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July 31, 2013

This ezine is lovingly delivered to you by Wellesley Gayle (that's me - below!) and

Wellesley Gayle

Me again my friend - Gonna make this quick!

Yes, I said 'buzzing', because that aptly describes our photo contest - over 30 adorable entries so far!

Please stop and take a look at them (food, beaches, falls, events, caves etc), and then and Click Here to share your own - before it is too late.

(I have a big appreciation for our sponsors, but I'll share that with you later)

And a few other insightful articles I must share with you as well:

  1. Jamaican Coffee - Ever wondered why it is so revered around the world - why that unique taste? Take a look at this article:


  2. Anjela's birthday in Jamaica (coming up) She is coming back in November and is fired up - so excited :-)


  3. How to request vital records from Jamaica An insightful article from our Q&A forums ->>

  4. And finally, on a fun cultural note ;-)

    ... A quick snopsis (reminder for some) of the mysterious Brer Ananci :-)
    Yes, the same trickster in Jamaican tales!

And just before I go, please celebrate with us on Emancipation (August 1) & Independence (August 6) - Wear your Jamaican colours, do something Jamaican or just have some good Jamaican food OK :-)

Remember too that there are many other (brand new) informative pages you might be interested in.

They are all on our blog my friend; please stop by and take a look:

And, as usual, please drop me a line here and let me know what you think :-)

Thanks again - all the best for the summer!

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