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Over the last 15 years, my journey with my website (my-island-jamaica.com) and my YouTube channel has been enriched by the invaluable feedback from individuals like you, yes you.

And it spanned the entire spectrum, from glowing experiences✨ to cautionary narratives 😔.

And so, all along, I've been diligently considering a solid solution where, not only can we harness this body of knowledge to the benefit of my readers, but also a space where, in addition to leveraging these learnings, there is  genuine collaboration, authentic experiences, trusted resources, meaningful connections, and effective networking.

That's where JamHearts Academy was born, and I'm thrilled to extend this invitation to you today.

How Exactly Does This Work?


Let's say...

  • You are planning to visit Jamaica but have questions. Perhaps regarding the best local accommodations, experiencing unusual activities (eg. consulting with a local herbalist), playing your favorite sport, etc. Or generally, how to access local services.

  • Or, you're considering doing business in Jamaica and seeking networking opportunities, guidance on business processes, finding trustworthy professionals, or learning the requirements.

  • Or, you're one of the many who are contemplating migrating here and is seeking recommendations on the best, cheapest and safest places to live, how to connect with like-minded individuals, and figuring out how to give back.

  • Or, above all that, you are yearning for learning and networking, or looking for safe and respected community of people who love and believe in this amazing country.

If your answer to any of the above is true, then consider this revolutionary community, your abled facilitator!

JamHearts Academy (the only of its kind for Jamaica), functions as a dynamic hub, facilitating, connecting, empowering, and engaging individuals - yes real people, real experiences, in a kind, safe space.

This is done through live zoom sessions and interactive discussions - live,  and asynchronously (via discussion boards).
Its a vibrant online space where learning is facilitated, questions find answers and networking flourishes .


(Clipped from one of our recent Member Spotlight Events)

Go Further👇

Click Here to look at the structure and layout of our beloved community

Is This For Me?

Glad you asked! We know that not everything is for everybody, but when asked this question, I typically respond with this quick test - I call it our Litmus Test, and it is simply a quick set of questions for you!

It not inclusive but its a great guide...

  1. Do you feel disconnected, missing out, or far away from the Jamaican culture, especially if you are living outside of Jamaica?

  2. Do you have difficulty getting answers or accessing Jamaican services or experiences, especially if you are outside of the country?

  3. Do you lack a deeper understanding of Jamaican heritage and history - struggling with your roots or cultural knowledge?

  4. Do you feel you might have a knowledge gap on all things Jamaica?  Meaning how to gain access,  resources or people, and simply getting things done?

  5. Or perhaps its the lack of genuine community connection?
    That feeling of belonging and joy that comes from being a part of a family that also shares your passion and love for this beautiful island.

  6. Or above all, you have a sense or burning desire to do something, to contribute to something big, something meaningful that goes beyond our individual pursuits?

If your answer to any of the above is true, we have the solution for you... its the JamHearts Academy.

Here's What Paul & Melanie Had To Say👇

Still not quite sure if this is the place for you? Perhaps hearing from others already in the community might help. Click here to scroll down and see the transformations and how we are impacting the lives of our members.

So What Exactly Are The Benefits?

In summary, you get access to a treasure trove of helpful advice, events, learning, networking, and more!


  1. Engage in live interactive group sessions  (via zoom) that addresses your topics or questions, from travel and culture, to business and volunteerism.

  2. Access bi-monthly expert-led workshops and educational content that you value.

  3. Free access to my digital book library on Jamaica, including recipes to travel guides

  4. Bonus! Ad-free access to my YouTube videos


  1. Experience the joy of belonging to a community that shares your passion for Jamaica.

  2. Forge connections that go beyond virtual interactions, creating a sense of family.

  3. Contribute to a purpose larger than yourself – the preservation and celebration of Jamaican culture.

  4. Know that every contribution, no matter how small, plays a crucial role in enriching the collective narrative.


  1. Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for Jamaica.

  2. Build relationships within a vibrant community of JamHearts.

  3. Celebrate Jamaican culture with a community that believes in our country, and value and appreciates its richness.

  4. Immerse yourself in the beats, flavors, and traditions of Jamaica.


  1. Access to reliable and trusted resources for learning about or experiencing Jamaica.

  2. Navigate a curated space that ensures the authenticity of information and experiences.

  3. Collaborate with individuals worldwide, transcending geographical boundaries.

  4. Experience the richness of Jamaican culture through a global lens.


  1. While its community driven, you now have direct access to me and the admins in the community, just a DM away!
  2. You are engaged!
    We have live weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly activities happening!
  3. All members get 20% lifetime discount on all items on our e-store!

Pricing & Membership Plan

In this our exclusive, locked community, you get access to ...
  • Lively and engaging discussion spaces - Here you can ask question and get helpful tips and recommendations on just about EVERYTHING Jamaican- from seasoned visitors and knowledgeable local experts in different fields
  • Weekly Member Mingle Group Sessions for connecting and networking
  • BiWeekly Member Roundtable Meetings - addressing topics relevant or of interest to members
  • Monthly JamVoyage - Member mingle and learning events, highlighting Jamaican culture & travel experiences
  • Quarterly JamInsights Events - with live presentations by industry experts
  • New! Exclusive 'Friends and Family' Discounts at several lodgings and attractions in Jamaica.
  • Full Access To Our Digital Library (Videos and *Ebooks)
  • A safe haven away from all the internet noise with only like-minded Jamaican enthusiasts
  • And more!
*Note: Complimentary books currently includes The Jamaica Travel Guide, Jamaican Sweet Treats, Jamaica On A Budget & 101 Wellness Secrets From Jamaica.

JamHearts Academy is your passport to a vibrant Jamaican online community where shared knowledge, cultural appreciation, networking, and meaningful connections converge.

All for just a few cents per day!




Only 7.99 4.99USD Per Month
(Most Popular)


Only 79.90 49.99USD Per Year
(Save 17% or 2 Months)

Is JamHearts Academy Really Worth It?

Here's Natania & Tanya (During Live Event)


Here's Paul & Melanie Testimonial

Here's Jannell's Heartfelt Testimonial

Bottom line...

JamHearts Academy goes beyond being an information source – it's your companion, your community, and your guide to unlocking the true essence of Jamaica. Join us to Learn, Connect & Grow - Together.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is JamHearts Academy located?

    Wellesley and the hosts are based in Jamaica, but this community is 100% online, so it doesn't matter where you're located. Most events and sessions are live via zoom. That said we  may include in-persons meet-ups in the future.

  2. Can I pause my membership?

    Absolutely, you can quit at any time and you'll have access until the end of the billing period you selected when you joined, whether that's monthly or annually. But remember, if you quit and then rejoin, you'll then be paying the current subscription rate, which might be more expensive than the membership you were locked into prior.

  3. Will citizens of any country be able to join the community?

    Yes. Our aim is to provide value to Jamaican enthusiast everywhere - no matter where you live.

  4. What makes this different from other communities?

    As far as we know, this is the first of its kind and the community members is absolutely loving the value they are receiving, just take a look at the testimonials.

  5. Are there payment plans available?

    Currently we only have a single plan, we wanted to make it very simple for our members. However, you can choose to join on a per-month basis,  or via the annual membership.

  6. What payment methods do you accept?

    Subscriptions are processed through PayPal but all major credit cards are accepted via PayPal.

  7. What If I still have questions?

    Sure! Just send an email here and I'll get back to you as quickly as we can.
    You can usually expect a response within 1 business day.

This is YOUR Community

And what about the structure?
How is it set up? What does physically look like online? 

I'm not tech savvy, can I use it?

Is there anyway I can see what it looks like before I join?

Absolutely,  let me take you on the inside now.
Hit the PLAY BUTTON below

Our Purpose

normal_wellesley_gayle_2024_luna_sea_inn_round_transparentWellesley Gayle - Founder & CEO

At JamHearts Academy, we stand on the foundation of a nearly two decade-long journey with my-island-jamaica.com, where we've been the bridge connecting Jamaica with enthusiasts worldwide since 2007.

And while technological advancements have accelerated access to information, we've observed a growing yearning for more – more collaboration, more authentic experiences, more trusted resources, and more meaningful connections.

It was from this need, the need go beyond the conventional that JamHearts Academy was born.

This is the evolution of our commitment, uniting Jamaican enthusiasts worldwide in a vibrant community - the only one of its kind for Jamaica and Caribbean enthusiasts.

Here, we curate more than just information - we cultivate shared knowledge, foster cultural appreciation, facilitate networking, and invite meaningful contributions.

This is the essence of JamHearts Academy

Here, collaboration knows no bounds, experiences are more than virtual, our members and resources are trusted, and every single contribution, no matter how small, plays a pivotal role in enriching our collective.

Learn, Connect & Grow - together!

Wellesley Gayle
Founder & CEO, My-Island-Jamaica.com & JamHearts Academy

P.S. Online or offline, we will become the epitome of what a true community was meant to be♥

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