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I Welcome Your Comments

by Wellesley, Admin

Every quite so often I get a commendation email, a thumbs up, a recognition, a kudos, or 'well done' message on this website.

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And then I get others that are making a recommendation, a correction, sharing a suggestion or even some 'expert' advice.

And so, I've officially created this 'forum' for you and all my readers to share all this, and more, with me.

Not only does your feedback encourages me, in many cases, I get invaluable insight, knowledge and information to charter new horizons, aka (new articles) that serve you even better.

And guess what, you'll see what others are sharing as well!

So please go ahead and share your feedback, ideas and honest opinion using the link below.

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Comments for I Welcome Your Comments

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Apr 10, 2023
Too Many Ads
by: Christine

I love your site and learn so much from it!
Thank you for all your work and time invested.
The only thing I do not like is all the ads and iffers to subscribe, etc throughout the articles/pages. Perhaps find a way to have them float in a box or bar at the side with links to access. They are very distracting and greatly increase the time and enjoyment of reading your content.
Keep up the good work.
Christine 🙂

Nov 05, 2022
Are jellyfish dangerous
by: Anonymous

Please add to your article that some individuals can have a very strong reaction for a jellyfish sting and go into anaphylactic shock - which can lead to death. This happened to my wife two weeks ago off of sandals southcoast and I am sure you do not want to mislead your readers. Please update your page about that

Oct 30, 2022
Visiting Jamaica
by: Jenny Mein

Hi Wellesley

As you know, I love your website. So authentic and rich with Jamaican history, people, community, food, farming etc. I do love receiving your emails about what is going on in Jamaica at present. It keeps me updated and informed. I would love to visit Jamaica. I have not visited since my father died there in 2009. I love Jamaica, the humour, food and the beautiful scenery. Driving from the airport and seeing the mountains in front of me and feeling the sea breeze as we approach Kingston is bliss. However, like many of us living abroad, we hear all these horrible stories in The Gleaner about murders, gun killings, etc., which is very scary. Of course, it happens in every country and city but it seems to be in every area of Jamaica whether upmarket areas or not. It used to be confined to notorious hot spot areas in downtown Kingston which one would avoid but now it seems to be happening in up-market places in St. Andrew. What can you advise as you live in Jamaica and always seem to say things as they really are. I look forward to hearing from you.

Jenny Mein

Oct 22, 2022
Turtle 🐢 in your backyard
by: Christine Strachan

Hello Wellesley
Remember I said I save your newsletters as I don’t have time to read them all.
Well guess what found the one about the Turtle 🐢 in your back yard..
What an amazing find.. I hope named it Christopher Colombia you called him Christopher. But seriously what a gift to be sent by the almighty..
I’m guessing it was from above seen as there is no water there where you are in must have fell from the sky..
The Almighty works in mysterious ways and nothing ceases to amaze me.
Let’s face it we’ve heard of frogs 🐸 falling from the sky in showers not to mention other things, leeches and other animals.
I hope you kept he/she still now or at least for a little while because it must be a sign some sort .. a cry for help has you’ve got the platform to shout out to readers that Ocean and Seas surrounding the Caribbean needs to be saved to save this precious and endangered species from extinction by the garbage being dumped on the coastline and in the surrounding sea...
I’m looked at the picture and thought what cute little fella..
natures marine life is so beautiful

Oct 16, 2022
Jamaica Becoming A Republic? Does it Matter?
by: Neriah

Jamaica Become A Republic? Good conversation and do we have any choice, in its outcome? Most of us reading this, have no clue what a Republic is and, what it means.

The people we put in charge to look after it is going to do what they want or believe what is best for the people of Jamaica.

Becoming a Republic, will it improve anything more than what we all have now in Jamaica? Will the people themselves care more or spend more time depending on the government to do more for them?

Jamaica itself as a place, cannot get better for a place to be from or was born to. We the people are the only ones who can change...not the Land, the place, or what we want to call Jamaica.

We need to stop giving away Jamaica and ourselves and stay the course of being the people of Jamaica. We may be out of many people, NOT many countries WHICH became one...BE THAT ONE and stand firm.

Just sharing

Sep 02, 2022
Great History
by: Anonymous

My issue, it appears that the hotels seems to also own the beaches behind their property. You cant lounge on the beach near their property without buying a drink. Next, the craft market looks so desolate that am not sure how the tenants makes a living. I know a minuscule area has been carved out for the public beach away from the main vibe which is shameful.
Some areas of Negril needs major facelifts though..

Aug 30, 2022
Congratulations Jamaica 60 now; grow, innovate 60+ more !
by: Anonymous

August 30th 2022

Dear Mr Wellesly Gayle. This informal post is one of the best quality writing on the internet for the subject matter of the Jamaican Island and its people. I could feel the love from you and from the other readers who posted their comments. Many of the interesting facts were familiar or known but was glad to learn some new interesting ones also to share with Jamaican relatives, friends of Jamaicans at home or abroad. A sincere thank you!

Angela Dynott, MS

Aug 30, 2022
Congratulations Jamaica 60 now; grow, innovate 60+ more !
by: Anonymous

August 30th 2022

Dear Mr Wellesly Gayle. This informal post is one of the best quality writing on the internet for the subject matter of the Jamaican Island and its people. I could feel the love from you and from the other readers who posted their comments. Many of the interesting facts were familiar or known but was glad to learn some new interesting ones also to share with Jamaican relatives, friends of Jamaicans at home or abroad. A sincere thank you!

Angela Dynott, MS

Editor's Note
I'm happy for that, thanks. You are welcome my friend!

Jul 31, 2022
Your postings bring us into the homes, lives, and culture of beautiful Jamaica
by: Mena

I have such a healthy respect for all editorials, pictures, and bringing to the readers as well as viewers "live" up close and personal how meals are prepared or hotel accommodations, foods,
even how they are prepared. Only a few suggestions kind sir:

Churches, Jamaican weddings, and being an educator, schools, and educational programs, birthday parties, sites for the honey mooners.

Blessings to you and your family Mr. Gayle

Jul 24, 2022
Another Nirmajo
by: Normajo

It seems like there is another Normajo on thus website so I am going to change my name here to Normajojo.

Jul 24, 2022
Highlights of Jamaica Independence
by: Doreen

Thank you so much for posting the highlights of the 60 years of Jamaica Independence. This is an educational page for me. Although being a Jamaican I lived most of my adult years abroad in various countries and feel so badly for not keeping up with what was happening in the land of my birth.
Thank you so much WELLESLEY, through your emails I can now read about what I did not know and see places I had no idea existed.
Keep up the good work and continue to keep us informed.

Jul 10, 2022
Congrats on becoming a travel agent
by: Normajo


I am retired now, but I was a travel agent for years.
If you enjoy the travel benefits you will love it.
We used to be asked to go on cruises and pay only the taxes during the hurricane season because many are afraid of travelling then. You never hear of a cruise ship in a hurricane because you get enough warning when hurricanes are coming.
They bumped My Mother and I into first class on Virgin Atlantic.we enjoyed Ireland. As agents we had to dress professionally.

Jul 09, 2022
Lyrics research
by: German native


Im from germany and stayed in the eighties in jamaica about half a year. Me loved to been there,fi true.
Cause of hearing a song from burning spear and wann catch the meaning of it, me came to your site.
Me read about you, you come from westmoreland. So its not so far from hanover, where he is originated from.
Respekt to your work!

But know i have a problem with the lyrics from the song called: 'Old time saying' from the album 'rocking time'
No where i can find the whole lyrics, so maybe you can help me.
Its about an old time saying wich ends with 'can beat rockstones' but i cant catch the beginning.
Thanks for your help and trod on!
Big up!

Ralf Speth

Wellesley's Note
Blessing and honour my friend. I was able to locate a version, but this one.

Old time something never gone
It's coming back again
Don't you fight me
Don't you fight it

Old time people say
Tide is getting eve
Don't you fight me

Lalalalalala, lalalalalala
Lalalalala, lala
Lalalalalala, lalalalalala
Lalalalala, lala

You must [?]
And hear what your mamie saw
Yes, it's you...
Don't you fight me
Oh no
If anything should go wrong
Mommy still love you
Yes, it's true
Don't you fight me

Lalalalalala, lalalalalala
Lalalalala, lala
I beg you...
Lalalalalala, lalalalalala
Lalalalala, lala

Don't fight it now

I hope that helps

May 22, 2022
Car rentsl
by: Anonymous

There was information, therefore this was of any valuable worth.
A list of car rentals in all the Parishes. Cost of car hire, companies to avoid. This would have been invaluable information has it been provided.

May 01, 2022
Love it ALL!
by: CheriAveryBlack

You and your online features are always well done, interesting, and informative.Even when I think I know all about some of the topics already, I always learn more! And I enjoy the comments as well. I would definitely add to your list: and the Rastafari Indigenous Village, both near Montego Bay.

Thank you so much.

Apr 24, 2022
Re site
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the site however it’s very difficult to get to the information because of the multiple pop up’s which is very distracting. Is there a way to limit those please? I really would love to admire and promote your dedication and hard work.
Thanks 💕💕👍🏾👍🏾

Mar 15, 2022
Jamaican Guatemalan
by: Gloria

Hello Wellesley,

Thank you for such a prompt and gracious response to my inquiry.

As I read about you and learned that you are from Westmoreland, that immediately caught my attention as my grandparents who came to Guatemala in the early 1900s were from Westmoreland. I visited Grange Hill on one of my trips and met a cousin there. Family names from my maternal grandmother are Nelson and Campbell; from my grandfather is Rowe.

I don’t know if you have any knowledge of Jamaicans in Guatemala, but my book GUIOU, the Other Blacks: The Afro Jamaican Presence in Guatemala, brought recognition and visibility to the descendants of Jamaican migrants who came to work for the United Fruit Company and for the first time we were included in the national census of 2018.

I’ve been to Jamaica quite a few times, but always stayed in Ocho Rios. I may have passed through Kingston and Montego Bay once or twice. Anyway, I recently decided that I would like to visit Jamaica one more time and everyone I told expressed a desire to go with me. Before I knew it, I was planning an exploratory tour from Guatemala to Jamaica. Frankly, I find myself overwhelmed because I don’t know anything about Jamaica except that I love Ocho Rios. Now I find myself trying to plan a tour for 6 to 8 person; could be more or less. I really don’t know where to begin but my search for help and information led me to your website and to you.

Unfortunately, I temporarily deactivated my FB account but will try to encapsulate about me. I am an almost 75 years old Guatemala born; raised and grown in New York; retired and returned to Guatemala 7 years ago when my book was translated, published and became a catalyst for change in Guatemala. I am an educator, writer, evangelist, workshop facilitator and so forth. I am a believer!

I believe that I will find most of what I need on your website but wanted to know the live person behind it. I hope I’ve not taken up too much of your time as I tried to be brief. BTW I failed to mention that among us was a Benji Gayle. Could it be…



Wellesley's Note
Hi Gloria,
Wow, its a blessing. Pleasure to meet you my friend and happy you made the connection. I'd be happy to help. Please reach out to me at gwellesley '@' I can't wait😊

Jan 31, 2022
Sharing things that represents the best of Jamaica
by: Miss Tania Lou

Dear Wellesley,

You certainly know how to showcase the very best of Jamaica. I appreciate your videos and writings on flora and fauna, cuisine, Christmas traditions the grassroots people who help to develop the Jamaican economy and the various attractions that make my birth country so unique.

I love seeing your visits to various parts of the country, as I get to learn more about them. Keep doing your interviews with interesting people who have a unique skill, and/or have interesting stories to tell about their life.

Human interest stories allow us to learn about others, and give us a broader perspective about life. Thanks for promoting our culture.

You are a true Jamaican ambassador, and represent the best of human beings. Walk Good!

Wellesley's Note
Wow! You made my day! Thanks Tania! And by the way, the rest of the world will soon be talking about you, hte epitome, the Louise Bennett prodigy! You wait an see! 😀

Jan 29, 2022
by: Winnie

Thanks Wesley am new here and didn't expect a response so quickly. Thanks again and am so looking forward for your help towards my question. GOD BLESS

Jan 22, 2022
Music reviews
by: Eric Denham

I feel that your website would benefit from having music reviews. I could supply these if interested.



Jan 17, 2022
Thank u for your inspiration
by: Abigail

Hey its abby just wanna say you have inspirired me so much and you should keep up the good work and i admire everything you do even when i am down or sad i can count on you to make my day

Wellesley's Note

Wow, that's deep! And you just made mine Abbi. Glad to be able to use this platform to reach persons like you my friend. It is a blessing.

Jan 17, 2022
My journey with My Island Jamaica
by: Anonymous

When Wellesley first started this newsletter/online magazine I thought 'Hmmm' this looks interesting but not that interesting some of the topics I already thought I don't know if I can be bothered with this..

But as this online newsletter/magazine has grown the more interesting the reads have become.

Some sad stories, some happy stories, things that make you laugh and delicious recipes..

I absolutely love getting these only wish I had more time to read them all though, but having said that I've been saving them in my emails for good reads later..

So Wellesley whatever inspired you to do this thank you and longer may they continue.❤️ I'm enjoying my Journey across the island..

Oh and before I forget Wellesley those huge flowers you found WTH😲😲 they look like terrifids..

(There is a movie in the UK I watched as a child 'Day of the Terrifids' long story short flowers and plants that grew to humongous sizes and ate

Dec 11, 2021
Looking for my family in Race Course
by: Bob George

I am looking for a Edward White born around 1916 from Race Course, Jamaica. He immigrated to the USA as a laborer in 1943. He fathered me in 1945 in the USA and hasn’t been seen since. I know that I have other family members somewhere in Race Course, Jamaica. I want to meet them and learn where I came from. Edward White may have been associated with a person named something like Iscolyn Brown also from Race Course, Jamaica. Call 240 351 1247 in Washington, DC USA if you have a lead. Race Course is a small area so somebody may know of the "White" family in Race Course. I want to know my Jamaican roots, so please be kind and give me a call.

Dec 09, 2021
Christmas Season
by: Delrose

Thanks for reminding that The Best Season of the year, is just
around the corner. Your Christmas Cake and Sorrel are great
Reminders of my ChristmasEs. My mother soaked the ingredients
in wine and run for weeks (sometimes months)
When the cakes were in the oven- ooh the aroma was like a
Signal that Christmas is almost here.
The sorrel with Christmas Cake is a traditional "process"
Yes, those good old days are PRECIOUS🎄🎄🎄

Nov 18, 2021
by: Merle

Good day I work at KPH FOR 12 years as a nurse I lost my NIS number and cannot get my pension. I am living in the USA. Please help. My email is

Nov 09, 2021
Goat Curry Recipe
by: Richard

re: Curry goat recipe inquiry.

It's a double thumbs up top Wellesley for getting back so quickly my my query about above. I've looked on the UK internet sites for sometime, and never finding the exact details for this wonderful dish - BUT now I do....thanks to Wellesley.
I'll let you know how I get on sourcing the ingredients as well as after cooking it.

Wellesley's Note
Its my pleasure my friend. Blessings and thanks.

Nov 01, 2021
by: Delrose

Congratulations to Karena, you and Family. This was a
Magnificent Performance. As a Jamaican and Montego Bay
High School is my Alma Mater, this makes me very Proud
Indeed. Karen is on a Very Successful Path. She will be an Asset
in any Profession of her choice. Karena will soar, overcoming any challenges🙏🏿🌹

Wellesley's Note
Thanks my friend!

Sep 12, 2021
by: Dr Austin E. Vernon, Sr

Mr Wellesley, A powerful and productive day to you. I am in AWE of your phenomenal adoration and assertiveness in "making Jamaica grow". Your continuum of the endless proclamation of patriotic versatilities is parallel to no one. You are number 1,2,3,4 and on the path to infinity. Brook Benton didn't know that he was talking about you "The same one" May you be so inspired to aspire to achieve your aspirational goal, and may your blessings be endless.

Wellesley's Note
Wow! I'm humbled my friend. Such a blessing. Thank you and #ToGodBeTheGlory
Dr. Vernon, Sr.

Aug 29, 2021
by: fitzdman

The "Lovers Leap" story was very interesting.

Aug 09, 2021
Thank you
by: Anonymous

This have helped me so much in making a decision asdecision as to where to transfer my child

Aug 02, 2021
You touch my soul
by: Jo L

Hi my friend - I am Jamaican born but left the island when I was 11. Even so, the spirit of my island birth remains in my soul.... the humour, the music, the poetry, the 'make up' of words in the talking, the sayings and the way of looking at life that warms the heart. This is what I so miss and you bring it to me through your website & newsletter.... thank you.

The generous spirit in which you share the story of those that are unable to market themselves or who just are humble folk toiling away to make the best of what they have..... this I like so much because it is so lacking in the world of today. This entrepreneurial spirit inspires me whenever I get your missive. I look forward to my return and this time I will be visiting those special places that you have shown me.... thank you my friend.

Wellesley's Note. I am humbled! Thank you Jo.... It is truly a blessing my friend. And I can't wait to interview you on my new SPOTLIGHT YouTube series! :-)

Jul 29, 2021
Thank you
by: Wendy

I am amazed at the quality and positivity radiates from each mailing.

I have a wish to go to Rasta at St James. I am disabled though. But intend to get there on a future trip. I have discussed with my Rastafarian husband.

He is Jamaican, and still finds reading this page, a real joy.

Blessings and Prosperity.

Wendy Scott Wilson

Jul 26, 2021
Cherri Avery Black
by: Joel Savage

Very interesting story indeed. There are many white people that naturally have respect for black people, therefore, would like to know more about them, their culture, heritage, and traditional values.

I think Cherri Avery Black has Jamaica in her heart, just like me. Her story has inspired me, hoping Jah protection to visit Jamaica too one day.

Editor's Note: To read Cheri's story, living in Jamaica, click here

Jul 19, 2021
The money traveler
by: Stanley

I would like to make a comment, but do not want my name mentioned, is that Ok ?

Jul 15, 2021
I love this site
by: Takim Aymer

I love this website and all it stands for, I think it is great and the contents are informative and educative. I became a fan of Jamaica since visiting this site.

Jul 10, 2021
Advice?? My little allspice tree is turning brown leaves.
by: Jane in texas

I can send pics if you want. The leaves first all look limp, down, then half the leaves are all brown. Thank you!!!

Jul 04, 2021
Hurricane talk among the plants
by: Cheri Avery Black

Very helpful video and articles. Thank you! Somehow, I missed where you were recording, but I'm certain it was in the Cornwall Nursery in Westgate, on the edge of Montego Bay. Lovely to see all the plants, as well as inside the store. Thanks for keeping us informed, entertained, and knowledgeable about our beautiful and bountiful Jamaica.

Jul 01, 2021
Jamaican Bobsled Team 1988 and movie info
by: Anonymous

Very, very useful info about bobsled team and "Cool Runnings" movie

Jun 17, 2021
My-island jamaica
by: Seneta

Great going Wellesley. All your news, stories,siresETC are amazing. Keep it up i know persons out of Jamaica will love everything you share😊

Apr 11, 2021
Ring Games Memories
by: Tania Hernandez

Hello Wellesley,

As a subscriber to your informative Jamaican website for many years, I want to thank you for the nostalgic memories of ring games we played as a child.

(Link here:

I remembered Punchinella Little Fellow - What can you do Punchinella little fellow/We can do it too Punchinella little fellow! :)

I had so much fun in primary school playing games like these which included lots of fun dances and actions.

24 Bounces was a favourite! Thanks for making me smile, and relive pleasant childhood memories, and learning a lot about my island home.

Although I am in Canada, I ensure I do my part to keep the Jamdown culture alive as a teacher, author and Jamaican folklorist - always aspiring like you, to present all that is truly beautiful about our island in the sun.

Keep up the good work, and Walk Good from Tania Lou.:) *stage name given to me by my followers.

Mar 27, 2021
Vacation Pending..
by: Alex

Can't wait to return to this lovely country to vacation! Very informative website, I will be back soon!

Mar 05, 2021
Interesting website
by: Joel Savage

Thanks, providing a website that much can be read about Jamaica, its lovely culture, music, tourism, and other interesting events.

Wellesley's Note
Hey Joel,
You are so welcome my friend! Its a privilege my friend.


Mar 01, 2021
Great informational website on all things Jamaican
by: Jacqueline

I came across this website when I was searching for place names in Jamaica. This website has a wealth of information. As the daughter of Jamaican parents, I love to embrace the Jamaican culture and being here, I am learning more.

I have also purchased Sally's castor oil from Wellesley's store. It is THE best castor oil I have used. I love the rich smell of the beans too.

Thanks for all you do Wellesley for promoting the rich culture of Jamaica!

Wellesley's Note
Such a blessing, thanks my friend.

Feb 09, 2021
The Jamaican Herb video
by: Nadine

The video was lovely and I learnt some new herbs and their purposes. My parish really has some blessed people and natural beauties.

I am inspired to visit more places in my country just by watching your videos. Always great

Editor's Note
I think you mean you mean this one right Nadine?

You are very welcome my friend.

Jan 31, 2021
by: B.Dennis

I am a Jamaican and when I was growing up my mom used to make bammies but there were two kind of cassava.

One was sweet and the other was bitter. The sweet one was to cook and eat, the bitter one was what they used to make the bammies and thats the one you would grater and wring out the toxic juice. The juice is what they dry in the sun to make starch. Westley why would you have to wring out the juice from the sweet cassava if you can eat it when its cooked?

Sorry that juice is not toxic it because the cassava have to be a little dried so it can make the bammies.

Dec 09, 2020
Jamaican fruit cake recipe and advice
by: Debra

I have to say that I found Wessleys website researching Jamaican fruitcake. I was clueless on how to make it properly for my neighbors who keep an eye out for me as a Snowbird in Jamaica and through his guidance and recipes, I found my way. Very quick response and great conversation. Kudos to you Wesley.

Dec 04, 2020
Interesting and informative! Boonoonoonoos!
by: Tania H

I always look forward to what interesting information Wellesley will bring about our island in the sun! Thank you for bringing not only boonoonoonoosness to us, but radiating such warmth like our typical nice Jamaican will do. Blessings and Walk Good!

Nov 15, 2020
by: Delrose

Wellesley, thanks again for your very informative information of our Beautiful Jamaica. You always make us smarter, much more knowledgeable.
I certainly appreciate your thoughtful endeavours.
I’m sure it’s very time consuming, however the joy you share in
the process, is very reflective of your success.
Please continue.

Wellesley's Note
The pleasure is mine my friend, blessings.

Nov 09, 2020
Travel Advice when we arrive.
by: Bridgette

Many thanks Wellesley for taking the time to inform me of the Travel restrictions/advice/recommendations for returning home during the Covid Pandemic.

Really looking forward to getting back to JA and with the wonderful news that there should be a vaccine available early next year, I can imagine that many Jamaicans will be looking to book their flights asap.

Sep 29, 2020
by: Dorrett Graham

I loved watching Sally making her castor oil. Such patience, it's hard work. I now really appreciate how hard folks work to bring us these marvellous products.

I recently moved back to JA after years in the UK and have been trying to make some of these traditional products, but I usually end up giving up and using some modern kitchen tool or just going to buy it. After watching Sally, I'm going to persevere and utilise more of what I have aplenty on my property.
Thanks again Wellesley for bringing your wonderful videos into our homes.

Wellesley's Note
Such a blessing. Thanks my friend.

Aug 29, 2020
by: Beverlyn Griffiths

This is beautyful. It's so nice to reminds me of my roots. I love and enjoy this site. Keep up the good work

Aug 28, 2020
Needing to Order ally's Castro Oil and Mr. Mendez curry powder
by: Beverlyn Griffiths

Hello Mr. Gayle,

How can I order the below items i.e.

• Sally's Castro Oil and
• Mr. Mendez curry powder

Wellesley's Note
Hi Bev,
Thanks for asking. Both items can be ordered via my E-Store at:

Aug 04, 2020
by: kim

Is this place accessible to wheelchairs?

Jul 26, 2020
Resourceful and Relevant
by: Felicia

I absolutely love this page. It very resourceful , always relevant and current. In fact, I refer to this site whenever I need resources or a good fun fact.

Jun 16, 2020
Latest article regarding Ruby Goat Farm
by: Bushido

First, I found your article of compelling interest. Ruth and Byron seem to embody a wonderful attitude and I hope their enterprise continues to prosper. Secondly, I plan to subscribe to your newsletter - wonderfully designed, and you clearly are a commendable and admirable advocate of your fine island nation.

Jun 14, 2020
Interesting As Usual
by: Delrose

Happy Sunday Wellesley. Thanks for all you do.
The goat farm is quite unique. The byproducts are quite fascinating.
You’ve actually highlighted their buisness and this is very
"JAMAICAN" of you.
I’m hoping Flights will resume shortly to and from Toronto.
Looking forward to ordering from your Etsy store.
Enjoy your evening.

Jun 08, 2020
Commending You
by: AnonymousDelrose

Thanks for your information. I like Jamaica’s controlled
Re-entry plan.
Hopefully, flights to and from North American will soon be
a reality. Then I will be able to order Jamaican products from
your Etsy Online Store.
Happy Monday.

May 24, 2020
by: Dorothy

Hi Wellesly,
Thank you for very informative comments through the years.
On the subject of turmeric, I did not know that there is a Jamaican turmeric. Does that mean it's grown in Jamaica? It is a fascinating topic especially as it is suggested for use in so many ways. At first, it is reputed to originate from India and they use it for absolutely everything! Your subscription on the many topics is very interesting and very much appreciated.
Many thanks.

May 24, 2020
by: Margaret

Thank you for your research and for sharing about tumeric. I found it informative and very interesting, especially since I suffer from circulation problems. So, I will try to source it and use it.

Editor's Note
You are very welcome Margaret. You meant this article:

The kudos goes to my associate, Kesha, though, but thanks for your feedback.

May 20, 2020
Fun facts about JA vedio on another channel
by: Dorrett Graham

Hi Wellesley, Thanks for responding to my email. I've now gone back to your site and seen that, yes I had indeed seen the info there before in full verbatim as you have it. Good job bro. I'd still like to see the video with the additions of pictures in the relevant positions to match the verbal explanation I mentioned in the email.

Keep the good work going on the site, well appreciated.

Apr 03, 2020
The best website
by: Maria

Thank you Wellesley for the quality content you are providing. I am reading your blog for a long time and you're the one who finds the ways always keep informed your readers.

Thank you for what you are doing. Keep up this job.


Wellesley's Note:
Hey Maria,
Thank you for your inspiration. It is truly a blessing. You made my day.

Mar 18, 2020
Coronavirus in WesChester, NY
by: Anonymous

re: tips and cautions for Covid19.

Westchester, NY, has been hit hard with the Coronavirus. We are living in very scary times.

Schools are closed.
Restaurants are only allowed to do take out orders and deliveries.
Businesses are suffering.
JP Morgan Chase is the first bank to temporarily close about 1,000 branches because of this virus.

My 2 daughter are nurses and it is very stressful knowing that they could be in direct contact with persons affected by the virus.

Social isolation is recommended.
This is devastating.

Editor's Note
I didn't get your name, but I urge you to keep the faith my friend and keep the prayers up. God always takes care of HIS people.

I urge you also to read these tips and stories shared by others to inspire you.

Mar 18, 2020
Good timing
by: Keisa

Now people are housebound this forum is definitely a welcome addition to daily activities. A great method to swipe away from mass media. And get a fair, dispassionate and current appraisal of the consequences, impact and progress of this virus. I hope more people are able to join and follow the co insistence of. Normal people writing about their experiences. And concerns. And encouragement. So no one is alone.

Tha yes Wess

Editor's Note
Hey Keisa,
You are welcome my friend.

Mar 03, 2020
Good work
by: Omoba

Thank you Wellesley

I am a new visitor to your website, and appreciate your informative information on the subject of Jamaica keeping readers informed and up to date on the variable topics on Jamaica. I welcome your polite mannerisms, the time and effort you put into your website most appreciated.

Please keep up the good work.

Mar 02, 2020
Change reggae band
by: Bobby Stewart

Interesting coverage. However before all those new gospel artistes mentioned, there was a group called CHANGE that paved the way for them all that has not been mentioned. Please research them.
They gave songs like Take the Lord in your life, Message, Don't you waste your life

Feb 21, 2020
Eager to learn
by: Blessed Soul

I am truly enjoying this site. I find Wellesley to be extremely informative. I feel like he answers my questions honestly(trust me, I have a lot of them). He is also very helpful.

Wellesley's Note
OMG. Thanks for the kind words Blessed Soul. Just happy I am able to help.

Feb 12, 2020
Great Resource Site!
by: Janet

Very comprehensive website, chock full of info. Well done!

Feb 04, 2020
by: jennifer

ijust bump into this page wow very intresting because im building in jam spanish town now i see why my brother who lives in jam allways take me to phils hardware

Jan 26, 2020
Rick's Cafe Negril
by: Joan

What can I say Wellesley except that you are simply the best at what you do.
I had so many wonderful memories flowing into my mind from my visits to Ricks Cafe and your coverage was amazing.

I also enjoyed the other comments about it. A lot of improvements but what a view, the music and photos just provided everything and a lot more to take my mind off the cold weather and dark night here.

Thank you for a great Sunday experience.

Stay blessed

Jan 24, 2020
Good looking out
by: Tina

Thanks so much

Jan 06, 2020

Keep up the good work sir. All the best for the new year

Jan 02, 2020
great work wellesley
by: Joan

I really full joyed your video excellent as usual. The Rasta Village celebration was informative, educational and really nice.
Lovely to watch. 😌

Dec 25, 2019
by: Anonymous

Love this page.

Dec 25, 2019
Thanks for the recipes.....
by: Normajo

I love OXTAIL, and now I have to try it with noodles !

Dec 14, 2019
You are generous
by: Lois

I just was to say a big. huge thank you. For sharing how you started your website step by step. I have two online businesses that are not really working because I have no help. I'm am going to check out SBI because I believe you. Thanks again I love this site. I know that you are truly trying to help people learn to build their own Website.


Dec 13, 2019
Luna Sea Inn
by: Linda

Thanks for doing this for the community. It is great!

Dec 09, 2019
Thanks for the Mento music
by: Normajo

Re: Jamaican Mento Bands (YouTube)

It sure brings back memories. When I was a young girl my mother would take me to Myrtle Bank Hotel where a MENTO Band would be playing. The good Ole Daze!

Nov 29, 2019
Business contact numbers:
by: Anonymous

Hi! I'm browsing on your website and found it hard to do business with a business phone number. Yes, I know, that social media are available, but could you be more accommodating by giving the public a phone number?
Thanks for taking my comment. I'm a concerned business man too.

Wellesley's Note
Hi there, thanks for your comment.

You indicated you got a business phone number but needs another number? Sorry I am not clear.

In the meantime, I'll continue to share as much numbers as I have. I agree, social media is not for everyone and a phone number is always a great option.

Nov 17, 2019
Legal to marry
by: Anonymous

How do I find out if a jamaican man is married. Is common law marriage recognize in Jamaica

Nov 17, 2019
Legal to marry
by: Anonymous

How do I find out if a jamaican man is married

Nov 17, 2019
by: Nichole

I appreciate these emails and articles so much! It gives me a taste of home and helps with the feelings of nostalgia that I have. The articles are so informative some of which I didn't even know and I'm a born Jamaican.
Thanks again Wellesley

Wellesley's Note
You are oh so welcome Nichole. It's a blessing. Thanks for the feedback.

Nov 06, 2019

by: Tina

Thank you for your information Wellesley, quite informative and eye opening. Can a mason give a further cost after the Labour Cost has been agreed to and the first and second payments were made and only the final payment needs to be done after the job is completed?

Thank you

Wellesley's Note

Hi Tina,
Sorry I am not much informed in that area. Can I recommend you speak to a friend I have who is in home construction and project management?

His name is Mr. Mcbean. You can contact him via this form here:

He will be happy to inform you.


Nov 03, 2019
Parkinson follow-up
by: Gege


What I found out is that the manufacturer's patent has expired and they are no longer producing that medicine (Sinemet plus), which means that other pharmaceuticals can now manufacture generic brands. Hopefully that replacement medication will hit the island soon.

Thanks again


Wellesley's Note
I understand. I hope so my friend.
For those who are interested in the original discussion, they can see it here:

Oct 27, 2019
Re - Quotes
by: Joyce

It was so refreshing to read the quotes. As I read I reminded myself that some statements when put in "prappa inglish nuh soun as good as wen u seh the same ting in a patwa."

Oct 22, 2019
Well done, Sir!
by: I Edwards

Hey, Wellesley,

Been wanting to write you for a while now, to commend you on a great job promoting - including among fellow Jamaicans - the value of The Rock, from whence we were hewn.

In fact, reading your entries often gives me a lot of inspiration to research more about history and development, reminding me as to why I feel as passionate as I do about being Jamaican; and why I am there every chance I get. Will be in MoBay for a few days beginning of November.

By the way, do you have a Facebook page?


I Edwards
Washington, DC

Wellesley's Note
Hey Eddie, Thanks a mil for the feedback. Oh yes, I'd love to connect while here. My facebook pages is

Oct 20, 2019
The new 658 code
by: Winston

I certainly appreciate the information on the new 658 code. I was aware of the changes but never taken the time to read up on the details. Thanks very much and keep up the good work .

Oct 20, 2019
Pimento Wood
by: Jodi

Great article on Pimento Wood! We have been importing it to the United States since 2006. There are very many chefs and people from Jamaica that use our wood for authentic jerk.

Oct 19, 2019
Very interesting ...
by: Anonymous

I love reading your Blogs good stuff keep up the good work, We need some advice, What is the best Hotel to go to in Negril please we want to do 2 weeks there next year, Thankyou ....

Oct 14, 2019
by: Anonymous

Wellesley, this was quite informative, thank you for always posting interesting topics. Continue to walk good

Oct 13, 2019
Family Contact should be dated
by: Tasia

It would be nice to have the date or year the original message of each post was posted on Family Contact. I am trying to help people find their family but wish I know the date of the Post. I wanted to know how old the post is.

Editor's Note
Hi Tasia,
Very kind of you! I'll look into that my friend, goging forward. Is there one you are looking at now?

I have it in the back office and could send to you.

Oct 06, 2019
Bread pudding
by: Anonymous

Can you please share measurements for bread pudding.Please and thank you.

Sep 29, 2019
your website
by: Cheree

Wow! So much great information that I needed....I really appreciate your website Wellesley.

Thank you for everything you do,

Editor's Note
Such a blessing! Thanks for the feedback Cheree.

Sep 17, 2019
The width of Jamaica
by: Walton

You are correct about the varying measurement regarding the width of Jamaica. Your figure for the widest point being somewhere around 35 miles is incorrect. The widest point of Jamaica is closer to 50 miles ( maybe 46).

Sep 11, 2019
E book 101 things about Jamaica
by: Normajo

Wellesley, I never did receive mine.

Editor's Note.
Hi Normajo,
Please do a quick check of your junk folder. If not, I'll be happy to resend. No prob :-)

Sep 07, 2019
Useful information -
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the information you share to help us know the rules and laws in Jamaica. It is greatly appreciated because you share information not easily accessible abroad. The questions asked by your subscribers are universal. The videos you share are second to none - you show places we did not know existed. Jamaica is an amazing place with so much to discover. It is beautiful and your videos bring this to light.

Sep 05, 2019
Good work
by: Rondy

Dear Wellesley,
I trust that I find you well. Thank you for your insightful emails. They have been truly impactful. You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work Sir.

Sep 04, 2019
Want to know if your still hiring
by: Anonymous

Am from Mandeville and would like to know how do I apply for this job. And if the job is still available

Aug 29, 2019
I'm back :)
by: Sonia

Hi Wellesley

Not sure if you noticed but I've been absent for a while. For some unknown reason by previous phone blocked access to sites. Not even your emails I couldn't respond to. I've changed my phone and thankfully I can contact you and get involved again. I really missed not being part of the 'community'. I give thanks to the most High for blessing me with a new phone.


Aug 29, 2019
Birthday Blessings
by: Anonymous

I Verobica Johnson, want to wish you a very happy earth strong Birthday. You are friends with my husband on fb. I love the information you provide for all. Many blessings, enjoy your special day.
Veronica Johnson

Editor's Note
Thanks my friend.

Aug 22, 2019
Trade rates
by: Mike

Aawwesomme.extremely informative

Aug 22, 2019
I look forward to your emails :-)
by: Dorothy

Hi Wellesley,

Just a quick note to let you know that whenever I see My-Island-Jamaica in my in box, I look forward to opening it up.

Its like a good book with lots of interesting info.
And the recipes too...will be tested in my house.
God willing my husband and I will run into you in Jamaica one day.

Keep up the good work


Aug 19, 2019
Job agencies
by: Maureen

I was really looking for the availability of local agencies in the Montego bay region that persons can register with to get jobs in Montego bay.

Editor's Note

Hi Maureen,
I'm sure we have a lot here, but I am not aware of one just now. I would suggest you start with this article on jobs in Montego Bay. It lists some of the top employers currently.

Good luck!

Aug 12, 2019
Tainos were not the first inhabitants.
by: Jean

The Tainos were not the first inhabitants of Jamaica. Have a look at these links:

The above is a comment from a friend in Australia to whom I sent the newsletter.

She said she wanted to write you directly, but did not see the link, so I forward it on her behalf.

Editor's Note
Hi Jean,

This is not just interesting material, this is fasinating. Please do me a special favour and share (or have her) this story at this link:

I can't wait to follow up on this!

Aug 11, 2019
Great Website!
by: Jean

As usual, I have great commendations for your beautiful and most useful website, which continues to improve!
I especially like how the articles are arranged and easy to access. No
unnecessary talk here!

Aug 10, 2019
Just because my poems don't have patois doesn't mean they aren't Jamaican
by: Ty

I'm pretty much a beginner poet and my poems tend to be abstract, philosophical and reflective as that's what interests me.I tend to get great feedback online whenever I post a piece but there doesn't seem to be any room for me locally if I'm not emulating miss Lou. It sucks to hear that as a your writer because I'm being denied my identity based on my topic and style. We are a very traditional people yes but what's now tradition was once new

Aug 04, 2019
You help me
by: Lois

I am from the US. I love the articles about your country. Some things are strange to me but I like to learn about your Great Jamaica.
The article about are Jamaican marriages legal in the US. It was simple and informative as to what has to be done and what docs. that are required. Just one question for now are "Prenupial agreements" legal or allowed in Jamaica?
thanks so much

Jul 28, 2019
How to remove my dead sister information from your site
by: Anonymous

How to remove a comment searching for a love one that is no longer alive. I need to remove the comment because when I search your site her name is still on here and it hurts to see her information on here.

Editor's Note.
Hi there!
Please email me your request at, with the name of the person you were searching for and the link and I'll have it removed immediately. Thanks in advance.

Jul 15, 2019
i have jamaican sour sop leaves
by: neil

My name is Neil and I have access to Jamaican sour sop leaves.

My email address is. Anyone who is wanting any drop me a messageim in England.

Jul 11, 2019
well engineered site
by: John (UK)

Thanks for a tremendously well engineered site.

I have been able to use your information to research the following item which can be found on eBay: Item number: 120294881644.

I hope you don’t mind the use of your own research. i will include a link which may bring a few to you. I would love to visit the Caribbean you make it sound a wonderful place.

Thanks again for the happy info, yours JJ

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