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The Most Popular
Sports Played In Jamaica

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Reggae BoysReggae Boys

The sports played in Jamaica, typical of our culture, is also very diverse. We play most of the sports of the Commonwealth, the Americas, and of course those we acquired from our many peoples.

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jamaican sports celebration

Despite this variety, I assure you - outdoor or indoor, there is no deeper passion anywhere else!

We play for fun, relaxation, keeping in shape, and even for a stake! However sports do offer many of our youths a ticket to continued education, fame, and financial security.

The list is quite long, but here are some of the most popular sports played in Jamaica.


Rose Hall Golf Course, Jamaica

Perhaps golf is not quite one of the most popular sports played in Jamaica (by locals-let me admit) but I was forced to include it based on its impact and the overseas interest it is generating.

We hosted many tournaments including some of the major championships and some of the best players in the sport show off their skills right here! The great weather and spectacular terrain, the food and the people all adds up to an amazing golf experience. See my Jamaica Golf page for more.


Sports Played In Jamaica- Domino

Domino is a big pastime here. It is played everywhere by everyone. Although a sophisticated game -sort of like chess or poker, it is often a popular affair at an informal dinner, community centers, or any social gathering. Like many of the other popular sports played in Jamaica, Domino did not originate here. 

It,in fact, came from China and made its way to Europe in the 18th century. It changed to what we now know it from what the Europeans brought in the Caribbean.

Many of our domino teams, affiliated to clubs, have competed for national titles and against other Caribbean teams. The game has gone international now, with UK, USA and Canadian teams taking part.

Go to my Domino in Jamaica page for more.


Cricket Match at Sabina Park

Cricket lovely cricket! Second only behind soccer in the island this time, cricket is a pastime of young and old. [Of course, this is what I play in my spare time].

The cricket passion for the entire Caribbean [West Indies] is unparalleled.

Not only is cricket one of the popular sports played in Jamaica, it is my favorite! Go directly to my page on Jamaican Cricket right here

Some years ago, I went to a world cup warm up match in Trelawny. Here are some of my pictures!

Football (Soccer)

jamaican football

Of the most popular, football has to be the number one on the list- by sheer numbers.

Football has given hope to many of our inner city youths. Thanks to the passion, popularity, and fame of our 1998 World Cup Football qualification, many of our young 'ballers' have gained lucrative contracts to play for distinquished clubs across the world since then.

Go to my Football in Jamaica page for more.


sherone simpson
asfa powell

Jamaica is one of the fiercest international competitor in althletics for many years now. We have some of the most adored and respected athletes in the sport.

Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell, mentioned on my famous people from Jamaica page, are just two of the several world beaters in this sport.

But why do we do so well?
Read my page about Athletics In Jamaica here for more.


jamaican netball team

How dare you?" A visitor to our website just stopped short of telling me that. I did apologize for not including Netball in our first publishing.

The truth is though Netball is the leading female sport in Jamaica. It it right up there with Football. The Ladies have been doing extremely well. Right now, the Jamaican National Netball team ranks third [Yep 3rd]in the world, surpassed ONLY by New Zealand and Australia!

The 'Sunshine Girls' as we call the team, have illustrated my position that our dear Jamaica is a clear world beater! More about Netball in Jamaica.


first jamaican bobsled team

OK, I admit, bobsled is not a sport played in Jamaica, but here is why I included it.

The first Jamaican Bobsled team made history in the Calgary Olympics Winter Games. They warmed the hearts of many worldwide in their first attempt at Olympic glory and was even immortalized in the popular Walt Disney movie; Cool Runnings.



I must admit, I am not a huge fan of water sports, but that's only me. [My game is cricket] For the water sports enthusiats though, there are lots of it!

Many of the hotels offer a variety of water sports. It is recommended you take your own equipment, if you have one.

The list is quite long but includes:


jamaica table tennis

Tennis is perhaps not as 'local' as it should be in Jamaica. It has still not 'reached' the average Jamaican. Lots of tennis is played here but it is confined to define circles.

Most of the popular hotels though offers excellent tennis facilities for their guests. The more established high schools do include the sport as part of their PE curriculum too.


my daughter playing basketball

Basketball is ever rising here. Thanks mainly to the cable stations that brings foreign matches in our homes.

And the facilities for basketball have improved a far way over the last 5 -10 or so years.

In the cricket circles, there is much talk about basketball 'pulling' some of the future possible great Jamaica and West Indies cricketers to basketball. Needless to say I don't support that view as a cricketer.

Growing Sports

  • Mixed martial arts- Due to the participation of fighters such as Uriah Hall, Randy Brown, and Leon Edwards in the UFC, this sport has grown in popularity in Jamaica.
  • Rugby union- With 2,090 registered players, rugby union is a minor but growing sport in Jamaica. The Jamaica Rugby Union governs the sport. According to the IRB rankings, Jamaica's national rugby union team is ranked 84th in the world.
  • Lacrosse- Jamaica will field a national team for the first time at the 2022 Under-19 World Lacrosse Championships.

So if sports is your game, there are lots of sports played in Jamaica to satisfy your preferences. While relaxing on the beach is great, there is so much more fun things you can enjoy while here on the island.

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