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Perfect Jamaica Beach House?
Try Little Bay Cabins!

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jamaica_beach_house_seaside_and_hutLittle Bay Cabins... The Perfect Jamaica Beach House

Looking for the seclusion, naturalness, peace and tranquility of a beach house? You are in luck! I have a strong recommendation for you... Little Bay Cabins, adjacent to Negril Jamaica!

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Thanks again to Lorette who gave me the opportunity to connect with Mike Shea and 'discover' this hidden gem!

Mike is American, but has adopted Jamaica as his home since 1991.

In fact, he is now married to a local and has made a family here, and of course inspired this secluded island treasure.


jamaica_beach_house_little_bay_cabins_hut2The Hut At Little Bay Cabins

Little Bay Cabins is actually found in a district called, yes, Little Bay, a small secluded community just east of Negril, and right on the beach!

It seems you can only get there by the sea, that's outside of the little dirt track that takes you there, via the Little London community (adjacent), approximately 25 minutes from Negril.

Mike was quick to point out to me that right here in Little Bay was where Bob Marley penned three of his songs... "Mr. Brown", "Rock Is My Pillow", and "Mary Jane Shoes".

In fact, he told me that the same Mr. Brown Bob Marley mentioned, was the person who a rasta friend took him (while staying at Look Out Cove in 1991) to meet.

He met Mr. Brown, bought the property, and the rest we say, is history!

And by the way, Bob Marley, he said, had a cabin in this remote beach side community where he would escape to. That old structure was however destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in September 2004.


For a successful business-minded American to make this place his home since 1991 (starting with a single isolated cabin here) then it says something about the place.

But then again, TripAdvisor also awarded them the 2013 and 2014 winner of the Certificate Of Excellence!

My wife and I recently ventured here too and we absolutely love the place.

The Property

The obvious, and most appealing aspect of a beach house, cabin or sea side home is of course the beach, coupled with the seclusion, the quiet, the tranquility, the rusticity and the naturalness. 

And Little Bay Cabins has all that!


And then the beautiful plants!

Not only do amazingly beautiful flowers abound, we noticed a lot of excellent medicinal plants, including Tuna Cactus, Aloe Vera, Peppermint and Colic Mint!

Here are a few examples:

And, as you can expect of a remote Jamaican community, lots of birds and they are here as well.

I was more impressed how comfortable these birds (from the wild) were!

The ball plate, from my experience, one of the wildest, came within only a few feet from us - and there were lots of them!

This nightingale made my morning though with her beautiful singing... (look atop the pole below).


Can I tell you that I ran into a natural riped sour sop on one of the trees and devoured it right there? Yup! 

If Mike is reading this, then he is just learning about it, lol :-)
Here is the picture.

It doesn't get more natural, does it?

But, in addition to Soursop, I noticed a lot more fruit trees, including:

  • Coconuts
  • Tamerind
  • June Plums
  • Ackee
  • Mangoes
  • Banana
  • and of course, Sea Grapes.


They have  twelve (12) beautiful, simple and cozy cabins in addition to 4 spacious villas; three 2 bedrooms and one 3 bedroom. 

And Mike plans to keep it that way! 

It became clear to me that he didn't want to get the place too crowded and lose the essence of what they have achieved... seclusion and tranquility.

And did I mention simplicity? 

Each cabin (room) has all the essentials:

  • Bedroom with a double bed
  • Room table (and chairs)
  • Closet
  • Bathrorom with beautifully crafted shower (hot and cold water) and face basin, toliet, towels and related amenities.
  • And yes, powered by electricity!
jamaica_beach_house_little_bay_cabins_patio_viewJamaica Beach House



So basically, everything you need to be comfy.

But no television! That would probably defeat the purpose of the vacation wouldn't it? 

There is however free wifi internet on property if you so inclined (I used that up a lot).

Did I mention the spa? Sorry I almost forgot.
Yes, they do offer great spa services too!

External View Of Cabins

jamaica_beach_house_little_bay_cabins_house_photoA Jamaica Beach House (Little Bay Cabins)

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Believe me, the food was good, no excellent, and we had enough of it to confidently say so!

My first taste was this appetizer; a delectable bowl of conch soup!
I knocked it off in no time... and asked for more :-).

Seriously, it was hot, spicy and just mellow.

But dinner, breakfast and lunch was also tasty! And they have a very wide menu.

Of course the cuisine is real Jamaican, just ask for what your need from the Catcha Fire Grill!

The Lean Back Lounge accommodates your dining; breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Interestingly enough, when I asked Mike, in his opinion, what special about Jamaica? His immediate response was "Di food sweet enuh"! 

And it is truly 'sweet' here.

Here are a few of our 'eating time' photos:

And without taking away from the serenity of the environment, a small bar is provided that provides for your drinking satisfaction (or pleasure).

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The idea of a beach house or cabin is totally R&R (rest and relaxation) but if you are activity inclined there are lots to do.

There are enough kayaks to play in the sea or snorkel one of Jamaica's best coral reefs. But bring your own water-sport equipment and do whatever else you want!

And by the way, Mike and his team occasionally does fishing with their guest - another unique experience.

And if you arrive between March and July, ask about their annual Crab Roundup, their signature crab hunting event where guests are inviting to join in the hunt, the cooking at the eating!

Bear in mind too that Little Bay Cabins offers dependable drivers who will take you on any of the other Jamaican tour activity, nearby or far, if you wish.

These ones relatively nearer includes:

  • Negril tour
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Peter Tosh Monument
  • Dolphin Cove
  • Blue Hole Tour
  • Black River/ YS Falls/ and Pelican Bar
  • Mayfield Falls
  • etc, etc.

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I couldn't help noticing the many written testimonials all over the Lean Back Lounge & the bar!

I would guess that everyone that every visited the property since 2011 must have scribled their satisfaction and appreciation there!

Here are a couple shots of some of what we saw.

reviews of little bay cabins

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We were there for only 24 hours, but it was memorable! Thanks again to Lorette for the recommendation and to Mike and his team for accommodating my wife and I. 

We'll certainly be taking up the offer to be back Mike.

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If you are interested in learning more about Little Bay Cabin, wants to make a reservation, or simply have a question for them, feel free to use the form below to immediate email Mike or Keisha.

They will get back to you soon.

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

You also contact Mike and his team via the following:

Telephone:  876-588-6700 or 877-512-5342

Let Mike know I sent you and ask for your special discount :-)

Update- 2022

Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to me, Little Bay Cabins has decided to permanently close. They will surely be missed. 

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