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Jamaican Postcard Pictures!
Here They Are, The Winning Ones

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Oh how beautiful they are...

Well my friends, our exciting Jamaican Postcard contest ended on May 09th.

And just like our Best Jamaican Attraction contest, it was awesome!
Our fans shared some really lฬถoฬถvฬถeฬถlฬถyฬถ  amazing photos and images of Jamaica, including vintage Jamaica. All with true passion!

Don't believe me? Here's the 50 of them! Take a peek at them right now!

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The eventual winners however were:

1st Place... 2nd Place... 3rd Place... 4th Place...
Tranquility at Moonrise in Jamaica by WarrenTrue Jamaican Sunset by RachelleFishing at Sunrise in Jamaica by JessEmancipation Park Fountain by Stokely

Again, I absolutely must share these, the prized TOP TEN with you! From the original top 10 list, here's...


  1. True Jamaican Sunset
  2. Fishing at Sunrise in Jamaica
  3. Tranquility at Moonrise in Jamaica
  4. Emancipation Park Fountain
  5. Blue Mountain View Of Kingston
  6. YS Falls in St. Elizabeth
  7. Rafting on the Rio Grande River
  8. Iberostar Grand Sunset
  9. Jamaican Parrot Beauty
  10. My Boat is Bigger Than Your Boat

And (again) my personal...


All lovely, aren't they?


Another special thanks again to both our sponsors and judges...

Our Sponsors

  1. Catcha Falling Star Hotel in Negril, Jamaica
  2. Ms Andrea Campbell for a special copy of her book (The Traveller's Companion) Jamaican Proverbs, People and Places!
  3. Mr. Alrick Robinson for his book The Small Business Survival Guide: Insights into the First Two Years".

Our Judges

  • Ms Stephanie Treasure from Jamaica Small Biz Marketing  
  • Mr Dean Osbourne from and
  • Ms Andrea Campbell, author of Jamaican Proverbs, People and Places.

It was richly ieducating, exciting and fun!

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Also, if you are interested in sponsoring another contest on, please contact me. I'll be grateful for the partnership.

And just before you go, here again in the full list of entries, do take a peek and them and feel free to comment too :-)

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You are also welcome to click here and see captivating pictures of Jamaican food.

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Entries Already Received

Below are all the other Jamaican PostCard entries received thus far, Click each below to review and or post a comment.

Cliff Jumpers At Rick's Cafe in Negril 
Contest Entry #49- Cliff Jumpers At Rick's Cafe in Negril These are guys are awesome to watch. And they are easy on the eyes for sure. Share …

The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel 
Contest Entry #50- The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel This is the view of the Pegasus Hotel in Kingston from Emancipation Park with a glimpse of the famous …

Emancipation Park Fountain 
Contest Entry #46- Emancipation Park Fountain This Photo was take one evening at Emancipation Park in Kingston and shows a part of the the water …

True Jamaican Sunset 
Contest Entry #45- True Jamaican Sunset The perfect sunset from Ricks Cafe Negril Jamaica. It provides a view of the world famous sunsets that …

Jamaican in a tree 
Contest Entry #44- Jamaican In A Tree As we were leaving the Enchanted Gardens, I saw movement in a tree. I took this photo from inside a bus …

Enchanted Gardens in Ocho Rios, Jamaica 
Contest Entry #42- Enchanted Gardens In Ocho Rios, This photo of the enchanted gardens sets the mood for your crystal clear cool waters on the island. …

Jamaican Parrot Beauty 
Contest Entry #41- Parrot Beauty This photo of a macaw in the aviary of the Enchanted Gardens tour was so amazing. What a pleasure after seeing …

Memories of Montego Bay 
Contest Entry #37 - Memories of Montego Bay I have always been mesmerized by the natural beauty of my island Jamaica. And Montego Bay is mostly …

Mayfield Falls, Jamaica 
Contest Entry #35 - Mayfield Falls, Jamaica Mayfield is in Westmoreland, Jamaica (an hour or so northeast of Negril. It was the most exciting …

YS Falls in St. Elizabeth 
Contest Entry #33 - YS Falls in St. Elizabeth Living in St. Elizabeth affords me the opportunity to show off the most beautiful place God created. …

Iberostar Grand Sunset 
Contest Entry #31 - Iberostar Grand Sunset Just got back from Jamaica this past weekend, and I absolutely loved it. We stayed at the Iberostar …

Sunset in Paradise 
Contest Entry #30 - Sunset in Paradise This photo was taken at Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort in Lucea. It truly captures the romantic vibe of …

Trunk Fish from Great Bay, Jamaica 
Contest Entry #26 - Trunk Fish from Great Bay,Jamaica Fresh from the sea to the table. This was taken during our vacation in Feb '11 to Great …

Great Pedro Bluff 
Contest Entry #24 - Great Pedro Bluff This a view of Treasure Beach from the top of Great Pedro Bluff in St. Elizabeth Our friend had taken us …

Black River Tour, St Elizabeth, Jamaica 
Contest Entry #23 - Black River Tour Family weekend spent in St Elizabeth included a tour on the Black River. It is a protected area of Jamaica …

Landing at Montego Bay Airport 
Contest Entry #27 - Landing at Montego Bay Our recent guests experienced such a feeling of romance, excitment, warmth as they approached Montego …

Breshay (Breadfruit) Roasting 
Contest Entry #20 - Breshay Roasting Breadfruit roasting on an open fire, after returning from an extended trip overseas. We could hardly wait to …

Friends are betta than pocket change! 
Contest Entry #19 - Friends are betta than pocket change This pic is of my son and his friends walking along the top road in Mobay in 2010 when we …

Various attractions in Jamaica 
Contest Entry #18 - Various attractions in Jamaica #1) Cottage in Negril. Nestled among the trees in Negril, this is my "Little Cottage in Negril" …

Rafting on the Rio Grande river 
Contest Entry #17 - Rafting on the Rio Grande river While visiting my girlfriend in kingston, we decided to head to Portland for the weekend. …

My Boat Is Bigger Than Your Boat! 
Contest Entry #15 - My Boat Is Bigger Than Your Boat! I just happened to be chillin' on the beach in Ocho Rios when I snapped this shot - my …

Golden Time of Day 
Contest Entry #14 - Golden Time of Day There's a song I love that perfectly describes this post card. It suggests that when we mature and change …

Blue Mountain view of Kingston city 
Contest Entry #09 - Blue Mountain view Kingston City This picture was taken in Content Gap, a rural community in St Andrew which is in the Blue …

Tranquility at Moonrise in Jamaica 
Contest Entry #08 - Tranquility at Moonrise This was taken during our first trip to Jamaica. Sitting in a gazebo at Sandals in Ocho Rios, I took …

Fishing at Sunrise in Jamaica 
Contest Entry #07 - Fishing at Sunrise I was photographing the sun rising over Montego Bay. While I was catching one of the most spectacular …

The Tilted Tree at Cinchona 
Contest Entry #06 - The Tilted Tree at Cinchona What can I say, Cinchona Gardens is such a beautiful place :) The tree actually tilts as seen …

To picnic to picnic (at Cinchona Gardens) 
Contest Entry #05 - Sunrise at the Fisherman's Beach Another picture taken at Cinchona Gardens - when you see this picture what do you want to …

Sunrise at the Fisherman's Beach 
Contest Entry #03 - Sunrise at the Fisherman's Beach The beautiful sky meeting the water on a glorious new day at the Fisherman's Beach in Runaway …

Red Stripe Beer 
Contest Entry #01 - Red Stripe Beer Hooray, Vacation! Submit Your Own Here or See prior submissions here .

Murphy Hill in Ocho Rios 
Contest Entry #22 - Murphy Hill in Ocho Rios Murphy Hill in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. This is one of the most romantic places in Jamaica! Where the 5 year …

Valda's Garden in Content Gap, St. Andrew 
Contest Entry #13 - Valda's Garden This place is called Valda, which is in Content Gap, St. Andrew - am yet to get the history on it but I think …

Helshire Beach in 1983 
Contest Entry #21 - Helshire Beach 1983 This picture was taken in 1983 at Helshire beach while drinking a couple of beer with some friends - after …

The beach 
Contest Entry #11 - The beach Dont think i need to go into detail about this picture as it is already speaking to you. lol This picture was …

The Tree at Cinchona Gardens 
Contest Entry #04 - The Tree at Cinchona Gardens They say a picture speaks a thousand words; well included in these words are, 'pick me, pick …

Rasta Carver at Negril Beach, Jamaica 
Contest Entry #02 - Rasta Carver in Negril This is a photo of Rasta JessRoy Carver, a master wood carver working on a piece of art. His …

One Love...Jamaica Not rated yet
Contest Entry #48- One Love...Jamaica This was taken at the beautiful beach in Old Fort Bay Ocho Rios, Jamaica Share Your Own Here or See …

Dolphin Cove Not rated yet
Contest Entry #47- Dolphin Cove Taken at Dolphin's Cove in St. Ann with a view of Ocho Rios in the background. Share Your Own Here or See …

Dunn's River Falls Climbers Surrounded by Tropical Rainforest Not rated yet
Contest Entry #43- Dunn's River Falls Climbers Surrounded by Tropical Rainforest The town of Ocho Rios is named for its cool mountain water rivers …

Visit Jamaica Not rated yet
Contest Entry #40- Visit Jamaica This photo was taken in the parish of Hanover at the Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort. I really could envision …

Views from High Hope, St. Ann's Bay Not rated yet
Contest Entry #39 - Views from High Hope, St. Ann's Bay These are two photos, one taken in 1928 and the other in 2008, 80 years later, showing …

High Hope Boutique hotel, St. Ann's Bay Not rated yet
Contest Entry #38 - High Hope Boutique Built on the site where my husband was born, this was a memory trip for him in December 2008, before his …

jamaica day at school Not rated yet
Contest Entry #36 - In my Jamaican costume on Jamaica Day at School (Edited by webmaster) This was jamaica day, I was overwhelm that day with …

The Full Moon Setting Behind the Blue Mountains Not rated yet
Contest Entry #34 - The Full Moon Setting behind the Blue Mountains March 19th, 2011: the full moon is as close to Earth as it gets, the full moon …

The Blue Mountains Not rated yet
Contest Entry #32 - The Blue Mountains The Blue Mountains are amazing! Everyone loves the beaches of Jamaica but coffee country in the hills …

Usain Bolt & I, At Montego Bay Airport Not rated yet
Contest Entry #29 - Usain Bolt & I This photo was taken August of 2010 on my vacation trip. I was living in Miami at the time and shortly after …

Tower Isle Balcony View Not rated yet
Contest Entry #28 - Tower Isle Balcony View This photo was taken from the balcony of my apartment in Tower Isle in St. Mary, outside of Ocho …

Fried Fish and Lobster at Hellshire Beach! Not rated yet
Contest Entry #25 - Fried Fish and Lobster at Hellshire Beach! Trip to Hellshire with Yendi and first time visitor to Jamaica Michelle. Always …

Sand and Water Not rated yet
Contest Entry #16 - Sand and water Share Your Own Here or See prior submissions here .

Gnarled tree at Content Gap Not rated yet
Contest Entry #12 - Gnarled tree at Content Gap Once again, picture taken at Content Gap - it is a fantastic place :) this tall, knotted tree caught …

Dusk from the Blue Mountain Range Not rated yet
Contest Entry #10 - Dusk from the Blue Mountain This picture was also taken in Content Gap, a rural community in St Andrew which is in the Blue …

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