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ever been to Rick's Cafe in Negril? (Ezine # 62)
September 29, 2012

Welcome to Publication #62!

Issue #62: September 2012

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Hope you are doing well my friend.

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It's been oh so busy for me; my day job is, as a pal of mine would say, "keeping me out of trouble" :-)

Anyways, I have some great (new) information for you today.

I have colourful feature on Ricks Cafe in Negril! and the brand new feature, the Jamaica Press Release.

And yes, we're finally on Pinterest!!

Just stay with me for the next few minutes OK. Ready? ... let's go.

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  1. Did you Know?

    Insightful and Intriguing Jamaican facts and trivia.

  2. The Latest From Jamaica!

    1. Ocho Rios Rebranded
    2. Japex 2012 Continues

  3. The Latest on!

    1. Experience Rick's Cafe
    2. Jamaica Press Release
    3. Were's On Pinterest!

  4. Hot Upcoming Events In Jamaica!

    1. World-A-Reggae Exhibition
    2. National Heroes Day 2012

  5. Features

    1. Senior Citizen's Improving Lives

  6. Conclusion


Did you Know?


  • ...that our National Heroes Day was established on October 20, 1969? It replaced the national holiday for the queen of England's birthday.

Well, now you know!

Consider getting the entire collection of these Intriguing facts about Jamaica. You can get the convenient ebook version, or the popular hard copy version here.

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The Latest From Jamaica!

  1. Ocho Rios Rebranded

    Yep, our tourism minister said they are doing so to enhance Ochie's appeal as a top cruise ship destination. Full Story

  2. Japex 2012 Kick's Off

    It's Jamaica's premier tourism trade show! Last time I announced it, but it actually kicks off tomorrow. Details in this JIS article.

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The Latest on


  1. Experience Rick's Cafe

    It's one of my absolute favourite places! And it will be (if not yet) for you :-) Here's a superb intro to Rick's Cafe in Negril by my contributor, Rosemarie.

    Thanks again Rosy!

  2. Jamaica Press Release

    Another Brand New Feature! Have something to annouce or share? Do so in this special feature I just launched on the site, the Jamaica Press Release. And, feel free to share it with your friends.

  3. Were On Pinterest!

    And Another Brand New!! Never heard about Pinterest?

    It is a neat social tool that allows us to share photos - and we do have some loooovely ones :-).

    Here's out official offical Pinterest page

    There's more work to get it fully integrated on the site, but right now, we have a neat way for you to share user submitted photos via this new social platform.

    Just look for the 'PinIt' button below each picture...then click and share! Here's an example showing the buttons.

    And...stay tuned, eventually you'll be able to 'Pin' all pictures on :-)

  4. And lots more, please check my Blog Page

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Hot Upcoming Events Jamaica!


  1. World-A-Reggae Exhibition

    Love Jamaican culture? Then you'll love this. Click Here for more information.

  2. National Heroes Day 2012

    We're celebrating Heroes Day on October 15th this year. As usual there will be state ceremonies, but do expect the grand gala. Stay tuned to the JIS website for more information.

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  • Senior Citizen's Improving Lives

    I've always admire charity, citizenship and philanthropy. So I thought I'd share this with you.




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