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Personal Development & Solo Build It (SBI) Business Books that will CHANGE your life!

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People are always looking for free stuff - you and I know that right?

Of course!

But especially online, we know that at least 90% of the time we get what we pay for- NOTHING!.

The "free" demo software is watered down, crippled or timelocked, rendering it useless without a paid upgrade, or the free books are too general and obvious to be of any help.

If we want the "secret" information, or the affiliate program that "sells itself", we HAVE TO PAY. You and I know that too!

So when we find that rare, fully functional, genuinely helpful, free software or a free ebook that has genuine, useful, valuable information, it is cause for celebration- no kidding!



I was ecstatic when I found these free products offered by SBI! But that was only the beginning. I was not prepared to discover that the free stuff from SBI! is as good, and in many cases better, that anything else on or off the web- at any price!

You will find these products are genuinely free, no strings attached, no ulterior motives; just good business.

This was just one of the things that proved to me that Solo Build It is the best! I have never regretted my relationship with them! -- not even once.

Here are links to them. Not only will they help you with your online business, they are solid personal development material- I guarantee it!

Go ahead and download them!
They make a great read too!

Make Your Content PREsell

Make Your Content Presell!

Learn how to write to COMMUNICATE

MYCPS! shows you how to acquire this valuable skill.

It shows you how to write to communicate and connect with (i.e., PREsell) your visitors. It covers that critical period of relationship-building BEFORE the sale.

In fact, EVERYTHING you write will be more effective!
Make Your Knowledge Sell

Make Your Knowledge Sell!

There's a book in everyone, including YOU!

Yes you. Each of us lives a life of unique circumstances and experiences that results in building a body of knowledge... knowledge that has value and that can be packaged and sold to others. Make Your Knowledge Sell! shows you how to find "the infoproduct within," how to create and publish it, and how to market and sell it. Formerly sold for $49.95, MYKS! is now totally FREE!
Affiliate Masters Course


Net marketing gurus have lined up to pronounce it as "the perfect affiliate system".

This complete, FREE 10-day course focuses 100% on helping you, the affiliate, succeed. It pulls no punches, it holds nothing back. It leads you step by step, day by day through a flawless process...
Make Your Words Sell

Make Your Words Sell!

Effective writing on the Net (i.e., the kind that generates income) is indeed something that anyone can accomplish.

There is nothing magical or complicated about it. And you don't need an English degree or literary genius to do it.

Your words are what gets you the order... or whatever your "call to action" is. MYWS! shows you how to use words to get your Most Wanted Response from your visitors.

Formerly sold for $29.95, MYWS! is also now totally free.
Net Auction Masters Course

Make Your NetAuction Sell!

Why hasn't someone told you ALL about this great home e-biz before?

Now you can use the Net to turn that dream into a reality. Build your own Net auction business. (But, as you will see in just a second, you won't do it in quite the way eBay would like you to do it -- no, you will be the master of your own destiny.) Move from "just browsing" to "selling" on eBay!
Make Your Site Sell

Make Your Site Sell!

This Book Was Coined "The BIBLE Of Selling On The Net".

Praised universally, it has sold well over 100,000 copies, all through the sitesell.com site. Now it is FREE!

....ANY MY FAVOURITE! [ For all the Caring Moms ]

WAHM Masters Course


Children change you... your thoughts, your feelings, your relationships, your identity. Family now comes first.

Loving, nurturing, helping, guiding, playing, comforting, organizing, mediating, laughing, managing, healing, giving... you are in constant motion as a stay-at-home mom. And you are loving it!

So... if you stay at home, why not Work At Home, Mom (WAHM)?

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You shouldn't attempt to launch a website without reading at least one of the above- I am serious!

It might just change the way you were planning to do things - and save you thousands of dollars, never mind your precious time! I know you will love them, but I am awaiting your feedback anyways, please let me know how they have benefited you.

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