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Proven Tools, Products & Internet Resources That Actually Works!

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What Works? Here's My Top List Of Internet Tools & Resources

Believe it or not, amidst the quagmire of hype, and sometimes useless information presented to us on the web, there are a number of great resources that not only works, but in many cases, are very simple and affordable.

Yes, my now 12 years online business experience has taught be a lot - I mean a lot!

What works and what doesn't.
Who should be trusted and who shouldn't.

And now, from my own experience or feedback from others,  I'm sharing the proven ones with you.

There are quite a few, but I will share the really good great ones that in my opinion, will be of value to you.

As I indicated earlier, I either use them directly (and they work for me) or I have gotten great reviews from others who used them and so, with or without any affiliate link, I am proud to recommend them to you.

You may start by following my little mini Table Of Contents below. 


  1. Drive New Sales and Repeat Business with Aweber Email Marketing

    If you have a blog or website and is looking for a simple, personalized email marketing and automation system, consider this system.

    I changed over to them from the built -in one offered by my web host and never looked back!

    I am quite modest, but I believe they provide me everything I needed to create a profitable email list.

    Click here to hop over to AWeber and check out their amazing suite of email tools.

  2. Supercharge your product or client sales with the revolutionary ClickFunnels

    No website, no email list, no marketing system? No problem. Much talked about, their revolutionary product creates an all in one platform in a breeze for you!

  3. Get Paid Easily Without A Bank Account with Payoneer

    Stop waiting for checks to arrive by mail and receive payments on a Payoneer Debit MasterCard (R).

    Simply connect your card to your vendor/affiliate account and access your money easily via the ATM!!

  4. Get Help Online at Fiverr

    Yes, it is just as it suggests - you can get work done from skilled people all across the globe starting at just $5 USD!

    They have people ready to help you in virtually every business area, from Graphics & Design, Writing  and Translation, to Business, Tech, and many more!

    I use local talent with my online business, but I still used Fiverr a lot when I was starting out. A total win-win!

    Click Here to head over and check out

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Make Money Online/Work At Home 

  1. Earn Passive Income the easy way with SBI! (Solo Build It)

    What do you like? What is your passion?
    Is it Sports, Gardening, Music...

    Whatever! SBI takes your passion and turns it into profits, simple.

    They have a proven 10-Day Guide that makes it real easy and FUN! I ( is a testimony!

    And now they now have an online video that shows you exactly how this can be done. Watch the Free Video Here 

    I used the simple SBI guide to create this website and I have been really impressed. So much so that I dedicated a page to brag about SBI!. You can view My SBI Story here.

    This is definitely one of my highest recommended products.

  2. Get Paid to Read Emails With Inbox Dollars

    If you have some time to spare, this could be the perfect opportunity for you!

    Inbox Dollars pays members to read emails, take surveys online, play games, and surf the net! Seriously!

    New users also receive $5 just for joining.  If I didn't have my own website, I would be all over this!

    Click here to read more or sign up free.

  3. Promote top-tiered products and get paid hansomely with Max Bounty affiliate program

    Do you have a blog or website? and is struggling to make money from it?

    Then, I highly recommend that you implement Max Bounty today!

    It is completely free to join and, once approved, you get access to thousands of top-tier products that gives you healthy affiliate income!

    By the way, you don't need a website either, many persons are making significant income with Max Bounty promoting via Social Media.

    Click Here to check out Max Bounty now.

  4. Get Paid To Share Your Opinion with Panda Research

    Join the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! 

    In some cases, you can earn up to $50 per Survey or Offer Completed. Click Here to join.


  1. Restore Your Health With The Lost Book Of Remedies

    If you are a strong believer in nature and herbs, like I do, you'll be jumping off the walls for this book! Amazing stuff.

    The Lost Book of Remedies is helping us achieve curative self-sufficiency even in the darkest times by saving the lost remedies of our grandparents.

  2. Reverse Type 2 Diabetes with Diabetes Destroyer

    How did 11,000 men & women KICKSTART their pancreas to REVERSE their Type 2 Diabetes?

    Click here to find out, but most importantly see how you can do the very same thing and get rid of this monster.

  3. Regrow Your Own Hair With Provillus Hair Loss Treatment

    Revitalize and regrow your own hair! Provillus contains powerful and effective natural ingredients to regrow your hair!

    Effective for hair regrowth on both men and women! 

    Click Here to see how it works.

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  1. Find House Benefits- US Only

    Currently available to US residents only, this program provides great information on state benefit programs, including housing, utilities, home improvement and more.

    They also provide information on renting housing assistance, supplemental utility support,  food stamps, unemployment assistance, unclaimed cash in your area, and yes, education grants.

    It certainly doesn't hurt to try them. Read more here.

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Travel (Hotel & Flights)

  1. (formerly allows travelers to find and book the cheapest flights possible!

    With an extensive database of low-cost flights and traditional airlines, interactive maps, and guaranteed arrival, the user experience skyrockets to another level.

    Due to its success and rapid growth, Kiwi has been featured by Business Insider, The New York Times, USA Today, and more! 

    Click Here and check out their wide inventory of great fares.

  2. is the world leader for booking hotel accommodations online.

    You are guaranteed the best price for any type of property! Whether it is a small bed and breakfast or a five-star luxury suite - in or outside of Jamaica.

    A truly international company, is available in over 40 languages for properties in 195 countries.  Visit here.

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    These companies is a cherry list representing the best in Jamaica.

    I've partnered with them not only because they are highly reputable and trusted, they are just good people to deal with.

    Click here to visit them



    Love Jamaica? Of course you do!

    Love Jamaican products? You bet!

    But there is one challenge! If you are living outside of Jamaica, it is not so easy to fly (or drive) down to the nearest Caribbean or J'can grocery store to pick up your favorite items.

    My Island Jamaica has now partnered with Amazon, one of the world leading online retailer, to present you with this fine array of authentic Jamaican Products.

    They make exciting gifts too. Click Here to visit that page now.

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That's it! My recommended list of top tier products, tools and and services that will help you well. Go ahead and thank me in advance :-)

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