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Captivating Jamaica Pictures
For Jamaica's True Lovers :-)

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sunset in montego bay jamaica

Jamaica Pictures

They say a picture is worth a thousand words! If truly so, then these pictures (below) tells our story.

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While they will give you a peek into our beautiful island, they also tell you a lot about our lifestyle, our food, and our beliefs and culture. (Thanks to my little fujifilm digital camera)

Most of them surrounds my personal or family encounters and all are natural, unadulterated and untainted - no fixing, smoothing nor cropping!

OK, away with the lecture...
CLICK ON THE PLAY BUTTON below (YouTube Video)
Sit back, relax and enjoy these beautiful pictures from Jamaica!

Pictures may take a while to load, depending on your internet connection speed.

Below Are Also Some Of My Other (Recent) Pictures From Jamaica - Categorized Nicely For You :-)

Sunsets & Nature

Blue Hole, Negril Jamaica

Beaches & Water Falls

my kids at seagarden beach resortmy kids at seagarden beach resort
james bond beach jamaicajames bond beach jamaica

Jamaican Food & Drinks

charlestown maroon lunchLunch with the Charlestown Maroons
jamaican steamed fish from Sky Beach Bar & Grilljamaican steamed fish from Sky Beach Bar & Grill
jamaican winejamaican wine

Jamaican Fruits

jamaican soursopjamaican soursop
jamaican mangoesjamaican 'stringy' mango - yummy!
jamaican pear from grandma's treejamaican pear from grandma's tree
jamaican banana treejamaican banana tree
jamaican roasted breafruitjamaican roasted breadfruit
jamaican oteheite applesjamaican oteheite apples

Places Of Interest In Jamaica

bob marley museumbob marley museum
little ochi jamaicaLittle Ochi Seafood Restaurant Jamaica

People Photos

jamaican soup manjamaican soup/ porridge man in freeport
careers day at early childhood institution, st. elizabethcareers day at early childhood institution, st. elizabeth

Jamaican Culture


our room at rui palace jamaicaour room at rui palace jamaica
iberostar hotelsiberostar hotel Montego Bay, Jamaica

And even more!

By the way, you are also welcome to read and share stories with other visitors to the island. Click here to read them - and even add your own!

point_village_resort_volley_ball point_village_resort_lunch
Volley Ball at Point Village Lunch Time at Point Village
Negril Beach Family @ Sunset JA Grande
jamaican_food_making_coconut_drops.jpg jamaican_food_beef_patty
The Making of Coconut Drops The Famous Jamaican Beef Patty
negril_sunset_jamaica jamaica_river_black_river_bamboo
Sunset in Negril Rafting on the River
jamaica_hotel_beach_towers jerk_chicken_with_rice_and_peas
Hotel Jerk Chicken 'n' Rice- Yum!!
jamaican_tamarind Jamaica_pictures_daughter_and_friend_at_Sunset_Grande
Jamaica Tamarind [more Food pics] Leah & friend at Sunset Jamaica Grande
I hope you like them, or perhaps even brought back some memories :-) By the way, DID YOU KNOW that over 952 caves have been discovered in Jamaica?
Click Here to go to the 101 intriguing facts about Jamaica
page. You are also welcome to view the slide shows of:

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Adorable Jamaican Photos Already Submitted

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Personal, Family and Personality Photos 
I believe this is an awesome picture as it captured a simple joy of being together and sharing a passion for roots reggae music. Submit Your Own Photo …

Favourite Jamaican Scenes & Tours 
This is my surrounding in Hope Bay, Portland. I moved to Swift River Portland last year. Loveeeeee it! The best thing I've ever done. Submit Your …

Jamaican Photo - Tranquil and Peaceful/Lost and in Awe of Creation Not rated yet
That's all I have to say. Stay strong. Joyce. Editor's Note Hi Joyce, thanks for this amazing photo. I know you didn't have, or wanted to …

Pics of My Jamaican Home - Bogue Village, Montego Bay Not rated yet
PICTURES about: My Jamaican Home Hello All. This was my first time renting a home in Bogue Village and, am happy that I did! Great neighborhood …

Springfield Moravian Church Not rated yet
Another Magnificent photo of Springfield Moravian Church. Read more about the beautiful community of Springfield, St. Elizabeth here

Xtabi in Negril Not rated yet
JAMAICAN PHOTO: Xtabi in Negril This picture was taken on my last trip to Negril in August 2015 with Ronie Richards. WELLESLEY'S NOTE Hi …

Kingston Harbour, Jamaica - Before Bedtime Not rated yet
This photo of a beautiful sunset over the Kingston Harbour was captured 4 years ago on the Port Royal road. It caught my eyes and I had to hurry as …

Negril 7 Mile Beach Sand Fun!  Not rated yet
Here is yet another 'magic' Jamaica photo that was submitted in our exciting Jamaica photo contest last summer. It was submitted by Maura, a good …

Boston Bay Beach, Jamaica Not rated yet
Boston Beach, Jamaica: Beautiful doesn't it? This photo was submitted to us during our exciting photo contest last summer. It was actually sent …

Favourite Jamaican Beaches Photos Not rated yet
Doctors Cave, Montego Bay I love it there! Been there three times! I would go again in a heart beat! I swim way on out there with camera above. …

My Jamaica Wedding Not rated yet
This is love at it's best! Getting married in the country I love to the Jamaican man I love! Share YOUR Jamaica Photo or See Other Photos .

Favourite Jamaican attractions & places to visit Not rated yet
This was my 50th Birthday, with family & friends visiting Nine Miles in St. Ann, Bob Marley's home! Share YOUR Jamaica Photo or See Other Photos . …

Favourite Places, Cities and Towns Not rated yet
This was taken at a friends house in Content Garden Ocho Rios - taken just as the sky opened up and started to pour...It was still a very warm 80 degrees …

Jamaican Food Pictures Not rated yet
A Jamaican patty is a pastry that contains various fillings and spices baked inside a flaky shell, often tinted golden yellow with an egg yolk mixture …

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