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The Magnificent Dunns River Falls 
In Pictures & Video

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dunns_river_falls_and_parkDunns River Falls & Park

by Wellesley Gayle

Note this! There is not another attraction in Jamaica that is in as much demand as the famous Dunns River Falls! And the rest are not even close.

For many travelers, it is paradise in paradise!

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Located just about two (2) miles west of the town of Ocho Rios, the 600-foot long (55 meters high) Dunn's River falls is in fact so famous that the parking lot is a vast sea of tour buses-any day!

dunns_river_falls_wellesley_under_waterfall_pictureIt doesn't get nicer than this baby!

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Click Here For  Dunn's River Contact Information

Ascending the falls is usually a group activity: every group gets a guide. The guides encourage their groups to hold hands and up everyone go up, linked together.

Of course, us, seasoned locals don't usually use guides, but it is highly recommended.

human chain at dunns river falls

[You may not be allowed to go up by yourself though]

But even with the linking, the walk up the waterfalls is loads of fun. The guides are careful to carry cameras for you and every now and then make time for photo opportunities; this is your way to prove you actually climbed the waterfalls.

Kids are also allowed to climb up the waterfalls too. Seven is perhaps a good minimum age, depending how sure-footed your child is. 

I would encourage you to bring aqua socks if you have them; rentals are also available there, somewhere between 5 and 10 USD I learned.

Dunn's River Falls Admission /  Entrance Fee

I ran into this question sometime ago, 'Is Dunn's River Falls Free?'. I'd love to say yes, but the answer is no, there is a cost.

The entrance fee is dependent on your age and nationality. 

The climb may take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. You'll have between 8:30 and 5:00pm to have all the fun, but note that the last climb goes up at 4:00pm.

The following is the current cost structure for entry into Dunns River Falls.

Adult (Over 12) 25 USD
Children (4-12) 15 USD
Under 4 Years Free

Locals (With ID)Price
Adult (Over 12) 1000 JMD
Children (4-12) 500 JMD
Under 4 YearsFree

You might be wondering why the costs are different for visitors and locals. Well, some attractions will offer discounted prices for locals with the provision that they are able to present adequate identification (National ID, Passport, Driver's Licence or Birth Certificate).

New! Pictures From Recent Dunn's River Falls Trip


Last December, we organized a family trip there around Christmas time and it couldn't have been more fun! 

Any more pictures? 
Of course!

I figured you'd ask.

Here now, are some of the captivating pictures I took to share with you, starting with...

Pictures Of The Property


The Dunn's River Beach & Base Of WaterFalls


Photos From The Majestic Water Falls

dunns_river_falls_karena_and_alianaKarena and Aliana - my two girls

I Should Tell You...

Although a while back, my previous trip up there was also a bomb! Our youth had club organized the excursion as part of community building and it was equally fun.

I must admit, I couldn't really keep up with the flock; they were up and down the falls - no less than three times I figure!

I only traversed it once then I went straight down to the beach to chill out with 'Honey'- the club president who had the smaller kids at the bottom at the beach.

From there we played beach volley ball, football (soccer), swim and had great fun.

dunns_river_falls_tripThe bottom of the falls

Other Attractions At Dunns River Falls

Now if you enjoy Mother Nature, you may lose yourself in lush tropical foliage - ferns, bamboos, ginger lilies, crotons, orchids, a variety of palms and breadfruit trees up there. 

And if you are a souvenir hunter with a genuine love for wood carvings, straw craft and intuitive art, you can browse through the many shops in the craft park for unique souvenirs items and gifts.

And by the way, getting there is a breeze. Most, if not all, hotels in Jamaica arrange trips to Dunns river falls so whether you are in Kingston, Port Antonio, Negril, Montego Bay or the South Coast, don't worry, it is not a problem for you to get there.

Watch Video! Get A Virtual Tour Of Dunn's River Falls.

Oh yes, I also have a video of our most recent trip to Dunn's River Falls live on YouTube which I captured pics of the property as well as clips of us climbing the falls!

Here also in a link below. Click on PLAY button for your own virtual tour

Contact For Dunns River Falls Jamaica

Dunns River Falls And Park is owned by the Urban Development Corporation Of Jamaica who manages it through its subsidiary, the St. And Development Company.

The contact information is as follows:

Address: Ocho Rios, Jamaica, WI
Telephone: 876-974-4767
Opening Hours: 8-30-4:00pm daily
Directions & Map: See below

Map & Directions To  Dunn's River Jamaica

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Dunns River Falls | Updated: September 22, 2022

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