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Who Is This Guy?
About Me, My Team & This Website 

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A little about me?

Absolutely! With pleasure :-)

My name is Wellesley Gayle and I am the founder and CEO of this unique Jamaican website,

Yes, I am Jamaican, and from JAMAICA - born and raised in Westmoreland but migrated to St. James.

And yes, I currently reside here in Montego Bay - in a residential community called Bogue with my family.

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I have lived in Jamaica all my life. If I am not here it is only for a short while, for business or vacation.

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With Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Business and Management at Northern Caribbean University (NCU) and Bradford University (UK) respectively, a Diploma in Software Engineering at CIT, now HCIT,  a commissioned Justice Of The Peace for the island of Jamaica, a lifetime of community leadership roles, several other personal development and professional  accreditation, coupled with my over 20 plus multi-industry years of leadership experience,  I was afforded the awesome opportunity to positively impact persons in ways I would have never imagined growing up as a country boy.

But, to be brutally honest with you.  I also love my country, I really do.


There is oh so much about this blessed little rock that astounds me everyday:


And so, with my native and in-depth knowledge of Jamaica along with ongoing professional industry certification (See Recent Team Jamaica Certificate Below), I created this website to share what I call... the uniqueness of Jamaica with the world.

wellesley_gayle_team_jamaica_certificateWellesley Gayle, Team Jamaica Certificate

I've also written quite a few sought after book publications, related to my country...

You can learn more about each of them (or get your copy) right here.

Highly Ranked Website

Today, the website continues to, not only serve several hundred thousands of persons in their information serch per month, we are also in the top 1% of all websites online!

How So?

At January 2024, indicates that they explore 1.109 billion websites of which 201,000,000 (201 million) are active.

But even with just the active sites, with an ( ranking of under 1,000,000 (actually 456,209 at January 2024), this website is easily in the top 1% (at 0.2%) astounding!

We also get amazing reviews, offline, social and directly on the website. You can find some of the latest ones here.

Solid Support

I however, sincerely owe a lot to a company called SBI.

They gave me the inspiration and proved to me that I could do it - I could take this passion for my country and create a successful website.

I never hesitate to share this amazing story with my site visitors. In fact, I created a short report report that I shared exactly how I did it. 


I am confident that you will find the information here very helpful in your research of our beautiful island.

And by the way, if there is anything you need my help with, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks again for your time and for visiting my site. And please, stay in touch with me by subscribing to my free newsletter.

Wellesley Gayle

P.S. If you appreciate my efforts, please consider buying me a coffee here โ˜•. Thanks!

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Meet The Team

It would be almost impractical for me to do all we have done here, perhaps, impossible!

But the following persons have been of great help and support. All brilliant, avid and passionate Jamaican professionals in their field but who are also writing to ensure you get awesome content here. 

  • Aneisha Dobson, Jamaican Social Worker and Accountant.
    Click Here to learn more about Aneisha.

  • Kesha Stewart,  Acting Principal, Primary School Teacher and Family/ Guidance Counselor.

  • Sheree-Ann Shearer, Accountant and Customer Service Administrator

  • Deon Clarke, Business & Accounting Analyst, Researcher and Jamaican Guide

  • Venesha Johnson, Information System Analyst, Researcher and Jamaican Guide

Their extensive knowledge of Jamaica and Jamaican issues, along with unparalleled research skills went a far way to make this website the amazing resource it is today.

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Deon Clarke

Mrs Clarke is a skilled finance and business professional with over 14 years of progressive, comprehensive experience,including payroll operations, accounting, and customer service and with very strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

She was born and bred in the "bread basket" parish of St.Elizabeth Jamaica. A true Jamaican, she is fun-loving and enjoys travelling and sharing cultural experiences.

In addition to business, she is passionate about reading, writing and research from a tender age and happily engage in such activities when the opportunity arises.

She is also passionate about her country and enjoys sharing her knowledge of Jamaica with the rest of he world. 

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