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Hurricane Dean in Jamaica

Hurricane Dean struck us on the evening of Sunday, August 19, 2007, a day that will be remembered for a long time for many of us Jamaicans.

Although the dangerous category four storm spared the nation the full extent of its wrath- as its eye passed some 50 miles off the south coast- after threatening a direct hit, major damage was done on the south eastern end of the island, with great loss of property and even some deaths.

The parish of St. Thomas was the hardest hit and it claimed the first loss of life reported-a 14 year old girl who was hit by a building block that became a missile in the raging storm. It flew through her window and hit her in her sleep.

Again, we have much to be grateful for, considering the earlier prediction of a direct hit.

Thanks to my online community and friends, I have compiled an album of pictures so you can get an idea of what transpired.

Hurricane Dean Picture salvation_army_worker_in_ruin.jpgHurricane Dean Picture seriously_damaged_house.jpg
Hurricane Dean Picture broken_roads.jpgHurricane Dean Picture broken_up_roads.jpg
Hurricane Dean Picture damaged_house.jpgHurricane Dean Picture dean_in_action.jpg
Hurricane Dean Picture disaster_relief.jpgHurricane Dean Picture down_utility_pole_jamaica.jpg
Hurricane Dean Picture fallen_lightpole.jpgHurricane Dean Picture fallen_trees.jpg
Hurricane Dean Picture hurricane_dean_projections.jpgHurricane Dean Picture lean_lightpole.jpg
Hurricane Dean Picture man_wonders_what_next.jpgHurricane Dean Picture lean_lightpole.jpg
Hurricane Dean Picture more_damage.jpgHurricane Dean Picture more_rubble.jpg
Hurricane Dean Picture old_hope_road_kingston.jpgHurricane Dean Picture what_is_left.jpg
Hurricane Dean Picture where_is_the_roof.jpgHurricane Dean Picture zinc_sheets_on_wires.jpg
Hurricane Dean Picture rubble_after_the_hurricane.jpgHurricane Dean Picture
Hurricane Dean Picture caribbean_terrace_by_dean.jpgHurricane Dean Picture debris_in_road.jpg
Hurricane Dean Picture fallen_banana_trees.jpgHurricane Dean Picture family_in_the_ruins.jpg
Hurricane Dean Picture log_accross_street.jpgHurricane Dean Picture more_damage2.jpg
Hurricane Dean Picture more_wreckage.jpg

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