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Top (5) Ones That Makes Money For Me

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I am going to show you my TOP 5- the best affiliate programs that works for me [from this website].

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Just in case you never know, I must tell you that the absolute best (and most sustainable) way to make money online is having your own website.

I spoke about it here.

Other than that, affiliate marketing has proven to be definitely the next best, and one of the BEST and EASIEST ways to make money, online or off.

HOWEVER, I must caution you to beware of wasting a lot of your valuable time and money on products that are just hype, or those that do not even pay a reasonable rate for your efforts.

In fact, before you read any further, please take a look at my Affiliate Tips if you haven't yet done so, then come back here.

Go ahead, I'll wait, just remember to come back :-)


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I had joined quite a few programs, but these are the FIVE I settled down to; the top ones that are making money for me on this website.

You will notice that they either pay high commissions, offer lifetime commissions, 2-tier payout, recurring revenue, or a combination of some or all of these.

Also, they are all highly profitable, and are well supported.

So if you are serious about making money online through affiliate marketing, in my opinion, these are the best affiliate programs to join!

How do I know?

Smart question

...Simply answer - because I am a customer of them! I have used all five of them, basically, a product of the the product.

And now I am earning from them too, not bad eeh? :-)

  1. Ken Evoy's SBI 5 Pillar Club

    Voted the "Best Affiliate Program of The Year" by, SBI is a breath of clean fresh air in a room fill with cigar smoke.

    This is without a doubt the ultimate tool for site-building, site-hosting and site-promoting.

    Solo Build It! makes it a breeze for anyone to build, grow and maintain a winning website from their passion experience, or simply what they love.

    Remember, I used SBI to build this baby (!

    It might not be the most impressive site, but it works; It pulls its own traffic! I never paid a dime for advertising!

    [You can read my testimony here]

    Ken provides all the tools, knowledge and assistance your customer needs to get their site up and running, plus his 10 day Action Guide shows you exactly what and HOW to be successful online.

    [the HOW is very important]

    All of Ken's products offer outstanding value for money and he looks after our interests in other ways too.

    For instance, with this 5 Pillar Club affiliate program you'll receive lifetime commissions, a two-tier money-making structure, a limited number of affiliates, and many other offerings.

    Go over and learn more about Ken's 5 Pillar Club affiliate program.

    And by the way, they pay a cool $US179, that's 60% on each sale!

    ****SIDE NOTE****

    He is now giving away Make Your Content Presell- THE BIBLE of selling online, FREE!

    Praised universally, it has sold well over 100,000 copies, all through the site. Download it here free!


  2. Max Bounty

    Do you have a blog or website? and is struggling to make money from it?

    Then, I highly recommend that you implement Max Bounty today! Just like I did.

    It is completely free to join and, once approved, you get access to thousands of top-tier products that gives you healthy affiliate income!

    By the way, you don't need a website either, many persons are making significant income with Max Bounty promoting via Social Media.

    Click Here to check out Max Bounty now.

  3. Aweber Email Marketing

    Perhaps the most reputale email marketing program, Aweber allows you to
    can make money showing small businesses how to use AWeber’s opt-in email marketing campaigns to boost sales?

    Expert or Beginner, they have the right tools help you make money.

    And by the way, you get..

    +   Recurring 30% commission
    +   No cost to sign up &
    +   Payments are sent monthly

    Business email marketing can be a powerful income stream for you. Set up your free affiliate membership and start referring businesses and earning commissions!

    Click here to hop over to AWeber and check out their amazing suite of email tools.

  4. Panda Research

    Ok, this one is a bit more direct, a quick way to earn money online through legitimate customer research.

    Just share your unique opinion and get paid for it! 

    In some cases, you can earn up to $50 per Survey or Offer Completed. Click Here to jon.

    ...and, while not an affiliate program in the traditional sense, I wanted to squeeze in... [bear with me] 

  5. Google Adsense

    If you have a website and is not earning from Google Ads, you are missing out on a virtually secure stream of income!

    Google is a very reputable brand name and as such the products virtually sell themselves.

    How does it work?

    You simply place Google Ads on your site [you will see them on my site], when someone clicks on any of them, Google pays you. That's it! No magic!

    This is currently my main method of monetizing this website.

    If you already have a website, you are already on your way to tap into Google's fortune.

    If not, don't read any further, Go to SBI now and get the ball rolling.

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In Closing...

These are proudly, my best affiliate programs online.

There may well be more or better ones, but I haven't seen them yet, moreover these have proven to be profitable programs that you and your affiliates will love!

They are working for me and I see no reason they won't work for you either.

A word of caution though!

Please don't get greedy and try them all at once; take your time [easy does it]

Go back
, read this over, then select the best one or two you think you can start with.

From there, you add.

Yours in success,

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