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your boy in the press! Ezine #77
March 30, 2014

This ezine is lovingly delivered to you by Wellesley Gayle (that's me - below!) and

Wellesley Gayle


I hope you are having a great day partner.

First things first...

Did you hear that I was featured in the top Jamaican newspaper?

Yup, and I am truly humbled my friend. Take a look at this. gleaner.html.

If you never knew me, then surely you do now, everything is there :-)

But seriously though, it is a wonderful feeling.

On another note,
Do you know anything about 'Jamaican Tenament Yaad'?

That too is another intriguing, culturally rich, aspect of Jamaica's history.

My friend (and former co-worker) Valerie Ellis reminds us of life in a Jamaican Tenament yard back in the days.

Here is a link to a free (but today only) download of her latest book, "When mi did likkle: ... Jamaican tenament yaad", written is pure Jamaican patios :-) !

And as usual, I also would like to draw your attention to three new and informative pieces:

  1. How To Find Cheap Airline Tickets To Jamaica
  2. How To Make Jamaican Braids - Cornrow Style and a highly debatable issue..
  3. Casinos In Jamaica
And by the way, do remember to stay close to The Blog page on the website. It list all my latest postings!

And, I am running again :-), but we'll be in touch real soon.

Author & Publisher


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