11  Awesome Jamaican Dessert Recipes That Everyone Is Craving!

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jamaican_pudding_sweet_potato_recipe_graceJamaican Dessert Recipes

Did you know that Jamaican food is among the most sought after in the world?

Wouldn't YOU love to cook Jamaican food and have it taste EXACTLY like the food you find in an authentic Jamaican restaurant?

Or exactly like my grandma cooking here in Jamaica? Even though you don't know her :-)?

Do you suffer from the erroneous belief that non-Jamaicans and contemporary Jamaicans cannot cook truly authentic Jamaican? Let me tell you that itโ€™s simply NOT true!

We can now show you exactly how to cook some of the best tasting and most popular Jamaican desserts that will be the envy of your friends.

Introducing The New...

Recipe Book!

...a convenient, easy to use compilation of 11 of the most authentic and sought after Jamaican snacks/treats recipes, delivered to you in a simple easy to read format!

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What Do You Get In The Jamaican Sweet Treats?

In this exciting edition, you discover exactly how to prepare 11 of the most authentic (and loved) Jamaican desserts, including...

  • Jamaican Coconut Drops
  • Jamaican Banana Fritters
  • Jamaican Duckunoo (aka Blue Draws)
  • Jamaican Rock Buns
  • Jamaican Sweet Potato Pudding
  • Jamaican Fruit Cake
  • Jamaican Banana Bread
  • Jamaican Solomon-A-Gundy
  • Jamaican Patties
  • Jamaican Rum Cake &
  • Jamaican Bammy & the bonus...
  • Jamaican Carrot Juice

...all in a simple and easy to follow (and printable) format, just for your convenience.

Why Is The Jamaican Sweet Treats Recipe Book Ideal For Me?

  1. Love Jamaica? It it a perfect keepsake!

    It's a great way to symbolize your patriotism.  This special edition was created primarily to commemorate Jamaica 55. You'll be thanking yourself for this treasure later!

  2. It's Authentic Jamaican 

    Written by Wellesley, a Jamaican by birth and heart! He's trusted, traditional and good 'ole time' Jamaican!

    Most of the others are just 'piggy-backing' on brand Jamaica - some haven't even been to Jamaica!

  3. Want to impress your friends for family?

    This is the perfect opportunity! Everyone will be shocked at your new success in the kitchen at authentic Jamaican desserts!

  4. Ideal for busy people

    -Every single recipe has step by step instructions.

    -They are easy and simple to prepare.
    -The ingredients are easily found

  5. It's A  Convenient, All In One Recipe Book!

    Save yourself invaluable time (& money) to research or figure it out on your own! Learn from the source!

  6. Great Price!

    It cost less than the price of lunch meal at one of your favorite Jamaican restaurants!

  7. It Makes a great gift!
    If you are looking for an ideal, yet inexpensive Jamaican gift, this is it!

  8. It's loved and highly recommended! See below.

June Lyons
Hartford, CT, USA

"Love this recent ebook, 'Jamaican Sweet Treats' by Wellesley Gayle! It's comprehensive!  Mr. Gayle's compilation of Jamaican dessert recipes should be rated among the best of the best easy to do island recipes!  

I've always look to Wellesley for travel tips  and everything in general concerning Jamaica; he's the man with the pulse and heartbeat of the country. Now, he's given me another reason to seek his sage advise.

The recipes are so easy to follow and quite tasty. I can now make my own Bammy, Patties, Fruit Cake, Drops and Sweet Potato Pudding, my favorite, without the confusion and hassle seen in other recipe books. Eagerly awaiting volume 2! "

Why A Printable Jamaican Dessert Recipes Book?

  1. Get it RIGHT NOW - on your computer!
  2. No shipping costs - save time and money (again)
  3. Always up to date!
    If I find something worthy of addition, it will be in the added right after. The information in a hard copy recipe book usually is at least one year old, often older. 

  4. Make as many copies as you want.
    By one and gift copies to the rest of your family, seriously!

  5. No need to carry a heavy book around in the kitchen. You print the pages/recipes you need at that time.

    In fact, you can write on them, fold them, stick them in your back pocket etc :-)

The benefits are way more than you can imagine! Click the purchase button below to get your copy now.

Get Ready To Impress Your Family & Friends In The Kitchen!

jamaican food recipes

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Carol Rowe
Florida, USA

"WOW Mr. G!!! It's been 5yrs since I've been visiting your site.

Not only have I found your info on people, places and things Jamaican to be enjoyable, trustworthy and informative but also very home sickening LOL!! (That to me was very fullfilling)

Then here you come again with this awesome good, tasty and easy cookbook, the kind of stuff my grandmother would make. I made the potato pudding (pretty easy, could not help myself, I added a touch of sherry, lol)

Your recipes are as AUTHENTIC Jamaican as you are!! That I can proudly attest to, since I've had the pleasure of meeting you. My friend, you are authentic as they come.

Keep up the good work, we are all so proud of you. I can't wait to see what's coming next.

God's continued blessings."


jamaican food recipes book gaurantee

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