divided in Greater and Lesser Antilles.

This is my attempt to help you to get familiar with these, the beautiful islands of the Caribbean, of which Jamaica is also member of, of course :-)

Alphabetized List of Caribbean Islands

A-D || G-P || S-U


Anguilla: A very small picturesque island located in the eastern Caribbean there are some smaller islets surrounding it. It can accommodate travelers who are seeking a luxury experience or more casual accommodation.

Antigua & Barbuda: Comprising two individual islands and a handful of smaller islands. A green spot reputed to be great for diving with beautiful land and marine sites.

Aruba: A rather miniature island located off the course of Venezuela. It is Dutch in origin which is actually an independent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands and formerly a part of the Netherlands Antilles, but is now independently viewed as a country. The sands of these beaches are described as “blonde” as opposed to white, which is common to many of the other islands.

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Barbados – A Rum- filled, fun filled island of the Lesser Antilles with calypso music, carnival experience, beaches and resorts for varying tastes (and budgets) with a very active nightlife.

Bahamas - An archipelago of islands made from coral. This is a very well known spot to travelers around the world…with high end accommodation in the offing and very relaxing, idyllic atmosphere. 

British Virgin Islands – comprising four main islands and multiple smaller islands forming part of a British Overseas Territory…very picturesque and relaxing with great accommodation.

Cayman Islands – This too is a British territory, with three islands – the largest being Grand Cayman. Famous for its beaches mind-boggling diving. The second largest, Brac is known for fishing, while Little Cayman has a good mix of wildlife. Even whales and dolphins are often seen.

Cuba – Very historic, cultural and some room for fun too with great beaches tossed in.


Dominica -  A beautiful Island with a plethora of geothermal spas arising from its volcanic background. There are rainforests and beautiful beaches too.

Dominican Republic - Not an island. This is actually part of the island of Hispaniola which it shared with Haiti. Its typically Caribbean with flawless beaches and top-class, all-inclusive resorts. Golfers welcomed!

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Grenada – The “Spice Isle” – Grenada has a mainland plus six smaller ones. The arable land is used to grow fruits and spices particularly nutmeg- which some say pleasantly permeates the air upon arrival. Lots of beaches to enjoy. 

Guadeloupe -  This picturesque French territory lies in the southern Caribbean; aerial views confirm that le papillon (butterfly) is an apt description of its appearance. French in origin and very definitely Caribbean, this island has a varied landscape you can transition from lush tropical rainforests white sandy beaches in a heartbeat.

Haiti -  So you only remember the earthquake of 2011 or maybe that was when you heard about Haiti but the country has very arresting 19th Century buildings, rich culture and great beaches too!

J - Jamaica – Yes my home and home of Bob Marley, Reggae music, arts, fashion, super all inclusive hotels, great food and stunning beaches and waterfalls, beautiful flora and fauna, the land of wood and water is all that and more. It’s enough to make you forget the crime and violence which sometimes make the headlines.


Montserrat - Here is another French territory, nicknamed the “isle of flowers” because of its lush, bright coloured tropical vegetation. It also has beautiful coastlines and one blogger describes the island as being great for active, outdoorsy visitors.

Martinique - This volcanic island is also a British territory. You will find black- not white, sandy beaches, the usual coral reefs plus diverse marine life and caves.

Netherlands Antilles – there is some doubt as to the number of countries to be included in this group but we can concur that the beaches are fabulous. Curacao alone has miles of beach and 38 secluded coves! Aruba covered separately here.

Puerto Rico – A Caribbean island, as well as an unincorporated territory of the USA rich with Spanish and American influences, and made authentically Caribbean by virtue of the tropical beaches. A Surfers haven!.

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St. Vincent & The Grenadines – A  beautiful collection of islands in the southern Caribbean. St. Vincent is known for its luxury yacht-filled harbor. Generally the island offers a haven as they are somewhat unknown to tourists. Don’t forget the staple… exotic beaches. 

St. Martin -This is actually a shared island…split in half there is the northern French side (also called Saint Martin) and the southern Dutch side (pronounced Sint Maarten). Very popular stop for cruises because of the stunning beaches. With a lively night-life, designer shops, duty free alcohol and fine jewellery.

St. Barthelemy- popularly called  St Barts, a French-speaking island catering for high-end visitors it boasts super luxury resorts, and designer shops – and of course the requisite delightful beaches. Let me know if you meet a celebrity while you’re visiting.

St. Lucia- Please take the tourist board advisory seriously…this is the place for romance, rejuvenation and adventure. Excellent beaches and world class accommodations and spas to boot. Kick back in St. Lucia.

St. Kitts & Nevis- A dual island poised between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Offering picture-perfect inns and boutique hotels, with the mandatory beaches and mountains that touch the skies thrown in.


Turks & Caicos - Rising in popularity these 40+ coral islands spell paradise. Already discovered by celebrities who enjoy this elegant retreat, luxurious hotels, bars and restaurants. Divers you will love this  spot! 

Trinidad & Tobago-  Keep the dual island concept going. Trinidad has rich mangroves and waterfalls, while Tobago is, typically Caribbean with white sandy beaches. Carnival, soca music and lots of partying!


US Virgin Island – Remember what starts the name? It’s another US territory picture perfect, relaxing experience. Get ready to live it up on the beach!

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This was quite a mouthful. Yet these things are only a hint of what the Caribbean has to offer.

There is also something to be said for the friendly people, rich history, diverse culture and tropical bliss that is the wonder of the Caribbean.


  • Longman's Caribbean School Atlas

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