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August 03, 2012

Yes, this is it, It's over!

On June 26th, I launched this exclusive Jamaica50 article contest and now we are officially closing.

I journeyed with you through the launch, the entries, the top 10, and the voting.

Actually today is the last day for voting and then it is over! Done! I can't wait to see THE FINAL THREE - The Top 3.

If for some strange reason you've not seen the best entries as yet, then click here to see the top 10.

The actually voting is taking place on the FB link (instructions in the link above) right now, so feel free to give your favorite YOUR vote - last chance.

By tomorrow evening (Saturday) I plan to notify the winners and before Independence Day (unless that nasty tropical storm Ernesto cause any problems), create a fresh page trumpeting, congratulating, and advising everyone of the winners :-).

Thanks again for keeping my company my friend. Please stay tuned.

Author & Publisher

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