Best Of Negril Jamaica Resorts?
Here's The Spa Retreat Hotel

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What's the best of all Negril Jamaica resorts?
Well, here's one that will keep you talking about it for years to come. Wellesley's Rating: 5 out of 5 

The Spa Retreat Hotel At A Glance


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Rated #1 on TripAdvisor, and consistently so for hotels in Negril, you'd expect that they deliver the best in spa and wellness in Negril, amazing customer service, great food, exceptional dining and posh rooms - and they do + more! 

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Set on the striking cliffs on West End Negril, The Spa Retreat hotel, not only leads the way in top class spa services and hotel accommodation, it also offers, in my opinion, one of the best (if not the best) in resort dining!

And so, it's not a coincidence they continue to heap awards upon awards every year, including some recent recognitions:

  1. Best Spa hotel in the Caribbean
  2. Best Spa hotel in the Americas! Yup &
  3. The 5 diamond award from the Triple A Association!

I've had the prized pleasure of experiencing it first hand, and was amazed by their offerings.

It was our 5th anniversary and it not have been better - over here is truly a slice of paradise!

The Ambiance


Stunning! Isn't it? That was the first thing that grabbed my attention the first time I walked on the property.

Serene, peaceful and relaxing! 

And even though the property is perched on one of the most beautiful, scenic and picturesque cliffs in Negril, it is also decorated with beautiful tropical flowers and fruit trees which enhances the tranquility and aroma of the atmosphere!


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There was even a naseberry tree - one of my favorite fruits (below)! Just a pity it wasn't ripening at the time :-(


And we received the most hospitable welcome from Lisa - even though I keep forgetting to close the door behind me :-)

And still then, she ensured my wife and I got our complimentary welcome drink! 


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And just before we got a quick tour of the property, we were directed to our cabin, room #3, equipped with a all the basic amenities, you'd come to expect of a small luxury property - fridge, iron, cable TV, wireless internet, air conditioning, safe, a comfy bathroom, robes, etc, plus a patio overlooking the inviting pool and into the Caribbean sea!


We enjoyed one of the best rooms - a Seaside, Handcrafted Stone Cottage!

But they have other exceptional options too, including:

  • Garden handcrafted stone cottages
  • Roof top handcrafted stone cottages & 
  • Retreat suites with rooftop terrace

The choice is truly yours!


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Food & Drink

The food? Delectable!

Yeah, their food is one of the best, if not the best resort food I've gotten!

This (below) was breakfast the following morning - authentic Jamaican Ackee & Saltfish with fried dumplings and fried plantains and callaloo - can't beat that right!

negril_jamaica_resorts_the_spa_retreat_hotel_jamaican_breakfastJamaican Breakfast,Ackee & Saltfish at The Spa Retreat Hotel

But the dinner the previous evening but just as mouth-watering, I can't recall having Jamaican rice & peas like this since I was in the country with my grandma - seriously! 

If you know anything about Jamaican rice and peas, you know what I mean :-) Seasoned to every grain and deep rich in freshly squeezed coconut milk!


By the way, did you notice that we were having dinner on the deck? Perfect location, perfect setting - right by the ocean, perfect lighting and of course a wonderful staff.

By the way, that's Cadine over my shoulder - Give her a shout out for me if you see her :-)

And please big up the chef, Damion too! What a guy! Their restaurant, The Blue Mahoe, one of the most charming, is also rated in the top 10 best restaurants in Negril!

Chef at The Spa Retreat Hotel - Negril Jamaica Resorts

And if you are so inclined, join the chef and be guided in the preparation of authentic Jamaican and Caribbean cuisine!

Sounds exciting doesn't it? 

And Drinks?

Well the choice is truly yours! Their seaside bar is opened until the last person leaves - everyday! 

And believe me, this guy, Dwayne will not have you waiting! Always ready to serve!


So you wanna guess what's in that coconut?

Ok, let's make a deal... let's keep it a secret between you and I, can you promise?

OK good!

Take a good look into my eyes... now that's the first and only clue :-)


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The Staff

I had a quick sit down with Heather, the General Manager, to get a bit more insight into this award-winning property. 

I quizzed her on about where this all started, the awards, their most famous clients and also what make this place so special.

And to the question of 'what makes the place so special', you know her almost instant answer right?


The Staff!  And I experienced that myself!

They were all great, but I'd love to recognize the chef (again), Damion, Kaye Ann, Dwayne, Cadine & Novada - all genuinely wonderful people - not just for the show!


Not only do they assist in making the moments memorable, they helped us to capture them too!


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Notice the smile on my wife's face here?

I had just made a public gift to her for our anniversary - no I won't tell you whats inside, not yet anyways :-)

But KayeAnn was so kind to ensure that we captured that moment! 
Nice pic isn't it? Thanks again my friend.

So What's up with this fisherman?

Well, he is not staff, but he surely added to our experience! 


While the world turns he was just doing his own thing out at the reef.

Of course that interested me, and I journeyed out there to meet with him - very cool rastaman; as you might imagine, he had a lot on his mind to share with me, including the life of Mohammad Ali, who we learned had just passed off.

And before long, he caught a 20 lbs barracuda -using a smaller fish as bait that he caught earlier with a piece of bread! 

That is a testament to faith, perseverance and passion!  

I later learned from the proprietors that he (they call him 'Stomach') is at the reef everyday, just outside the property, catching fish - not a worry to the issues of this word!

Perhaps some good lessons for us huh?

Anyway, back to The Spa Retreat... :-)

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What To Do?

Over here, its 'easy does it'!

And these beautiful seaside cottages - perched along the cliffs, decorated with beautiful tropical flora, the fine food and drink - spirituous and non-alcoholic, the captivating beach deck, the lazy hammocks, creates the perfect environment to relax, unwind and the backdrop to an intimate romantic getaway.


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But if you want to take it up a notch, there's the beautiful swimming pool- clean, clear, crisp - with natural sea water! 

Or grab some equipment at the office and go swimming or snorkeling in the deep.

But if I tell you we missed our swim in this gorgeous swimming pool, would you believe me? 

Yeah, actually we did, sorry :-(

I guess we were too caught up in the rest of this captivating property'experience'.

But we'll be back!

And then there is also the SPA, its signature offering which utilizes all natural Jamaican herbs & products, including Aloe Vera, pumpkin, lemon grass, etc.

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Their most popular treatments includes the:

  • Classic Beach Manicure
  • Clasic Beach Pedicure
  • Reflexology
  • Seaside Relaxation Massage
  • Stone Crop & Aloe Organic Facial Treament
  • Invigorating Organic Body Scrub &
  • Rejuvenationg Organic Body Wrap

All at very friendly rates.


My only disappointment? It was an overcast day so we didn't get to see the famous Negril sunset, they argued that it is better than Rick's Cafe!

But guess what, we'll be back!

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We Should Tell You

  • The Prime Minister's wife, and MP for East Rural St. Andrew, Ms Juliet Holness, was there while we were there!

    Apparently she was attending a funeral in the area and stayed here with her entourage.

  • The Spa Retreat is not a traditional all inclusive; it's an adult only resort with a full service restaurant & lounge bar, available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

    They however, have an all inclusive option (that I enjoyed) that you can advise them of upfront.

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Contact The Spa Retreat Boutique Hotel 

I could go on an on, but I'll now invite you to contact The Spa Retreat Boutique resort directly for more information, including rates, availability and reservations.

Simply complete this form (below the picture) and Heather or someone from her team will get back to you asap.


Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

You may also use the following information to contact them. If you do, just remember to tell them I sent you, you might get a surprise :-)


One Love Drive,
West End Cliffs,
Negril, Jamaica


1 876 399 3772



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