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Hi, Your My Island Jamaica Digest, Issue #007!
November 30, 2007
Welcome to our seventh publication!

Issue #7: November 2007



Did you Know?

Insightful and interesting Jamaican facts and trivia.

The Latest from Jamaica!

  1. Jamaica Music Society (JAMMS) Launches!
  2. Two Police Killings (in one day!)
  3. Parents Flock Schools for Tuition Refunds

The Latest on!

  1. The Jamaica Business Mini Directory!
  2. The 'What's Hot?' Box - Updated!! &
  3. even more informative pages!


  1. What can you say about Jamaica?
  2. The Free Business Directory Listing.
  3. How to Share the site!





If you were around for at least the last two issues of this ezine you would have felt my passion for this website.

In all my excitement though, I can't recall mentioning the success of this little ezine, and I really should have :-(

This humble newsletter is steadily rolling and now has almost 100 subscribers! and yes, this month is another special; There are more exciting stuff, so before I even wish you a Merry Christmas...

...lets get rolling!


Did you Know?


  • ...that Ginger Ale was first made in Jamaica?
  • ...that Jamaica was the first colony of England acquired by conquest? &
  • ...that Kingston formally became the capital of Jamaica in 1872?

Now you know.

You can read get the entire collection of Intriguing facts about Jamaica here


The Latest from Jamaica!


The Jamaica Music Society (JAMMS) Launches!

"Newly-appointed Minister with responsibility for Entertainment, Hon. Olivia 'Babsy' Grange said she was delighted to be Guest Speaker at the launch of the Jamaica Music Society (JAMMS), an independent, non-profit performance rights organization formed to defend the rights of Jamaican music producers and record manufacturers.."

More in this JIS Article.

Two Police Killings (in one day!)
And to think that one of them was an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) was even more frightening!

Take a look at this Gleaner Article for more on this story.

Parents Flock Schools for Tuition Refunds

Schools have actually started to reimburse parents tuition fees they paid prior. A promise that was made by the now government. However, the National Parent-Teacher Association of Jamaica (NPTAJ) has recommended that parents donate the money to their children's schools.

Get more detail here.

Keep on top of the latest from Jamaica here


The Latest on


The Jamaica Business Mini Directory

In my thrust to continue to add value to my other visitors to the site, I have launched the new Jamaican Business Mini Directory. Jamaican & Jamaica related businesses will be allowed to post a listing on this website.

These business will get more traffic, online or off, but more importantly to me, it will add real value and provide options to my visitors.

Hopefully later in life, I will be able to show a few pennies from this activity :-)

Hop over and take a look at the Jamaican Directory pitch page now.

The 'What's Hot?' Box - Updated!!

The Box has been up and running like Asafa Powell!. This week for example has seen quite a few submissions from the "What Makes Jamaica Special" Poll. If you haven't yet voted, go over now and Cast your single Vote! It's your constitutional right :-)

The box is also extended now to include 'Tools'. It's right on the Homepage, you can't miss it!

Even more informative pages!

And by the way, the easiest way to stay on top of the very latest on this website, is to add our RSS Feed. If you haven't yet done so, please do so now.




  • What can you say about Jamaica?
    If you complete stranger comes up to you right now and ask, what would you say?

    For now, pretend that I am the stranger, Tell me Here.

  • The Free Business Directory Listing!
    I already rolled the idea of the Jamaican Directory to you above. Well, for the 30 days, I am giving the opportunity to business people to get listed for FREE!

    If you or someone you know have a business that you think can benefit from a free listing, get listed, or send them to this page. Remember though, it will only be for 30 days AND it MUST add value or provide options to my website's visitors, Deal...? OK.

  • How to Share the Site
    Do you know anyone who could use the information presented here on this site? I bet you do! Use this tool to share it with them, easy stuff!



    Please don't forget to send me your feedback, I need it to make your favourite little Jamaican Website even better. Send me your comments or suggestion Here

    And, don't forget to share the site with others. The more the merrier!

    So the next time we talk, Christmas will be gone, so, for you and yours, Have a Very Merry Christmas!

    See you later!


    P.S. My website is really rocking! Again I prove it to you here!

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