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Experience Jamaica Golf:
Golfing with The Jamaican Flavour

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Jamaica Golf | Half Moon Golf CourseJamaica Golf | Half Moon Golf Course

by Wellesley Gayle

I was truly amazed by the level of interest I found online in Jamaica golf, so I had to dedicate a page to it.

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But should I really be surprised though? Perhaps not, because not only is Jamaica a premier travel and tourist destination, but we are also big on sports!

And golf itself?

Well, it is another of the pleasant surprises in Jamaica. Not many people know about golfing in Jamaica as yet, but the word is spreading.

Best Jamaica Golf Course

Golf in Jamaica is definitely seen as a “rich man's sport”. It is not a popular local sport like football or track and field.

We have 10 superb golf courses spread across the country that offer varying level challenges, whether you are a beginner or an expert like myself (just kidding!).

Fun fact! Jamaica also has the oldest golf course in the Caribbean and western hemisphere! Yes, this sport that is not frequently played or advertised by locals, has been here for a long time. The Manchester Golf course, the first to be built here, was created in 1865.

And if you think our golf courses are only the best in the Caribbean, I proudly say, think again. We are right up there with the best in this hemisphere and perhaps the world!

By the way, we host some major tournaments including the Johnny Walker world championships - a number of times too!

The picturesque greens and the climate is one thing, but the elevated trees, water hazards, intriguing blind holes, and spectacular view of the mountains & the Caribbean sea add to your experience.

And you wouldn't mind a friendly and informed caddy, would you? Aside from assisting you with every shot, they usually provide background and history as you pass through the lush surroundings.

But if you do mind. Just get on with it! [Tell him you are here for the golf :-) ]

Additionally, most golf clubs here feature a golf academy or golf school that offers courses (if you need them) from PGA-certified instructors.

And after a long day of 'Jamaican Golf' (I coined the term), what next? Well, if you are like me, I relax after my sport, the atmosphere here is welcoming. But if you don't want to miss out on anything, there are still lots here to do.

Don't forget, this is Jamaica - the choice is yours!

Here is a list of top golf courses in Jamaica:

Montego Bay and Negril Area

  • The Half Moon Golf Club - +1 (876) 626-0592
  • Tryall Golf Club - + 1 (876) 956-5660
  • Cinnamon Hill Golf Club - +1 (876) 953-2984
  • White Witch Golf Club - +1 (876) 953-2456
  • Negril Hills Golf Club - + (876) 957-4638

  • North Coast (Ocho Rios) Area

  • Sandals Golf & Country Club - +1 (876) 975-0119
  • Jewel Runaway Bay Resort & Golf Club - +1 (800) 605-2512

  • Kingston Area

  • Caymanas Golf and Country Club - + 1 (876) 665-9993
  • Constant Spring Golf Club - +1 (876) 649-0979

  • South Coast

  • The Manchester Golf Club - +1 (876) 962-2403
  • PLUS

  • The National Golf Academy - +1 (876) 908-4783
  • Jamaica Golf Course Jamaica Golf -Half Moon Course Jamaica Golf Course

    These are the most popular golf courses in Jamaica. Here also is a link to the Jamaica Golf Association Homepage. I guarantee you that the splendour of these courses will take your breath away. They are definitely courses that many golfers have only dreamt about. 

    Remember though, (as the JTB nicely puts it) whether you prefer the challenge of a championship course or a slope rating that nicely fits into your handicap, you will find your game in Jamaica!

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