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Snorkeling in Jamaica
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snorkeling_in_jamaicaSnorkeling In Jamaica (Photo Credit:

I assume you already know, or have heard about our captivating Caribbean waters? OK, well snorkeling is just one way to enjoy them as well as to learn more about and experience our beautiful marine life.

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The minimal waves and warm Jamaican waters provide the ideal opportunity to see aquatic life from near the surface.

It is said that the best snorkeling experience in Jamaica is offered in Montego Bay, and Doctor's Cave Beach, in Montego Bay features one of the most accessible spots.

For the more experienced and adventurous,

  • The Coyoba - Phone: +1 (876) 953-9150
  • Dive Seaworld  - Phone: +1 (876) 953-2180 /2022
  • Dreamer Catarans - Phone: +1 (876) 979 -0102 
  • Royal Reefs - Phone: 876 953-1700
  • CariBlue Hotel and Scuba Resort - Phone: +1 (876) 953-2022

... provide exciting options.

Each reef is full of wildlife. It is usually recommended that you hire a guide though, as it is farther from shore and a bit rougher.

snorkeling_in_jamaica_at_secret_reef_barrett_adventuresSnorkeling In Jamaica At Secret Reef Barrett Adventures

That said, most of our coral reefs are a little offshore and so typically require a boat to get there.

And the good news is that many of our more established resorts in Jamaica do offer snorkeling adventures to their guests.

I know for sure that hotels in Negril, Montego Bay, Runaway Bay and Ocho Rios offer these as daily adventures. 

Those trips typically come with a boat, necessary gear, captain and crew. 

Outside of the resorts, there are also two popular local attractions that offer this exciting pastime, the Dolphin Cove in Ocho Rios (where you swim with the domesticated dolphins), and the Mobay Undersea Tour. There could very well be a whole lot more (for me to find out).

Be sure to check with your hotel's tour desk for more details and even more options.

Snorkeling is genuinely a wonderful activity that can be enjoyed by almost anyone. It requires much less instruction and training than scuba diving.

And although it is said that most people who have snorkeled have done so on group charters while on vacation, it is actually an activity that can be done almost anytime, anywhere.

And it is relatively inexpensive...

A small investment of $50 for basic snorkeling gear, some swimming experience, a body of water and an hour of time is all you need. Note, however, that $50 dollars is just an average price and it might vary from place to place.

If you haven't already experienced snorkeling in Jamaica, give it a try - you'll love the new world beneath the beautiful Jamaican and Caribbean waters!

Can't snorkel and is excited to learn the basics? Visit this website for more information and helpful tips. And while you're at it, consider scuba diving in Jamaica as well.

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