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Hi, Your My Island Jamaica Digest, Issue #005!
September 30, 2007
Welcome to our fifth publication!

Issue #5: September 2007



Did you Know?

Insightful and interesting Jamaican facts and trivia.

The Latest from Jamaica!

  1. Opposition names Shadow Cabinet
  2. $Billion 'Bridge Rehabilitation' under way
  3. National Hurricane Clean-Up Project kicked off.

The Latest on!

  1. Articles about Jamaica
  2. A more 'Welcoming' homepage and...
  3. even more captivating pages


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And by the way, just as the Table of Contents showed you, lots more information about Jamaica. Please make sure you read to the end.

Ok, lets get started!


Did you Know?


  • ...that Jamaica is the fourth largest producer of Bauxite in the world? Bauxite is the ore from which aluminum is made, which in turn, is used in everything from pots and pans to packaging and building materials.

  • ...that Jamaica has the seventh largest natural harbour in the world? This is the Kingston Harbour.

  • ...that Jamaica has the highest number of police killings in the word? [sad to say]

Now you know.

You can get the entire collection of Intriguing facts about Jamaica here [More on this book in 'Features' below]


The Latest from Jamaica!


Opposition names Shadow Cabinet

Well the general elections in Jamaica are now history (thankfully).

The JLP defeated the PNP to take charge of the affairs of the nation. Please see my page on the 2007 Election for more.

Now opposition leader, Portia Simpson Miller has named St. Ann South East, Member of Parliament (MP) Lisa Hanna and Central Manchester MP Peter Bunting to the list of 15 spokespersons for the party.

Miss Hanna, a newcomer to representational politics, will shadow the portfolio of information and youth, while Mr. Bunting has been asked to speak on matters relating to industry and commerce.

Read this Observer article for more.

$Billion 'Bridge Rehabilitation' under way
The National Works Agency has commenced work under its $1.2 billion R.A. Murray Bridge Programme. Under this programme, 19 new bridges are to be constructed in 12 parishes across the island.

Bridges to be replaced under the billion-dollar programme are that at Milk River, in Clarendon, Black River in Portland; Queens River, Hanover; Martha Brae and Troy in Trelawny; and Seven Rivers in St James.

New structures are also expected to be built at Johnson River in St. Thomas, Waterloo Road in St. Andrew, Bog Walk in St.Catherine and Angels River in Clarendon.

National Hurricane Clean-Up Project kicked off

Today, September 30 and yesterday, were designated as a national day for clean up after Hurricane Dean's passing.

You will recall I said that most of the island was spared, but there is still some work to be done, especially in the areas most affected.

Chief Executive Officer of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ), Sandra Glasgow, had appealed for members of the PSOJ to make contributions to the cause.

From yesterday's report, a lot was achieved.


The Latest on


Articles about Jamaica

I have added some really informative articles that no doubt will be very insightful to you. These include The Best Beaches in Jamaica, The Real Jamaica and Fishing in Jamaica.

Hop over and check them out here

A more 'Welcoming' Homepage

If you came back anytime during the last few days you would have noticed that I added a 'Welcome to Jamaica' on the homepage.

It took up more space, yes, but I genuinely wanted to give my visitors a feel of the true 'sprit of Jamaica' the minute they come home (to the homepage).

Notice, I have also highlighted Columbus' quotation about Jamaica!

More captivating pages...

Well, by now you should realize that...I never stop writing about Jamaica. Here are some of the latest additions!




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