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Celebrated Jamaica50 In Poetry!


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As our main contribution to Jamaica50, launched a unique Jamaica50 poetry contest.

And it was a bomb!

We had some remarkable articles!

Our esteemed judges narrowed it down to the TOP 10 and then we opened the voting segment to the public.

Well the voters spoke and here now are...

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Our Prized Winners:

1st Place... 2nd Place... 3rd Place...
Jamaica Land I Love
by Janae (Trelawny,Jamaica)
Aye Mi Jamaica Gal
by Pheonia Bailey (London, UK)
Jamaica - My Happy Place
by Sharon (Canada)

Congratulations again Janae, Pheonia and Sharon! 

Very, very, very well done!

But take at look at these below, THE TOTAL TOP 10!

The others are equally lovely (or in the minds of some, even better, just that they didn't amass the number or facebook votes)


  1. I Remember Jamaica by David (Texas, USA)

  2. Fond Memories of Jamaica by James (WA, USA)

  3. I'm Jamaican Too by Alison (PA, USA)

  4. Jamaica - My Happy Place by Sharon (Canada)

  5. My Jamaica by Carlene (Portmore, Jamaica)

  6. Jamaica Land I Love by Janae (Trelawny,Jamaica)

  7. Aye Mi Jamaica Gal by Pheonia Bailey (London, UK)

  8. Jamaica Independence At Last by Carlene (Portmore, Jamaica)

  9. Jamaica My Country by Christine (FL, USA)

  10. Christmas In Jamaica (Child's Perspective) by Jacqueline (Haarlem, Netherlands)

Georgeous don't they?

Of course! It was a real pity we had to narrow it down to just 3 :-(


I tell you they were all great!

Such love and passion for Jamaica!

All lovely, aren't they?


I also promised a 'Non-Best' award but happy to say, they were all good.

I seriously couldn't find any such 'Non-Best' so I decided to award the prize; that's a complimentary copy of the "Jamaica Insider Guide" to VICENTE MONTEMAYOR, for the spanish entry "LLOVIENDO EN JAMAICA!"


It was different and showed the versatility, creativity and also displayed the passion for Jamaica.

A very special thanks to our esteemed Judges

  • Mr. Errol Sinclair from Tapioca Village Retreat
  • Ms Karrie Williams from Caribbean Fun Cruises and
  • Ms Terri Reever, my co-admin at FB and the face of our ardent fans here on

Thanks to all those who participated. All in all it was a remarkable event.

It was educating, exciting and fun!

Happy JA50 To You All! Jamaicans or Jamaicans at Heart! Love You!

Remember that to stay in touch with all the celebratory activities at the official Jamaica50 portal

Also, please subscribe here and stay tuned for the next event!
"A Yah So Nice" :-)

By the way if you are interested in sponsoring another contest on, please contact me. I'll be grateful for the partnership.

And just before you go, here again in the full list of entries, do take a peek and them and feel free to comment too :-)

Posted: 08/05/12

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Jamaica50 Poems & Articles Received

Below are all the other entries received in our Jamaica50 hubbubr. Click on each to review and/or to post a comment.

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Jamaica50 Contest TOP 10 Entries 
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Jamaica50 Entry #27 - GREAT THINGS BY A GREAT NATION In a year when we are said to be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Jamaica's independence, …

I Remember Jamaica 
Jamaica50 Entry #25 - I Remember Jamaica (Poem) As I think of the hills and the clear blue sea Memories of Jamaica rush back to me As I think …

Jamaica50 Entry #21 - Aye Mi Jamaica Gal(Poem) Jamaica gal; a mi dis Patois Princess a talk De one yuh mek hol’ yuh han’ an accompany yuh …

Christmas in Jamaica (Child's perspective 1970s) 
Jamaica50 Entry #20 - Christmas in Jamaica (Child's perspective 1970s) Well I'd better start from the beginning. Our family consisted of three …

My Jamaica! 
Jamaica50 Entry #18 - My Jamaica! (poem) Inna di heights of dis madness Though we are all surrounded wit sadness Di great Jamaica stands Proudly, …

Jamaica- My Happy Place 
Jamaica50 Entry #14 - Jamaica- My Happy Place It seems only fitting that I spend my 50th Birthday in a Country celebrating it's 50th!! I have …

Jamaica Land I Love 
Jamaica50 Entry #10 Jamaica Land I Love (Poem) Jamaica is 50 years old, As a nation we should be strong and bold, We have truly reached a huge …

Jamaica50 in Maturity  
Jamaica50 Entry #6 - Jamaica50 in Maturity Jamaica has achieved so many good things amidst the hardship which confronted this small island. …

Jamaica - My Country 
Jamaica50 Entry #5 - Jamaica - My Country(Poem) Jamaica -tropical little island That is where my life began. Your hills and mountains sculptured …

I'm Jamaican Too 
Jamaica50 Entry #2 - I'm Jamaican Too (Poem) They say I'm a Yankee but that is not true I'm a "Jamerican" tru an tru. My mother and father are …

Jamaican Identity 
Jamaica50 Entry #4 - Jamaican Identity I am quite delighted that Jamaica as a nation has a momentous holiday –Independence Day – August 6, in …

Jamaica's first Independence - I was there! 
Jamaica50 Entry #3 - Jamaica's first Independence - I was there I was fourteen years old, my mother Frances Welsh Roche was engaged to the general …

Fond Memories Of Jamaica 
Jamaica50 Entry #1 - Fond Memories Of Jamaica We were young and my wife came into some money due to a disability. So we went to Ocho Rios ( Shaw …

Jamaica50 Entry #22 - LLOVIENDO EN JAMAICA Me encanta ver llover en Jamaica. La lluvia es dura, persistente, ruidosa, pero también es clara, …

jamaica 50th celebration Not rated yet
Jamaica 50th CELEBRATION By: Nicole Turner Whoie, wat a long journey eh mi country live fi be fifty Mi proud a dis yah island Dis represent …

Jamaica Life Not rated yet
Jamaica50 Entry #26 - Jamaica Life I remember the lazy days of summer in Lambs River, watching sunset at Ricks Cafe, Negril, climbing the slippery …

My Jamaican Voyage Not rated yet
Jamaica50 Entry #24 - My Jamaican Voyage Last September I had a trip to Jamaica that was truly unique. It was a voyage to the past - a journey to …

Mayfield Falls in Jamaica Not rated yet
Jamaica50 Entry #23 - Mayfield Falls in Jamaica I will never forget the experience we had at Mayfield Falls located past Sav la Mar. Once we …

Jamaica Independence - We danced the night away Not rated yet
Jamaica50 Entry #19 - We danced the night away At that time, I lived in Norman Gardens in eastern Kingston . A single girl, friends with two …

Jamaica Country Time Activity - Trying to catch crayfish Not rated yet
Jamaica50 Entry #17 - Jamaica Country Time Activity - Trying to catch crayfish I was in my early twenties when i excitedly said yes to go to this …

Terri's Fond Memories Of Jamaica Not rated yet
Jamaica50 Entry #16 - Terri's Fond Memories Of Jamaica I fell in-love with Jamaica, at first sight. She is so much more than pretty beaches . …

May God Bless Jamaica Not rated yet
Jamaica50 Entry #15 - May God Bless Jamaica We just returned from Jamaica ~ and are already looking forward to returning! We just returned from …

Jamaica Independence At Last Not rated yet
Jamaica50 Entry #13 - Jamaica Independence At Last (Poem) The British flag that reigned over us for over 300 years, Finally breathed its last, …

Jamaica 50 Celebrations Not rated yet
Jamaica50 Entry #12 - Jamaica 50 Celebrations (Poem) What a way everybody hype up bout Jamaica 50? Di old, di young and di lickle pickney! Di …

My Jamaica Not rated yet
Jamaica50 Entry #11 - My Jamaica (Poem) My Jamaica is 50 years independent Independent from the pence to dollars and cent Independent wid wi own …

Sunset in paradise Jamaica Not rated yet
Jamaica50 Entry #9 - Sunset In Paradise Jamaica Sweet Jamaica, my favorite place in the world! Each time I am lucky enough to pay you a visit, I …

Independence In Jamaica in 1962 - I Was There Not rated yet
Jamaica50 Entry #8 - Independence In Jamaica in 1962 - I Was There In August 1962 I was a student at Camperdown High School. There was a lot of …

Jamaica - The Paradise Island Not rated yet
Jamaica50 Entry #7 - Jamaica - The Paradise Island Jamaica - Will Always Be The Island Of Paradise Throughout my adulthood, I've traveled throughout …

Have questions or comments, please feel free to Contact Me.

Posted: 06/25/2012

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