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Hi, Here's your My Island Jamaica Digest #017!
September 30, 2008

Welcome to publication #17!

Issue #17: September 2008

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Hi again,

It was a September to remember in Jamaica!

In the midst of the celebrations of our track and field Olympics stars in Beijing, we saw the sudden, but perhaps imminent dismissal of our adored football coach, the Brazilian, Rene Simoes.

Also, our Olympic Golden boy, Usain Bolt, was featured on popular US television shows just a few days ago.

And there was more...

We had one of the most heated political race within the PNP (People's National Party), our first political party.

Portia Simpson- Miller defeated Dr. Peter Phillips, but there were many bruises.

September also recorded the first anniversary of the new government in the leadership of our country.

How good (or bad) were they?

I have these and more, so...

...let's get rolling!


  1. Did you Know?

    Insightful and intriguing Jamaican facts and trivia.

  2. The Latest from Jamaica!

    1. Usain Bolt Featured on Popular US Shows
    2. The Captain Fired the Coach
    3. Portia wins the PNP Leadership Race
    4. The New Government's Performance

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    1. The HOT Jamaica Question & Answer Forum.
    2. Tracie’s Jamaican Jerk Chicken Recipe
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Did you Know?


  • ... that the islands of Turks & Caicos and the Cayman Islands were dependencies of Jamaica?

    This they were until Jamaica became independent in 1962. Then they reverted to the charge of Britain. Jamaica however, still assisted in Judicial and police matters when invited

  • .. the town of Black River in St. Elizabeth was the first in Jamaica to have electricity?

    This was supplied by the Leyden brothers in 1893. Power was generated from a plant which had a huge furnace and boiler. Logwood, which was a major export of the parish, was used to generate steam from the engine which provided the power!

  • ... that Jamaica was the first commercial producer of bananas in the Western Hemisphere?

Now you know!

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The Latest from Jamaica!


  1. Usain Bolt Featured on Popular US Shows
    ...and was highly rated as well.

    "Jamaica’s lightning Bolt's guest appearance on the 'Late Show with David Letterman' Thursday night has been rated highly by Jamaicans.

    Many believe Bolt, the world's fastest man, carried himself well during the interview which lasted almost seven minutes.

    The athlete's manager, Norman Peart, said he was prepared "to be himself and it worked for him".

    Peart said they were briefed about the interview in advance.

    "The idea was to meet him (Bolt)," he said.

    Apart from that, most if not all who voiced their opinions in email circulated among Jamaican track and field enthusiasts, said Bolt was as impressive as his performance at the Olympics in Beijing, China.

    The sprint star also appeared yesterday morning on 'Live with Regis & Kelly'. On the show, Bolt defeated Kelly Ripa in an egg-and-spoon race.

    Bolt is scheduled to appear on HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel on October 21." The Gleaner, September 27, 2008.

    Below is the video of his appearance on the Regis and Kelly Show.

  2. The Captain Fired the Coach

    "Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) boss Captain Horace Burrell, has listed poor results as the reason for his decision to fire his friend & technical director of the national football team, René Simoes..."

    Click Here for the full story.

    In other sporting news, there was a report today stating that Spearman, the American sprinter, could be switching his training base to Jamaica. No surprises there right?

    Click Here for that news item.

  3. Portia wins the PNP Leadership Race

    "The delegates of the People's National Party (PNP) reaffirmed Portia Simpson Miller as the party's president on September 20 during their internal elections at the National Arena..."

    Click Here for the full report.

    But the battle caused some bruises too. Click here for more

  4. The New Government's Performance

    "One year has passed since Prime Minister Bruce Golding was sworn into office, and various commentators are now arguing that based on a number of key economic measures, including growth, unemployment, inflation and interest rates, Jamaica's economic situation is significantly worse than it was one year ago, and that the new Government deserves a failing grade."

    Full commentary in this Observer article.

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  1. The HOT Jamaica Question & Answer Forum

    The ultimate objective here is create an invaluable Q&A reference for you and the many other Jamaican interests visiting my site.

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    And yes, I need your help in commenting on the ones already asked too!

  2. Tracie’s Jamaican Jerk Chicken Recipe

    Tracie did, I believe, a great job putting this article together.

    Click Here to go over and see her exciting recipe!

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