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the weather in Negril -right now
January 31, 2014

This ezine is lovingly delivered to you by Wellesley Gayle (that's me - below!) and

Wellesley Gayle

Greetings again!

Regardless of the weather in your locale, I hope that your spirit is as warm and cozy as the climate here in Jamaica.

I've really been 'beating it' recently my friend, very busy; year-end at my day job and my website are surely keeping my hands (and brain occupied);n ever mind my role in cricket in the community as well.

And moving the family to our new house in the city (Mobay) was another handful.

And there is more to come! A panel of esteemed locals voted me as President of a influential local community organization (more on that later), so surely, 'no rest for the wicked good' :-)

Anyway, I remained committed to get something out to you and I do have some valuable material for you today!

Yes, per the subject above, I do have an insightful article on The Weather In Negril - it does make an very informative read.

But I'd also like to draw your attention to three interesting articles:

  1. Jamaican Shrimp Recipes
  2. Jamaican Allspice (Pimento) and
  3. The plants systems in Jamaica

And I am going to cream those off by sharing with you a captivating picture of true Jamaican Beach Fun photo - thanks to my friend Maura!

And then point you to the blog for other informative posts.

Learn and enjoy!

I'm running again but enjoy, I know you'll appreciate them.

And, as usual, please drop me a line here and let me know what you think :-)

Thanks again, talk soon.

Author & Publisher


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