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"Hi there, just wanted to say that I stumbled across your site while I was looking for a jerk spice recipe.

Your site is awesome! You are very thorough with information.

Thank you for inspiring people across the globe." - Mari (USA)

"First, let me commend you for developing such an informative, comprehensive and, overall, well-done website!

My interest in Jamaica was ignited by a dear friend of mine.

My web search for Jamaica information led me to your website and it is here that I've found the most (and best) information...

Thank you for your dedication and work that aptly illustrates the beauty of Jamaica and your love of your country" - Pam (USA)

"Thanks for a tremendously well engineered site.

I have been able to use your information to research the following item which can be found on eBay: Item number: 120294881644.

I hope you don’t mind the use of your own research. i will include a link which may bring a few to you. I would love to visit the Caribbean you make it sound a wonderful place. Thanks again for the happy info, yours JJ " - John (UK)

"Wellesley, Congratulations! this site is excellent, there are many praiseworthy things about Jamaica and you are truly one of those." - Latoya (JA)

"I think your website is wonderful. It promotes Jamaica and Jamaican people well. Keep up the great work!" - Erica (JA)

"What a great site. You are the best!!!" - Art (US)

"omg!! thank you for making this web site! i am doing a project on Jamaica, and it has everything (info) that i needed! thanks again!" - Christina (US)

"I Love Your Site-it is really good. I used it for my report i am gave all the information I needed so thank you very much!" - Anthony (US)

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"hello, just letting you know that your website is very useful and will help us in organizing our 2nd upcoming trip to Jamaica- starting this weekend"... "keep up the the good work and be proud of it and your beautiful country!"- Leon (Canada)

"Really good website! i needed to find out things on Jamaica and this was perfect! Thanks"- Tiffany (UK)

"Well thank you for your help, and may god bless you, the person that created this website, because you gave a lot of information." - Melinda, WA, 12/2007

"I wish I had found your site earlier"- Ted, 2/2008

"Hello, I found your website through your articles on and loved the information you provide.

I represent a small publishing company in Connecticut (US) and we have recently published a Jamaican English Dictionary.." -Heather Taylor

"BEAUTIFUL SITE!!!!! I'm in such awe."- MJ, from

"My daughter has an assignment for school and this site provided some very interesting information."- Georgia from London

"Thanks for taking the time to create such an informative site. My husband and I are visiting Jamaica for the 1st time with our 3 children in a couple weeks. Your site helped us get a better understanding of the country and what things to look for!"-Shanii Fry

"Hey this is great..keep it up!" -Tracy Ann Davis


"I think that under the sports section you should definitely mention Netball.

Jamaica is one of the sports strongest competitors - I think that it's an obvious omission from a section that can include Golf and Table Tennis!"-Erika

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Hello Wellesley… Greetings from Maryland, USA! Thank you for your regular emails that are chock full of the most interesting information about our …

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Religion in Jamaica 
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I Welcome Your Comments 
Every quite so often I get a commendation email, a thumbs up, a recognition, a kudos, or 'well done' message on this website. Click Here To Share …

I made Jamaican steamed fish with okra, thanks 
Wellesley: I am so excited to be a part of you page. I recently visited Jamaica and spent about 2 weeks taking care of business and doing some site …

I'm Learning About Jamaica 
Hi, Wellesley. I joined your site to learn something about your country. As a Puerto Rican, I feel we are being kept in the dark about Jamaica and all …

Montego Bay or Ocho Rios - Which is Better? 
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Colonial Architecture of Jamaica – 5 Amazing Facts  
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10 Popular Jamaican Proverbs 
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The Seaport Town of Falmouth, Jamaica 
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Immunization in Jamaica – Did You Know? 
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Lee "Scratch" Perry - The Reggae Icon 
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Review Of Westmoreland Curry Festival - Thank You! 
Thanks so much for the information about the Westmoreland Curry Festival . My husband loves curry I like it as well. We will have to check it out …

Trip to Jamaica - this site will be helpful for our planning 
I am so glad I found this site! We are planning a return (second) trip so this will be so helpful. We like to find off the beaten track areas. Looking …

My-Island-Jamaica Digest Newsletter Comments 
Did you read the last edition of our MIJ ezine? What did you make of it? Please send me your feedback here (link below). Simply put the edition …

I'm just saying "Thank you" Wellesley 
I'm just saying "Thank you". And letting you know, how much I appreciate the fact that you created this site. This is because I found my father in …

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Great Site Wellesley 
You send very interesting info, Wellesley. I like your newsletters and such! Great work Wellesley! I just wanted to comment on one article a few …

From a Jamaican in San Francisco! 
Hi there, I saw your site and thought I might try to reach one of two (or both) persons I met and befriended in or about 1956 through 1957 in Kingston, …

Awesome Contribution & Service to Our Jamaican People/Community - by Artley 
Your 101 Jamaican Facts publication was forwarded by a friend. I found it quite user-friendly, liked the the easy to follow "101 Facts" further subsumed …

Love what you are doing for Jamaica 
Dear Wellesley, I came across your site after a recent trip to Jamiaca with my family. I am Jamaican, born and raised in Mandeville now residing in …

Beautiful Website - Thank You! 
Hello, thank you for this site, I found it whilst trying not to fall a sleep - doing night shift. Thank you from England. Beautiful, from Tony; Jamaican …

Jamaica came along my search 
Robert Mugabe invited Marley on our independence, Robert Mugabe is perceived to like Bob Marley and reggae music, Robert Mugabe is a hero. I have …

Well Done! From one Westmoreland man to another 
Wellesley, Your site is a brilliant example of how to build an informative website using SBI . Useful information on every aspect of Jamaica given …

You missed a beach! the Jamaican Beaches article. What about Puerto Seco beach at Discovery Bay? I have always found that one to be a good rest stop between …

Website referenced on national TV -Television Jamaica 
Hi, just want to congratulate you on the work you are doing here. I was watching the National Schools' Debating competition between Wolmer's Boys …

labels on some of the Jamaican coins 
Some of the coins you mentioned such as the $25.00 coins, were not coins that were in daily circulation, but were souvenirs coins that were made to mark …

Fabulous Collection 
No pics, I just wanted to complement you. Very nice little of collection of pictures there. Its little things like this that makes the internet experience …

Jamaica, The most beautiful place created on this earth 
I love Jamaica. This is the island of my birth. I miss Jamaica so much. The first day I experienced a snow storm on my way from school, I cried my …

resourceful information 
I found your website very helpful. I am taking an education class, and for my comparative education lesson, I chose Jamaica. I wanted some quick …

I <3 U (I love You) 
Your website gave my friend and I an A in our assignment! Thanks, Wellesley!

It Was Helpful For My School Work 
Hi I wanted to let u know how awesome your site is. I have to do a project for English class and I could not find any helpful web sites, but now I …

very good website 
This is a very good website. It helped me a lot with my homework and the research I had to complete about Jamaican history.

Great work!! very informative.

An ambasador to your country!! 
Hi, I just like to congratulate you on your site. You've promoted your country so well and captured the essence of the beautiful island you live …

This is good stuff 
This is good stuff! May be you could add some romance thing to the site, nothing slack now, but this is really what I am actually learning about Jamaica. …

Don't you feel conceited? With comments like "Jamaica still remains the most adored island in the caribbean" and "hundreds of thousands of people across …

THANK YOU for an awesome site! 
Just wanted you to know I found your site to be a invaluable tool in helping my daughter with her school project on Jamaica. THANK YOU for an awesome …

Your site is great! 
I have done many searches on your country and I couldn't find the info I wanted until I found your site. It's just great! Thanks to you I just found …

I thought this website was very helpful! I am doing a report on Jamaica and this website gave me everything I needed. Thanks!

Miss Jamaicas 
Just a minor correction. Neither Cindy Breakspeare nor Sandra Cunningham were crowned or wore the title Miss Jamaica (World). Cindy was invited …

Great Site- Brilliant!  
Really good website! i needed to find out things on Jamaica and this was perfect! Thanks, Tiffany (UK)

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Your Site! 
Hi Wellesley, I think the site is very informative and interesting. Angella.

dear wellesley 
Thank you for the wealth of information on your website! I'm planning to visit Jamaica with friends in March for the first time. Found the general …

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